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  1. I just came back to TDM after a while away. Being a fan of In the North, I was excited to see that the next mission in the series had been released (and the third as well, though I haven't played it yet), so I decided to load up Home Again first. In the spoiler below I've written some stream-of-consciousness feedback. I played on Easy, being rusty at TDM and not especially skilled to begin with, so take it with that in mind. Overall, it was quite enjoyable!
  2. I totally agree with this approach. Limit the scope, not the build time. This would open the door much more to new mappers, because DR newbies will take longer to build but if the amount of stuff they have to build is smaller they'll be more likely to see it through to completion. For my own part, I get 3-5 hour blocks once or twice a week to spend on the PC to map or otherwise, so if there were a contest with a one month deadline there's no way I could do it. However, if I had a couple months to produce a small space then that would be much more doable.
  3. I haven't played even a quarter of the available FMs yet, so I'll just list my top 3 so far, in no particular order: Return to the City v2 (the open and vertical city area was wonderful, and the contrast going from that to the Builder compound made for a full package) In the North (A very atmospheric, open-ended and pleasing mission to play. Everywhere there are little touches and polish that make it feel like a real, inhabited place) Knighton Manor (A fun, classic-feeling mansion heist with lots to explore. Also, I had an unhealthy amount of fun tossing blackjack victims into the privy) I haven't yet played the two recent recommendations of Requiem or Lords & Legacy, so those will be next on my list to check out!
  4. If our thief grabs that amulet he runs the risk of later being detected by smell Privy-related gameplay is one of my favorite things in TDM. Few things are better than dropping a konked-out guy in there and musing about what he'll think when he wakes up. For this reason I've made special effort to arrange the privy gameplay in my forthcoming FM for maximum entertainment value
  5. Krypt

    Thief 4 is trash.

    Looks great to me. They have nailed the mood and overall visual aesthetic, I think. As everyone else has said though: the gameplay is the important part! There is no shortage of pretty but crappy games these days.
  6. You push the cycle keys hotkey and it cycles through just the keys in your inventory with each press. The same for the readables hotkey.
  7. I had a similar problem and made a similar suggestion not so long ago. Springheel then informed me that several hotkeys exist that largely solve the problem. Every standard inventory item has a hotkey and there are hotkeys to cycle through lockpicks, keys and readables. It can be a lot of keys to keep track of, but once you start using them it's less of a problem except in corner cases
  8. Thanks for the positive comments! Springheel: Yeah, those are the default doors from the entity browser thrown in temporarily just to get something that opens and closes I'll definitely be updating those to look fancier. The ceiling will also be updated with wood paneling, as it's currently just a flat marble (not a practical ceiling material in many cases, I imagine). Sotha: I believe the tile is at 0.5 scale, and it is indeed a bit big. Every material I add defaults at that scale and they usually look too big. Is there a way to change the default texture scale for DR? I also noticed now for the first time that the chandelier seems to have a separate shadow-casting light for each candle flame, which is surely not good for performance!
  9. [i]The Huntsman card room at the Royal Hart Gambling Hall: where the upper crust gather to posture, scheme and wager. It's said that thousands in gold and jewels changes hands within these walls on a nightly basis, and most of it flows right into the house's coffers. No thief has ever hit this place and lived to tell the tale, but those thieves were not me.[/i].. [attachment=9921:Krypt_1.jpg]
  10. I'm not sure I understand the exact problem, Gantolandon, but it sounds like you're trying to edit brushes on a rotated building? If so then read on, but if not then clarification would be welcome Free rotation in DR makes brushes difficult to edit and tends to create weird geometry errors. It's a million times easier to build things on the orthogonal axes (brushes lined up with the grid, in other words), so I would recommend constructing your building separately and on the grid first and then rotating it into position when it's ready. Make sure you build a rough size and shape approximation of the rotated building beforehand to ensure it fits how you like, because it's hard to gauge in advance exactly how something will fit when rotated. I would also keep the orthogonally-built copy somewhere in the map file so you can easily perform any future updates, then rotate it back into place again when needed.
  11. Anything outside of standard tools/equipment that you might buy from the shop at the start of a mission. I do use the hotkeys for the spyglass, lockpicks and the map and am aware there are hotkeys for other common inventory items. I wasn't aware there are hotkeys for readables and keys, which is good to know. My current mode of play is to use a few hotkeys I have memorized and then cycle to find the rest with [ and ], which is of course horribly inefficient If one uses existing hotkeys then inventory clutter would really only be a problem for FM-specific inventory objects, which isn't so bad. I'm now thinking that an additional hotkey for inventory cycling is not especially necessary if I did my hotkey homework! A hotkey to cycle through just equipment would be kind of nice though (cue someone chiming in to tell me the existing hotkey for this ).
  12. Depending what you're trying to create, you might be able to just make your curved-surface-with-a-hole out of multiple patches lined up at the edges. If it's something like cutting a window out of the wall of a cylindrical tower or a square opening in a vaulted ceiling then it's doable, but if you want to cut a star-shaped hole out of a sphere then you might need a custom model
  13. Here's an idea for a change that could solve the inventory clutter problem with one extra hotkey and no HUD changes: Non-equipment inventory items aren't highlighted in the HUD inventory slot by default The [ and ] hotkeys for cycling inventory ONLY cycle through useable equipment. The hotkey names should probably change to be more specific: "Cycle Equipment" or such. Add a new "Cycle Miscellaneous Inventory" hotkey that cycles only through non-equipment inventory items (readables, quest objects, keys, etc) This allows you to scroll through equipment easily and ignore the extra junk, but you can still access that extra junk if you choose to. A potential problem I see here is the possibility for people who don't know about the hotkey to lose track of mission-critical objects. If it becomes a core feature then it would be just one of those things you have to learn to play, though.
  14. Krypt

    Thief 4 is trash.

    I'm also optimistic about Thief 4, with the same caveat that it's not going to be the same as the classics. I'm ok with it not being the same as long as it's good. I loved Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and (though it is a different internal team) that game showed me that Eidos Montreal has the sensibilities to pull off a solid stealth game. Some stuff in the trailers didn't strike my fancy while others I thought were pretty cool, but I'm going to wait to judge it until I can play it. Overall I think it's preferable that someone is making a triple-A game out of the license and keeping the series alive rather than letting it collect dust. If the game is good then great and if not then TDM and the older games will still be there waiting for us, entirely unaffected
  15. This makes me think of Morrowind, where the subtle strains of combat music kicking in was the the only cue that a cliff racer somewhere high above had spotted me. It became the theme music for for my annoyance with those flying buggers. I agree that TDM doesn't need combat music, and in fact it would likely detract from the experience. An example: I had the crap scared out of me yesterday while playing Grayman's (exquisite) In the North when my sneaking was interrupted when a silent, elite female guard I didn't know I'd alerted leaped into my periphery and murdered me with her sword. If her awareness had been signaled by a music cue then I never would have experienced that entertaining shock.
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