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  1. Initially I decided to wait for the Steam release, but my impatience got the better of me and I just had to dive back into 2.05 to try the newly introduced and reworked missions. "A New Job" is a nice, simple introductory mission with a good flow, great voice acting, and it looks really gorgeus with all the new assets. It's the perfect way to introduce new players to basic TDM mechanics. And it was good to see that "Tears of St. Lucia" got a facelift as well! I thought I knew this mission in-and-out by now, but I'm really curious how new players will handle this mission as it can be a bit disorienting at first, but heck, that IS one of the beauties of the classic Thief games and TDM in general Amazing job team, keep up the good work!
  2. Voted of course, and commented (as Corey). You guys deserve the success, keep up the good work!
  3. Oooh man I have been waiting for this since Requiem, will definitely give it a spin this weekend! Congratulations on the release Moonbo!
  4. I was just wondering about your next FM, glad to hear that it's coming along nicely That screenshot looks amazing... Can't freakin' wait!!! Keep up the good work Moonbo!
  5. Well I think TDM is a game, but not in a traditional meaning. This might not be the best comparison, but it's kinda like the ArmA series, for example ArmA 3 on release. It had multiplayer yes, but if we strip that away, the "game" was released with no single player campaign, it was just basically an extensive package of war simulator assets that people could use to create their own missions and stuff. A platform, as the devs said too. The campaign came later in 3 episodes. If we take away the FMs from TDM, the package, as released by the developers, is just a toolset, which others can use to create something. The only way we can play it is through the FMs. I think we could call it a game in classic meaning if TDM were designed with a playable campaign/multiplayer in mind in the first place, the usage of Doom 3 engine/assets for creating a Thief like single player experience, instead of creating assets for a Thief like world. Like any other mod that uses a base game for it's gameplay. Just my two cents
  6. Amazing mission Sotha, congratulations! It's really nice to play as an assassin for a change. The targets and the layout of the level (although a bit short) are well thought out, and I even could take them all out silently. Also, if I remember correctly this character is even mentioned in the Thomas Porter series. In the Beleaguered Fence mission, in the evidence room with a text on one of his assassinations Nice story tidbit tie-in, thumbs up! I really hope you will make this into a series!
  7. This sounds awesome, I'm really looking forward to this, hope you guys are making progress! Keep up the good work!
  8. Another great FM, congratulations Melan and Bikerdude! The city is very gorgeous and detailed, the mission was very fun to complete from beginning to end. By the way, Dishonored popped into my mind a few times.. The mission structure, the objectives, how you can resort to a more *cough* "pacifist" *cough* method in dealing with the problem, and also, the Hemlock Essence..
  9. Hmm it seems I'm kinda stuck.. Am I supposed to swim down the well in the backyard of the house? Because the character gets stuck in the water after I jump from the chain, it's like an invisible wall just prevents me from swimming down. Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out, it was a bit confusing at first Good level, although a bit short.
  10. Congratulations grayman! "In The North" is one of the best, I'm really looking forward playing this!
  11. I finally got around playing this FM, and I must say I'm very impressed, I enjoyed the 3 missions immensly! Very good structuring, level design (especially the streets), good story and very engaging stealth play. It left me wanting more Although this may be completely coincidental, but a minor character strangely reminded me of Dishonored
  12. I played this FM just yesterday, and I must say I'm very impressed, I really like this one, congratulations Kvorning! The whole map is divided very nicely, there are many places and homes to enter for some quality thieving, the streets are very gorgeous and the Keep is very well put together. I also like the verticality on the streets, especially in the Commons, it really gave the impression that we play as a thief. Also, I did find a nasty bug, nothing too serious, but it's noticable:
  13. I just registered to this forum to give my compliments, Moonbo, this is an amazing work! I had a blast playing this mission. The atmospheric mood, the setting, the storytelling and the story itself, some very neat ideas here and there. The level itself is huge, amazingly consistent, and it gave me the feeling that I am pretty much lost.. It's immersive as hell. Aesthetically beautiful, the design is superb, and the music is top notch. Well maybe I got a little too carried away, but that moment my friend was pure genius right there. Congratulations!
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