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  1. Well, this has been quite the ride! Great map layouts and I loved the obfuscated clues in the cathedral. It was a huge gauntlet-run getting to where I must be close to the end of the mission. But now I'm stuck What did I miss?
  2. Mission has been updated to version 3. Fixed a bug where the optional loot option objective was not actually optional. Updated the animations for Astrid Added a hallway door so the guards are less likely to be aggroed en masse.
  3. Good use of the closet. I considered putting no KO and no kills in the objectives, but decided to leave it unlimited for a change.
  4. Scripting help How do I query whether an objective has been completed? The wiki shows: but this is just gibberish to me. How do I actually write it as a script? I want to use it in an if statement, for example: if (Obj1 = 0 && Obj2 = 0){ sys.trigger( $thing1 ); } else {sys.trigger( $thing2 );}
  5. I just finished part 1. That was excellent - A non-mission-breaking bug I ran into with the blackjack: Cheers, I'm off to tackle Part 2
  6. That's a real head-scratcher! Is it possible for the menu-installer to not have the same version as the direct download link? If you check the read-me file it will show the version#.
  7. I think your problem is not the water patch itself. I just tested this and a coin is frobable by default though a patch with a water texture (even if you made it a func_static). My guess is your fountain has a clip box that is covering the coin. What JackFarmer or datiswous suggested would likely work. (edit) Also, make sure the coins are actual loot items and not just a func_static, otherwise they are not frobable! [Use Create Entity to add loot items to the map, don't use the coins found in Create Model as they are not frobable].
  8. Stim/Response confuses the heck out of me.
  9. @MirceaKitsune Is that v1.1.10 of the fm and what version of TDM are you running? Your screenshot does not look like what I see in the game. I just re-downloaded it to be sure. It appears as though your stove has been displaced to the right, which is damn peculiar.
  10. Excellent, congrats on the release - I'm really looking forward to playing it!
  11. Thanks Mircea. I've noticed a number of prefabs and assets that have issues. It's funny, that drawer sound has always bugged me in other missions I've heard it in, but I didn't even notice it in my own.
  12. Thanks. Outside the mansion is the slowest area for me too, although my crappy old laptop still manages >30 fps. I haven't tried Linux though.
  13. Using the newspaper gui definition (guis/readables/sheets/newspaper_bridgeport03.gui) on a readable creates multiple warnings in TDM console. It still works fine, but there is a wall of text: The same is true for the other newspaper guis. Full info: to create a readable newspaper I used the model newspaper01.iwo and then changed the class to atdm:readable_immobile, then edited the info using the Readable Editor - I assume this is the correct way to do it. I also tried using one of the other readables such as atdm:readable_immobile_paper01 and selected the gui definition of a newspaper, but got the same result.
  14. glad you liked it teknokrat and thanks for the suggestions.
  15. Possibly the spider got stuck on something if it stopped moving, I'll take a look at that.
  16. Thanks STiFU. Yes it's easy to aggro all the guards. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely keep that in mind for the next one.
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