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  1. It was all a sodding joke! Phew... I was worried there.... Source
  2. 10 Minutes of Bioshock Infinite Footage Looks ... interesting. Maybe not my cup of tea, given what looks like an insane amount of scripting, but it would be worth at least one playthrough.
  3. My money is on GOG coming back as a part of another larger digital distribution system, like Steam or Direct2Drive. Apparently, they won't be DRM free any longer, if indications from their twitter feed is true:
  4. OK. A little late, this might be gravedigging but I like to submit reviews of what I'm playing (not had time to play TDM for months, so...). Completed it in 34 minutes, no reloads, expert, KO-ing NPCs. Good points: - Visual theme was consistent throughout. Nice cosy Christmas-y mission. The level was rather linear, with no alternate routes, but hey, it's just a single house. - Finished the mission 60 loot short of full completion. On secrets, I found: Don't know if there's anything else, but I didn't really conduct an exhaustive search. Nice surprises, although I had a lot of trouble noticing what the former one did after I triggered it. Bad points: - The mission is easy to complete on expert if you're not trying to ghost, as all of the NPCs come up to you one by one. Overall, I think that The Parcel isn't going anywhere new for gameplay or design, but is a very nice and solid short mission.
  5. Not tried to replicate it (yet). I'll try it again when I have some time. I've got a save file of it, and I'll try to get a vid of the glitch if I can. Be back later.
  6. think i failed my aptitude test >.<

  7. There's a bug in this mission by the way. If you go into Lord Rowlett's study and mantle on top of his bookshelf, due to the code somehow you end up floating up outside the map boundaries. I'll upload a save of it when I have time.
  8. Wow... I'd love to play that mission. That is a very pretty cathedral. Can't think of anything else to say.
  9. Another mission ^^ happyface. Keep it up, I'd like to see another TDM mission soon!
  10. Seconded. I'd have a look at TD sometime after my exams, when I'm more familiar with DarkRadiant.
  11. And this couldn't go into the original thanks thread?
  12. It was a short mission, although dumping the entire staff of the mansion into the lord's bed was a fairly amusing pastime (almost beats trying to stack Hammerites). The only criticism that I have is that the path is too linear; I understand that you only built the map in a very short time so that's fair enough. It's just a bit jarring that some doors are just part of the scenery while others weren't. The safe button was well hidden, I searched for it for just long enough to be interesting without becoming frustrating. The flavour text was rather absorbing to read and bits of it made me smile. I'll probably try again on the hardest difficulty; I tried it through on the one below and found that slightly too easy this time. Oh well.
  13. What's wrong with making Thief's Den compatible? Is it that badly outdated? O.o
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