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  1. Should be awesome if you can do something like that with terrain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kiZZLiqQf4
  2. I tried gl_one_minus_src_alpha seems working (not my map) You can test it here http://www.mediafire.com/file/iczdr93w493yf3x/Translucent_textures_by_IZaRTaX_2.rar/file
  3. My bad, I added a transclucent function that fix the issue now the textures are not invisible behind some others http://www.mediafire.com/file/207qnekcziucuzb/Translucent_textures_by_IZaRTaX.rar/file
  4. I already did that 4 years ago for every common and editor textures http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/16809-translucent-textures-darkradiant/ I redo all textures and add an alpha channel my function was: textures/common/trigger { qer_editorimage textures/common/trigger.tga qer_nocarve // don't let an awry CSG operation cut it up noshadows trigger { blend gl_src_alpha, gl_one map textures/common/trigger.tga } }You can download the file here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/207qnekcziucuzb/Translucent_textures_by_IZaRTaX.rar/file Put the __translucent.pk4 in your darkmod folder and remove the __translucent.pk4 before your final compile
  5. Ok Airship Ballet I see thanks you I'm based on the alpha texture but maybe some mapper don't like this. Easy just put the _ translucent.pk4 folder on your darkmod folder and enjoy, if you don't like just delete this. If you need specific modification Airship Ballet contact me via xfire: zartax67
  6. Hi all, in start I have make this for me, because I prefer work with translucent textures . Translucent textures include only the common and editor textures! I recommended before your final compile remove this. I don't know if you like but I share this. screen: (this is not my maps) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/207qnekcziucuzb/Translucent_textures_by_IZaRTaX.rar/file Enjoy!
  7. News prefabs for you (fountain),no custom textures I have only used the base texture. screen: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?glguogvp4ckr2kp have fun with this.
  8. Hello, i have a problem in 2.00 pre alpha version, i use windows layout "regular" : for this sreen i use version 1.8.1 (work good) but in 2.00 impossible to open media browser in windows layout "regular", work only for windows layout "regular left" (default) .
  9. maybe the engine support blend fonction, you can paint terrain patch and yes is supported ! but yes maybe need a good scripter ^^ is just my suggestion for maybe help you for creating terrain and like blend fonction
  10. -The textures is from me,i take in cgtexture and converting, i have just take the caulk and draw decals texture from cod4. -impossible exporte map and patch in dr radiant because the engine use id tech 3 and have lightmaping grey (reflection, light, specular texture, normal map etc). all call of duty games, mw2, mw3, black ops, black ops2 and more news use the quake 3 engine (idtech 3) but have make a very good modification ^^
  11. Hi all, it's been 4 years since I use cod4radiant, there is an option to create / edited the "terrain patch" directly into the editor. Here is an example using the powerful editor field.: -here is cod4 radiant create a simple terrain patch: -terrain density 14x15: -this makes vertex like a gtkgensurf style but is a patch: -advanced patch editing dialogs; blend/paint texture: -advanced patch editing dialogs height/smooth (make a mountain) lock/unlock vertex for paint or height/smooth this is just a suggestion that may help in the creation of "terrain" I know that works for this is huge, but as said it is a suggestion. example vidéo call of duty terrain : http://youtu.be/4kiZZLiqQf4 my building in darkradiant : http://youtu.be/2k2YcXNSYfA maybe my english is bad ^^ sorry im french .
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