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  1. Hello, I have found this note but I don't understand where I have to go to find this key. Help will be welcome. Regards, JB
  2. Thanks a lot. I had this note, but I haven't been able to decipher it. Best regards, JB
  3. I can enter in silent dagger, but where is this tip ? I have found a note, but without any information about this code... Regards, JB
  4. Found, thanks. I have opened secret area before my first post, but I haven't seen this chest. JB
  5. I have seen this information, but I haven't find this area...
  6. Same problem here. I have checked every places and fuse III is missing.
  7. I cannot finish this mission as TDM aborts on segfault. If you have a workaround, I can try it.
  8. I have uploaded savegames here : https://hilbert.systella.fr/public/save.tar.gz
  9. Save games are available at https://hilbert.systella.fr/public/save.tar.gz
  10. I can upload savegame if you want (from 2.09 beta).
  11. I have launched TDM under gdm control and it doesn't abort. But TDM freezes when first AI shows me and I have to kill TDM with signal 9. In gdm console, I only obtain : Linking GLSL program ssao ... Linking GLSL program ssao_blur ... Linking GLSL program ssao_depth ... Linking GLSL program ssao_depth_mip ... Linking GLSL program ssao_show ... Linking GLSL program environment ... Linking GLSL program bloom_downsample ... Linking GLSL program bloom_downsample_brightpass ... Linking GLSL program bloom_blur ... Linking GLSL program bloom_upsample ... Linking GLSL program bloom_apply ... Restarting ambient sound snd_city1'(city_silentnight) with volume -16.183872 seeStakeoutNEW OBJECTIVE Thread 1 "thedarkmod.x64" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0x00000000009cae98 in ?? () (gdb) step Cannot find bounds of current function I suppose I cannot obtain more information as I have killed TDM. I have launched also TDM with debug options. You can find Darkmod.log at https://hilbert.systella.fr/public/Darkmod.log (45 MB). Another question not related to this issue. I use a french keymap. Of course, I have set this configuration in DarkmodKeybinds.cfg. First time I launch a mission, this file is read as I have the good keymap in game. But when I recall a saved game, keymap returns to default keymap (or very rarely to french keyboard defined in DarkmodKeybinds.cfg). I have filled a bug a long time ago without any progress...). Best regards, JB
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