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  1. To demonstrate here are two screen shots of the same map file. The second bright one is using the material files with the animations set. The other using my old non animated material files.
  2. Okay I solved my problem with entitygui and animated textures by putting a backing texture to the model with entitygui. Now I've noticed an other issue. Light has no effect on the animated texture. Again this is my current material definition textures\shock\shock_006 { description "stone" qer_editorimage textures\shock\shock_1006_0000.tga bumpmap _flat diffusemap textures\shock\shock_1006_0000.tga specularmap _black { blend GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA map textures\shock\shock_1006_0000.tga } { if ((time * 5) % 4 == 0) blend GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA map textures\shock\shock_1006_0000.tga } { if ((time * 4) % 1 == 0) blend GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA map textures\shock\shock_1006_pc01_0000.tga } { if ((time * 4) % 2 == 0) blend GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA map textures\shock\shock_1006_pc02_0000.tga } { if ((time * 4) % 3 == 0) blend GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA map textures\shock\shock_1006_pc03_0000.tga } { if ((time * 4) % 4 == 0) blend GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA map textures\shock\shock_1006_pc04_0000.tga } }
  3. I'm having a bit of trouble with using animated textures and displaying models with entitygui at the same time. The above picture shows a standard TDM texture on the left, a custom texture that cycles through a series of animation frames and in the middle what should be a square model textured with entitygui in front of the two textures. My custom texture is defined as follows. textures\shock\shock_000 { description "stone" qer_editorimage textures\shock\shock_1000_0000.tga bumpmap _flat diffusemap textures\shock\shock_1000_0000.tga specularmap _black { if (parm11 > 0) blend add map textures\shock\shock_1000_0000.tga } { if ((time * 5) % 4 == 0) map textures\shock\shock_1000_0000.tga } { if ((time * 4) % 1 == 0) map textures\shock\shock_1000_pc01_0000.tga } { if ((time * 4) % 2 == 0) map textures\shock\shock_1000_pc02_0000.tga } { if ((time * 4) % 3 == 0) map textures\shock\shock_1000_pc03_0000.tga } { if ((time * 4) % 4 == 0) map textures\shock\shock_1000_pc04_0000.tga } } Adding more blend keywords to various parts of the file will allow me to see the texture and the entitygui at the same time but at the cost of the textures rapidly getting brighter and darker as the animation cycles. I've tried blend add, filter and none. Any thoughts. I'm guessing I'm missing something silly here?
  4. Just popping in to drop off a video of a level in action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6hf-M9o4vc Major update since I last posted in here is that I have rudimentary support for the Source Engine now. Here's a level running in Dark Messiah. Source engine support is just a fun side project. I'm still working primarily with TDM.
  5. Still working away on this. Summertime keeps me from updating much but I've fixed most of the annoying bits of texture scaling and I'm in the process of replacing the DarkMod placeholder art I'd been using with art files from the originals. I also have a quasi-working implementation of the Bullfrog puzzle from UW1 as well as fixing some old mistakes and just general catching up on the UW aspects. Under the hood the only really interesting things I've done is write a tool for repacking compressed UW2 and SS1 level/save files into an uncompressed format that the original games can load and a way of identifying continous regions of rooms together for (eventually) automap purposes. Apart from the main github project I've added a secondary project for all the shader/particle/xdata/audio definitions that I've created for this tool at https://github.com/hankmorgan/UnderworldExporterAssets Heres a couple of shots from level 7 of Underworld.
  6. Latest updates. Apart from some minor bug fixes and data file research I've fixed the long standing issues where textures on sloped surfaces were not aligning correctly. I've implemented the text signage (although I've skipped the individual implementing fonts so far), I've added transparent gratings and I've replaced all the wooden placeholder doors with animated guis using the original art that are linked to a fast sliding door and a frame for frobbing.. There are issues with z-orders when I use GUIs for that and it's more of a silly thing than a really practical solution (20 year old graphics for fecks sake) but I like using the retro art since it's easier to spot mistakes that way.
  7. How do I trigger a script when I use a key to unlock a door? I've already tried used_action_script.
  8. So apart from the TDM wiki what are the recommended information sources on modding D3? Basically I'm looking to read up a bit more on entity editing, guis and the like.
  9. A full on Shock Mod would be a massive undertaking. Way beyond my capabilities. I'm lucky that I have something that I can study, copy and replicate but I'm going to hit a steep learning curve soon with regards to actual game system modding. I can see why Looking Glass were happy to cut back on different systems like conversations and rpg stats between Underworld and System Shock.
  10. I haven't forgotten that this exists. Things turned out busier than I thought they would be but I'm starting to think about where I'm at with the tool and what I want to implement next. I'm leaning towards finally getting wall text(as opposed to wall signs) working but I want to decide what would be a better way to implement them. Do I take the existing art and make fonts which I can then use in XData files or should I just implement the list of possible text strings as wall decals. I'm also hoping to record a video in the near future just to show it working in motion and point out what does and doesn't work to my satisfaction.
  11. No updates. I have an important work project thats keeping me busy until mid to late march so I decided to take a short holiday from the project for the duration of that. Looking forward to picking things back up then.
  12. No. Procedurally generated based on the shade values for the original tiles. It's a bit inefficent at the moment since I don't merge continous areas of light together as one but everything you see is automatically generated. I can barely use a map editor to save my life. My approach to the tool is that it will eventually it will do all the work of extracting assets, building material files, sound shaders, gui files etc so I won't be put in a position where I'm distributing copyrighted material apart from maybe a dmapped .map file and stuff that I can say is original work.
  13. I'm not an american so that's out of the question. I really should make another video though.
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