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  1. Thanks guys. The loot limit on Expert is a bit too hard. I should have caught it during testing, but at the point it was introduced both me and my testers were already so well versed in the level that they naturally had little trouble completing it. Oh and GUFF, tell me about it! Looking back at my first FM I think I've come a long way. Still a lot to learn to compare with the big boys though. Especially with architecture. I've been toying with the idea of remaking In a Time of Need and adding more of the city area into it, so that might be my next project. We'll see! I just noticed I've made the poll public (everyone can see what you have voted). I thought public meant you can see the scores. I tried changing it but apparently I can't. Sorry about that everyone! Don't be afraid of leaving a harsh vote.
  2. Although that would be cool, I think it might just be bioluminescent mushrooms in general. Did you know there are over 70 species of luminescent mushrooms in the world? The nature never ceases to amaze.
  3. Thank you, I'm glad you have enjoyed it! In regards of loot... Second one, a bit more straight forward...
  4. Because The Builder Church is the TDM version of the Catholic church, I'd say one natural way to approach this would be to look at the historical divide of power, influence and responsibility between state and church.
  5. Once more people have cleared the level, there is something I'd be interested in hearing your opinions on. When I was building the level, my inspiration was actually more Deus Ex (which I had recently been replaying) than Thief. Whereas Thief usually gives you most if not all tools right at the start of the level, and allows you to be creative with them, I wanted to take the tools away. This way finding an item is like a key, it allows you to do new things and try new routes. I guess it should also make it feel more rewarding. I wonder, does it show to the player?
  6. That's a really nice way of putting it. I agree that architecture is my weakmpoint Walking around the map during testing I often thought to myself "Damn, I know tons of T2 missions that look better than this." It could have been even more basic, if Airship and RJFerret hadn't been whipping me to add more detail until the very end. I'm really glad they did. But I'm happy to hear the gameplay and atmosphere held up. I like to think that those are what I'm strong at, so it's good it comes through Regarding the loot limit: it is too high. I balanced it so that on the highest difficulty you either have to find ALL loot, or miss a few items and open the safe. Looking back at it, that might be a bit annoying if you don't figure out the safe combination. Diego: Yes please, if its not too much hassle! Thanks for the consideration.
  7. Thanks a ton for all of those Diego! If you have the access for it, you could also add those in the Gone in Smoke thread (that was the working name for this FM) on the beta forums. It pretty often happens that FM threads become a long list of bugs and glitches, which might give other players a bit negative impression Oh and that last image made me do a reality check! I'm pretty sure its not from my FM.
  8. Well, that's off my bucket list then. Not much left to achieve in life now to be honest!
  9. So, did I manage my goal of making it into your personal top 10?
  10. That is really weird. Possibly a wrong target on the light switch. I'll look into it, thanks.
  11. Glad to hear the key didn't give you too much hassle! Nothing would be worse than having players drop the mission / miss out on content because of a badly placed key. Regarding the glitch you found, it must be because the dresser in question is a re-sized object. It would be easy to fix, but I'll wait and see if more bugs crop up before thinking of issuing a patch.
  12. That's quite the coincidence, pretty cool! Maybe I should just delete my last message and say it's an intentional reference... But I guess that type of character is a pretty common trope in fantasy fiction.
  13. Unfortunate! You were right on the money with where it is hidden. I'm adding this in the OP post for future reference, because my testers also found this to be a bit too difficult.
  14. Thanks guys! At least I can't quickly think of many other FMs where it is used. I think the risk vs. reward element in deciding whether to cause a commotion or finding another way around is great, so hopefully this inspires more mappers to use it.
  15. Just put out my new FM: Breaking out the Fence. Check the Fan Mission section if you fancy a hour or two of good old skullduggery.

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    2. nbohr1more


      Runs pretty smooth and lighting is pretty nice in what I've played thus far. Nice patrols too. Well done!

    3. Goldwell


      Loving this awesome influx of FM's.. lets hope the pattern continues :D

    4. Vae


      Nice...I'll play Goldwell's first, then this :)

  16. Screenshots: Mission: Breaking out the Fence Version: 1.00 Released: 17/03/2014 Theme: City Author: kyyrma Testing and additional content: RJFerret, Airship Ballet, Goldwell Breaking out the Fence continues the story from my first FM In a Time of Need. The player once again takes the role of an anonymous Thief who is getting tangled with an organization called the League of Seafaring Merchants. This time you will be sneaking your way into an import shop down at the South Docks and getting your fence Terry out from a pinch you have indirectly got him into. Prior knowledge of the story is not strictly necessary, and the level works just as well as a one shot stand-alone mission. Note that the story briefing is quite long - if you don't appreciate walls of text in your game, all the relevant information is on the last page. However if you want to set the mood and enjoy a good tale of skullduggery then give it a read. The difficulty level is moderate to high, and compared to my last mission it is much larger. The average play time should be around 1 - 2 hours depending on how much you decide to explore the level. You will start the level with only a blackjack, compass, spyglass and a map. You have to find the rest of your equipment while on the job. If you can't find a pair of lockpicks, remember to keep your eyes peeled for keys! The only differences between difficulty settings are the objectives, with higher difficulties requiring either a no-kill or a full ghost playthrough. Injection needles have been made a loot item, so remember to pick them up if you are going for loot completition I've succumbed under peer pressure and decided to have a poll where you can rate the level, but I would really appreciate your comments as well! Please get back to me if you have any questions or critique regarding the mission. Help! I'm stuck! How do I find the key to the closed off area in the sewers? Download links: If the mission is not yet available from the in-game downloader, you can use the following link: Private mirror Installation: Drop breakingout.pk4 in you darkmod/fms/ folder Run TDM and select New Mission. Breaking out the Fence should now appear on the list of downloaded missions. Install and play. Known issues: AI pathfinding can be slightly erratic at times Outdoors can cause performance issues on low-end hardware Sleeping AI can glitch through the bed if KO'd or killed There remain some audio issues such as pop-in and incorrect sound propagation Thanks: My testers RJFerret and Airship Ballet for their invaluable input and help during the creation of the level Goldwell for providing his vocal talent for the characer Terry All the TDM devs for creating such a great game All the people who have answered my newbie questions at the Editor's Guild
  17. What if they started on a path? path_waitfortrigger (triggered by the player who also triggers the conversation) -> path_wait (synchronized with the duration of the conversation) -> path_corner (onto their patrol route)
  18. I've been thinking of asking this earlier: is it a known engine quirk that the player can clip through walls by strafe-running along them in TDM?

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    2. kyyrma


      maybe the devs could sell it as DLC?

    3. Deadlove


      Is that considered a secret area? :-D

    4. Bikerdude
  19. It would appear that for some reason the GUI files or xdata are not found. That's what happens. Could you check your console (Ctrl + Alt + Tilde) when you start the level and see if there are any error messages related to readables there?
  20. I can answer your first question in short: Have your brushwork or model for the frobable drawer selected, right click and select Create entity... from the drop-down menu. Select Movers > atdm:mover_door To fine tune how the frobable object moves, add / change the following spawnargs in the left hand pane: (Left is the name of the spawnarg, right is the format it takes values in) rotate x y z translate x y z move_time (in seconds) frobable 1/0 frob_distance (in doomunits) Interruptable 1/0 There are tons more, but those should get you on the track for basic frob behavior. I really recommend reading through the A-Z mapping guide available in the wiki, and going through the whole excercise. It teaches you pretty much all the basics so you don't have to ask everything individually on the forums.
  21. Now don't be a sore loser Merry, I'll make sure to send you a signed hard-copy so you can hang it on your wall And once more congrats on the release RJ! I'm glad I could help test this mission despite being a bit unreliable due to work. Funny thing, I was playing the review copy of Thiaf at the time. Every time I found the time to do some testing on your map, I was reminded by how much more I enjoy the Thief/TDM flair of stealth. It's a great FM with an original twist to it. Highly recommended!
  22. Dishonored 2 is coming? http://www.allgamesbeta.com/2014/03/dishonored-2-darkness-of-tyvia.html despite its Thiefish roots, i always felt Dishonored was more of a Victorian age Deus Ex - and a good one at that. Hoping for the best with the sequel.

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    2. vvGarrettvv


      yeah!but money rules u know?

    3. Bikerdude


      What Sotha said, more of the same please!

    4. 7upMan


      @astumpy: Who knows, maybe it will be a prequel? It's all the rage these days... Also, maybe we'll get to know more about that great sickness this way, how it all started etc.

  23. Glad you double posted, otherwise I couldn't have liked that twice Thanks!
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