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  1. I like it - , and as far about water putting them out from above, I would say there would not be enough water to enter the glass column to put out this kind of oil / oil lamp. Said and done. For the oil lamps I have at home like that, it is doubtful if I threw up a cup of water upward above it, enough water would enter and put it out... it would take quite a bit of a full water hit, not a shower....
  2. I voted yes, just to keep the thought line consistent, if I can snuff out a candle...... However, having a few oil lamps myself, and are used during power outages, I am not so sure I would want to snuff some of them out by hand, as the wicks are bigger than a simple candle string, and they seem stubborn to go out, even when I drop the wick down to snuff them. - Figured I'd get finger-burned quite well... so that would be health points,!! Would not be able to crack any safes that night Oil and water don't mix, so IF there ever any effort to do this, i would like to see water arrows put them out, but the lamps would go out with quite a bit of sputtering, popping and such, so this action is not totally noiseless and there a risk with that... I think people would like this aspect... Thanks for all of the hard work guys! Love the game!!
  3. I would love dogs also, and I brought that up a very long time ago, - but was told then to create a dog frame, movements, behavior etc would put it waaay down on the list... and understandably so with respect to yet what had to be done.. So I thought this could be applied to the undead, many aspects of the needed construct is there compared to a dog. Sotha referring to ninja below, pretty much captures the program design. Not thinking they are magical creatures (werewolves etc.... but then again, they are dead and moving...), but with debilitated brain power, thought the undead brain would compensate with an improved sense such as smelling, which as in a previous post above, would force a player "out of hiding" in short time by an undead within a given radius. This would be a frighteningly intense stressor. If coming within a certain player radius a zombie pauses and while looking around, makes a loud rapid, sniffing sound , that would be very unnerving-
  4. Playing a mission now which involved the undead, I was hiding behind some crates in an area until they cleared or thinned out. - Their noises are great, very suitable for their.... condition I was admiring that when I suddenly saw one come into the area I was hiding, and he looked around. I could have sworn he was making ( among others) sniffing sounds. I panic thought for a second " Can these things smell me?" I calmed down and knew they did not. I was just toying with the idea if they could - would this be hard to implement? I think the fright level would go up a big notch if these things could find you through by "smell" These and guards seem to gravitate to you in hiding to some degree anyway, would be neat if the undead could hone in better and make sniffing sounds like an animal especially as they get closer to you... just a thought... Thanks for all the hard work!
  5. y' know.... there is something to be said about that....
  6. At least for the future missions it can be done... gold frame is a good idea - before reading that I was thinking lootable paintings would : Have very fancy / ornate frames ( gold is easiest way to go,) vs plain old square ones for non-lootalbes Be locked behind glass, bars, or so out of the way to easily reach.... but then again, I see Airship's point... & I really don't mind checking the paintings...
  7. Due to snow, was able to stay home and get some computer work done. As I cannot access TLLG at work, I decided to take a swing by and see what their opinion was of TDM, especially at the onset. ( have not viisted their site for very long time) . I put darkmod in to the search, and I was very surprised how ttlg was receptive to TDM. There were numerous congratulatory remarks about it going stand alone, as well as other positive statements about the updates, - other topics gave kudos to the improvement they are seeing over time, and thankful that TDM maintaining the heart, stealth, environment of the original T series. One topic in response to T4, was said in general light terms about paying a group of people who would do a redo with some engine, but the trouble would be who to recruit to keep it faithful. People there mentioned the "staff" of TDM, and would the TDM staff leave TDM to do a new game if paid. Again, this was light general talk, but to me is showed admiration & appreciation of the team here. When new TDM fan missions are posted there, - at least from the # of posts I read, quite a few were responding how they were looking forward to playing it. I ran out of time to try to look at their initial comments of TDM, but left the search very pleasantly surprised.
  8. Unless if the poor donated willing and not from guise of deceit.
  9. The same here, had not much of a problem getting past the guards. Just had to think of a plan, and execute it well. I greatly enjoyed that challenge. Would not want any other signage or other change to help hold my hand while I get past him. Although I am in the minority here, I still say, don't change it!
  10. This is an interesting thread. At first, I was wondering why anyone would bother with trip wires associated with an explosive mine, as the floor mines have a sensitivity range. Then one person mentioned a trip wire would extend this range, ok I get it that. Part of the trip wire idea is as mentioned, would not be seen, which brought me to a thought. A trip wire would be more practical in lighted, semi-lighted ( I know that is a relative)... and mines would be used in the mostly dark or completely dark areas. Which brought me to a thought: - now just regarding mines, I think it would be very interesting if a mine placed in a lighted, semi-lighted area of the floor in the open would be noticed by a guard - how could he not? - Esp. as usually there is no other debris on the floor, especially in a mansion type setting ( halls are squeaky clean). How could the guard not see this? The patrolling guard would say... "What is that?" - he could safely see this device a few feet away...and could slowly approach and disarm the device ( assuming he could) as a thief does. - this animation implementation would not be a work from the ground up, as there are already bending down guard/people motions. Seeing a mine, the guard could also bark an alert at least, as seeing one of these lying around indicates only one thing.............. This would be more of a tactical challenge to place any mine either in darker areas or hide them around an outcropping of a wall, or an object. Same would go for sticky mines. I would love it. And this gives good support/need for a semi-invisibly thin trip-wire
  11. Seems as if they are still making improvements on it, forums are active...
  12. Happy Anniversary! Followed under various names from the beginning! Thanks to all for your dedication, perseverance and talent! This has gone far beyond my expectations - and your still at it MANY THANKS!
  13. Mr M

    LOD Levels

    Sorry, what is LOD? Level of detection?
  14. Speaking as a player only, I see it reasonable mappers use default settings, - however, I am extremely surprised at the "reach I have" in opening doors... seems like the distance I can open a door ( if I "stretch it" ) is quite a bit longer than my arm... probably longer than my whole body. I would humbly suggest the default setting to be changed to something a little closer.. a little bit more reasonable - as this then would be the most common use of distance for mappers who use default settings. Thanks to all again, for a great MOD
  15. I've used gas mines mostly for safe back tracking or to cover a way out in an area I know is patrolled. For instance in some games (looking glass fms) , there was a need to make a quick getaway - I did not want to be delayed with patroling guards, I'd plop one down in a patrol zone ( or one for each critical zone) , and be on my merry way. On my way back to that spot, I would see a downed guard taking a nap. Also I've used them to secure an escape route in case of trouble. Say my escape route is to get to a wall and climb over it to get away from chasing guards, however a guard is patrolling that wall. I wait until he leaves, drop the gas mine, and be on my way knowing if I had to use the wall, that guard would not run interference. Saves time in waiting and waiting for a guard to appear to deal with him. Funny, I do not kill, nor do I blackjack, but for me, gassing is ok. Love to have the gas mine available...
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