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  1. Building a FM. Expected duration of task: couple of hours. Reality: tens of hours.O Lord Builder please help thy servant avoid silly mistakes.

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    2. Bastoc


      I've no problem making my own stuff because of what you said Sir Taff. I just mean sometimes I waste so much time and think "If only I had done that!"

    3. Xarg


      I don't mean fully kitted out rooms, just the basics. 4 walls/floor/roof, maybe a bed and a fireplace. Would also be useful for new mappers to get a feel for the scale of a mission, especially if that room had a neutral unarmed guy in it they can drag around to fit geometry to.

    4. Sir Taffsalot

      Sir Taffsalot

      @ Bastoc: Don't worry. It's a learning curve. Your first FM will always be your most challenging. When you complete your first FM mapping becomes a lot easier.

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