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  1. Alright! So this time I tried something a little different by doing a clean install of my drivers. Vsync works now! And somehow I managed to fix the border issue using those commands! I'm not sure what I did, but after the vid_restart command I thought it crashed. After it came back up it was fixed! Strange thing is that all of the settings I had put into the console were already in the settings and the DoomConfig. I'm not complaining though. ^-^ Thanks for the help!
  2. I once got tdm working on my desktop once, and it was great! But I have since scrapped it, and now have a laptop instead. Though I have got it running on my laptop, things aren't as smooth as hoped. For instance, if I enable vsync the game becomes VERY choppy, even from the menu screen. This makes it virtually unplayable. I've managed to get it to run by forcing vsync off in the nvidia control panel, but this has left me with the annoying lines that vsync corrects. Also, one thing I have not been able to change at all is the the screen size. For some reason the game doesn't utilize my entire screen. Instead it only takes up about only half of the screen, leaving black borders on the sides. I've tried messing with the aspect ratio an resolution to no avail. This, coupled with the vsync problem has proved very annoying. Has anyone had a similar issue? My specs are: Windows 7 64bit i5 2.40GHz quad core GeForce 335M 4gb DDR3 RAM Note: This might even be a problem with my video drivers. Last I updated them, they've been conflicting with my source games. Thanks!
  3. I've read a few other posts, and it looks to me you'd rather not take any other vocalist positions outside of your community. However I understand, it would be rather difficult to work over distance. Ill still be anxious to see the outcome of all of this! Keep up the fantastic work!
  4. Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love the work you guys are doing for Thief. The genre was definitely due for some new, and refreshing gameplay. (seeing as how eidos has abandoned the "medeival" theme) In my opinion, this mod looks a lot better than Deadly Shadows and looks to have a lot more potential. Anyhow, to the point. I would lend a hand in voice acting, however I do not know what you are looking for, if anything. If there isn't really a demand for it, then I guess there really is no need to get the mic out. So just let me know if you do need some samples of a particular style. I would be more than happy to perform them to my best.
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