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  1. btw is it ok to make a link to your site on my youtube page? Well i am not one of the popular ones on Youtube but some fans may see it!
  2. AH, good that i have seen that in time! I sure voted for you guys!
  3. Damn this is hard, T3ed will take me weeks just to make one room look like a room... Sometimes it does what it wants, ignoring my commands. Well maybe i just do it wrong but slowely i am really afraid of that program. While working throu Komags Tut. i had BIIIIG visions of a map and a creepy background story but i think noone will ever see them. Perhaps i should not be a mapper and concentrate on other things like skripts or something...
  4. Sorry for the spoiler... I forgot about that.
  5. Ah thanks for that i will check it out later now i just got the Thief 3 Editor to run and make the night throu with the Komaq Tutorial XD really interesting! I think i will understand both a little til TheDarkMod comes out right?
  6. Hi! I played Saint Lucia and i was surprised how much fun it was and i have never seen a toilet with a ladder XD in a game. I had 1999 loot on very hard and destroyed the statue but i could not find the object that makes it shiver (or something like that) My lovely weapon the flashbombs did not really work... but i dont needed them anyway. Waterarrows are working awesome, i had some problems at the beginning but that is cause i did not know how they work ^^. A guard did not see a blackjacked body. It was loading really long the first time (could be my old PC). I had some problems with climbing out of the water in the sewers. So i wanted to say thanks for that, and keep up the good work! I hope i will be able to make some maps by myself in the future but i am really noob in such things . See ya ... and sorry for my bad english
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