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  1. Danke dir! Atm, there are no plans for a new map, because I dont really have time. (need to learn some things for Virtual Basic, learning for MS certificates...) @Spoiler: Yeah I dont know why I did not change it on the update. Edit: actually I am glad you did not play it with the music-bug, a mission without ambiant sound is like... idk... Skyrim without dragons^^
  2. Installing visual basic...

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    2. Sonosuke


      Maybe I will if it is interesting.

    3. demagogue


      Then you'll be able to compile the Dark Mod sourcecode, of course. So then you can tweak the code locally on your own system, compile it, play with it, and try all sorts of fun experiments just because you can. It's a whole new level of fun with Dark Mod. =)

    4. Sonosuke


      But thats still far-far away^^

  3. A updated version is out, but only with small fixes, if you have played it already you wont see anything new.
  4. Sonosuke

    Silly ideas

    That was awesome! I wonder if he is going to sell me one.
  5. Sonosuke

    Silly ideas

    Oh, no I cant work like that. That was just a quick startup to see whats in those map files. Normally DR looks like that: I did not start DR in over a year... ^^ I want to see that
  6. Sonosuke

    Silly ideas

    I think Microsoft SDK is the only (really working) one at the moment that you can really use but you could use your own I think. Dont know much about that, sorry
  7. Sonosuke

    Silly ideas

    You will have to make that yourself ;-) http://www.kinectforwindows.org/
  8. Sonosuke

    Silly ideas

    Well a long time ago, I have started a map called "Square Town" the city was square, all the houses, tables, chairs and even apples and beds (you could say the idea of minecraft is stolen form me :-P) The story behind it was that you have heard that there is something "round" in the City and your goal is it to steal that awesome thing (which is a gold coin^^) too bad I have lost the file long ago... :-( edit: candles were square too but they gave very strange shadows, back then, I did not even know how to properly set nodraw edit2: I was browsing throu some old hdds, thought maybe I can still find it but it seems its lost... but i have found another small old map I could never finish...
  9. Sonosuke

    Silly ideas

    Silly ideas only about tdm?
  10. If you want to -quick update- your graphics it is ok but I would go to skyrimnexus.com and choose the mods myself. The list is not really up to date.
  11. ...and at best in an other topic
  12. Well I did not want to fill it up with screens because its about talking, this one is about screenshots.
  13. Some may call this junk... wait Livingroom Bedroom
  14. the Sky? love maps my girlfriend Ancient Dragon (lol, behind the right dagger) Did you meet this guy?
  15. Just a few Weapons I think he likes me I really like the Dwemer ruins, but sometimes I miss the Ayleid ruins... ^^ Quite like Morrowind I love the small "storys" Skyrim sometimes shows. Well he found his goal... Just landscape
  16. I mostly use "Slow Time 3" and then bashing powerattacks with 2 daggers Yeah it is, did not know you have played that game. I love it too. That picture is from the trailer of the (failed) Shenmue Online attempt.
  17. @Fidcal That did happen to me but only one time, when fighting 2 Dragons at the same time and I think it was at version 1.0 of Skyrim. How many souls do you have? I am running around with 15 - 18 souls most of the time (I am not fighting every Dragon anymore).
  18. A friend is making games for android and is working hard but he does not really get any response or feedback, if someone has some time, could you please take a look? http://gamedesignreviews.com/scrapbook/excit-for-android-released-to-market/ here some more if you are interested: http://gamedesignreviews.com/scrapbook/silent-totems-alpha-released/ thank you Sono
  19. Thanks for moving the topic. I have set it now in the profile of the nvidia control panel, now I don't have to change it every-time.
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