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  1. Yes, I am from austria so I speak austrian, not german. that souns really funny. Meine Mutter w├╝rde schreien...
  2. Hi, can anyone tell me what "guid set to bu1hvjT8dzU" means? It shows up in the Console but I don't know since when.
  3. hahahaha But it seems the vote system is closed now
  4. Wow, nice pictures Rek. Looking forward to your map!
  5. Hehe, nice. There is a special kind of nostalgic feeling on playing this map! Thanks
  6. I have many ideas for such a map but I need woman for the perfect ambiance.
  7. Ah thanks, here without vsync: wow -30 seconds without vsync
  8. Ok... Test 1: test 2: Settings: System: Win XP, SP 3 Core 2 Duo- 2,4 GHz (E4600), 775 socket Geforce 7600 GS, 256 MB 2 GB DDR2 RAM, Singlechannel The strange thing is that on my Pc I get most of the time only 60 (closed rooms), 30 or 20 fps (open rooms/outsides) fix, really rare if i get like 25 or 35 O.o
  9. Maybe that has something to do with the shopskip bug?
  10. Well I think the option "Open Poll" should be activated, so you can see who voted but everything else is just fine I think.
  11. Download link does not work for me, only get a site with strange signs EDIT:
  12. thanks, well outside areas are pretty hard to build so it may take a bit longer then living exp.^^ yeah i am still working on that light, is it best to set the whole lantern to noshadows and add a 4 fold light? edit: hmmm, maybe its a bit small too O.o
  13. Well adding the time when you have updated and/or something like "businessv2.pk4" would have been nice... Is the new one bigger? i have one now with 4.61 mb and one with 4.60 mb.
  14. Congrats! Perfect time too^^ updated torrent: http://isohunt.com/t...+14?tab=summary Torrent with bikerdude's update: Here
  15. It seems you will have to restart the map, this is a known bug http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/10446-cant-drop-shouldered-body-twice-now/
  16. Please don't forget to ask for a time extension if needed.
  17. so will there be a new version? should i not vote for now? EDIT:
  18. Yeah, another map. Thats how i like it Downloading now...
  19. here is a torrent for the 10 TDM Maps just pick the maps you need
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