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  1. The what are you working on right now thread seems to only go up to the year 2015 for me.
  2. Some way to create a delay between audio barks because if multiple AI is alerted they tend to all bark at same time. Sounds silly.
  3. Some way to create a delay between audio
  4. Generally official missions cater to the lowest common denominator for large corporate games. Fan missions always push the envelope of what is possible and how intuitive and creative the game can actually become. I salute the thief Community as well as the Doom community for keeping the fire burning for so long and helping the game stay fresh with future Generations.
  5. Great work Goldwell. Did you re-record or just slow down the audio?
  6. Vman cool video too but turn down music I can't hear sound effects.
  7. I'm late to the party but the trailer should have a border around the text of the title of the game an outline or something to make it stand out it is just a plain font that is slightly larger than the for broken glass Studios. Also one thing that throws me off is it says see you in the shadows but the last picture is in sunlight maybe make the last picture something more dark it was very nice when the candle went out and the screen went black. Maybe it is possible to take the in-game footage at the end of the video and intersperse it or just add a final in game visual of something dark at the end of the video instead of sunlight. I do like your choice of missions to Showcase different environments that the dark mod is capable of creating. Good work!
  8. I am able to help if still needed additional talent.
  9. I love it, the dark mod pagans are fine in ways representing and reimagining thief I would imagine since the rest of the dark mod is in ways a mirror off thief. It seems a lot of the crowd here caters to more diverse group of more historically based tribal cultures than the mysterious malevolent pagans of Thief
  10. For real, I second that. Epifire is doing A LOT of help here expanding already existing library of brushes, and models. I am enjoying this particularly because I am a fan of the Cobblestone textures as well.
  11. Like most all things tdm, it was designed to mimic Thief.
  12. Can it be something as simple as sounds louder than a players footsteps and sounds not louder than the players footsteps and if inside a certain area where that sound is the AI won't respond to it at all based on if the sound that said piece of environment is putting off is louder then the players footsteps?
  13. There shouldn't be an option to quit the game from any place except the main menu. Psychologically removing as many possible places to allow the player to leave the game is important. I do agree with you that there should be more options on the death screen. I don't think it's possible to have an integrated on top of the play review I believe when the background changes the GUI changes which allows the player to work the mouse difference. I don't know that's a hundred percent I'm just assuming this based on the way the game behaves and other Integrations of idTech4.
  14. Deadlove

    ZBlood Port

    The secret level is a remake of The Haunted Cathedral from the Dark Project in the Doom engine. There are some screenshots and gameplay about halfway through the video.
  15. TDM will never have reasonable mission loading times! :-D
  16. Happy holiday season to my fellow TDM taffers.
  17. Let TDM stay forever unbaptised in Pagan glory! :-D
  18. Am i the only one who thinks dark mod jumping and mantling is more smooth than thief?
  19. Add brushes overtop edges where it's ugly so it's hidden from player sight?
  20. To be clear, I'm talking about blackjack jumping takedowns. Just jumping on AI doesn't do anything.
  21. Entirely positive. All it takes is practice. It is difficult, not impossible, requires really precise timing.
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