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  1. Yup, thats a fair call, I am motivated but also want to make it a sensible and structured transition rather than head first dive into madness of code I am happy to take ownership of jumping code and any issues with it in the future and I would definitely would love to stick around for a long time. I'll check out those two bugs you mentioned, and see what the scope is. The thing is, I wouldn't want to assign myself exclusively to something that has high priority and needs to be released ASAP, not sure how this works, does one person works on one bug or can it be assigned to multiple people at once? I suppose the fact is that I still need to learn and don't want to get in a way of getting TDM into release stage. Just want to help whichever way is best for the team and project.
  2. thanks mate, i just registered but it looks like i only have dark radiant access. greebo can i have access pls
  3. No worries, I'll take it slow and make sure that there are no big changes in between releases. Small changes frequently sounds like a good approach. btw, if you want to work on something more important, please let me know. I don't mind working on anything, bugs, whatever. But I also do want to finish what I've started
  4. greebo, do you want me to e-mail you patch files, before doing a commit? I am planning to make some changes to address forward movement when jumping and console output by next monday.
  5. Ok, I will need to try and change that. Maybe as a major change, after a few people have given comments? Also, should I now create a new topic in Current Build?
  6. i dont think it effects the addVelocity in the end, but yes need to test this more. by the way I've committed the changes
  7. Thanks greebo, so far this is what i've done Changed: physics_player.cpp SysCvar.cpp SysCvar.h There is still a fair bit to do in terms of jumping code but for the exercise I could commit now and go from there?
  8. Also, when testing the gamex86.dll, is it enough to put new one in darkmod folder or do it need to put it into the darkmod.pk4 file? Before when I was testing I was putting it in pk4 file every time, not sure if this is actually needed. nevermind it looks like doom 3 engine extracts the gamex86.dll from the pk4 files and overwrites any other gamex86.dll in the current directory.
  9. I can import it no worries. Just did a Debug and Release build and it seems ok
  10. I've checked out the darkmod and darkmod_src into Doom 3 folder. First thing I've noticed is that the solution is older version than my visual studio. I have Visual Studio 2008 Version 9 and the solution is 8.
  11. Thanks, I've read the contributors thread and agree with the license. I've skipped the design ones since I don't have any burning game play ideas, but will revisit those later. I guess I am ready for whatever you need me to do next.
  12. ok, I am all good to go with svn access.
  13. Funny and informative http://www.wimp.com/gameschoice/
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