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  1. Kida strange question but still. I've recently found a perfect laptop for retro gaming, it is packed with c2d, ATI X1900, and runs on Win XP. Does 2.08 still work on such ancient technology? Didn't dig much, but I've tried the previous build, and launching exe didn't launch anything, there was no even error message. Nothing.
  2. So i found a a perfect retro gaming machine recently. It's a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Xi 1546 with ATI X1800, 2Gb Ram and Core 2 Duo T5600. I'm on Windows Vista x32 and DarkMod isn't working for me. I've install latest version, launch non x64 exe and can do everything in menus, install St, Lucia and after long loading i'm getting generic Windows error that application was closed. Where is the dog buried?
  3. Thx! Though it looks like ancient info cause no one would say today that crisp stencil shadows look good. I think right after the first game with soft shadows, crisp shadows became awful thing. IMHO.
  4. Ye, my 2080 is loaded for 99% sometimes with shadow maps, but i'm okay with it since such shadows looks gorgeous!
  5. Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it. First part not working. Only PBR/RTX please
  6. Any news on this one? Maybe plan to ressurect it or forward partly done work to other fanmakers? Thx! p.s. any big campagn planned from other developers?
  7. Tested once again, now it works properly! Some other things: https://youtu.be/pNnNY5ipQYE Badly placed light: https://sun9-10.userapi.com/c857616/v857616467/14e88b/OzJsJjonxSg.jpg Hole in the model: https://sun9-61.userapi.com/c857616/v857616467/14e89f/G00rP3QHzHk.jpg Transparent wood holes: https://sun9-9.userapi.com/c857616/v857616467/14e8a9/kAKjfbcrRCo.jpg Bight non-lit lightern: https://sun9-48.userapi.com/c857616/v857616467/14e8b3/V-ATT6R98Jk.jpg
  8. Guys, this really looks magnificent! I think 10 minutes of my 2 hours stream I was playing with light and checking shadows https://youtu.be/gMAvaK2zqxo?t=5360 Soft shadows add volume to the scene it looks more natural and believable. Where can I read about stencil shadows and maps? From what i've seen map looks much better. Then why stencil exists? Now my tiny dream to see a daylight mission with the fast-moving sun that will cast shadows from every building and character.
  9. Guys, thank you for this mission. I enjoyed it and spent two happy hours on it with my friends from darkfate (https://youtu.be/gMAvaK2zqxo). Few notes: For some really strange reason, it was hard for me and some other players to find the hat for snowman. But I must also admit that every "puzzle" in this mission is logical. Tell me please, this guard has some random element? Cause most of the time, he never vent to the storage room, but suddenly he visits it: https://youtu.be/gMAvaK2zqxo?t=4717 Same place, is it possible to fix the generator? Couldn't check it myself cause I used all my fire arrows? If we need some criticism, one thing I didn't like, it's the forest. These 2 polygonal trees look just bad compared to the detailed environment of exteriors and interiors of buildings.
  10. Like a year ago i wanna ask if every FM in FM Selector is compatible with 2.06? Does anyone test them?
  11. Is there any known FMs in database that do not work in current darkmod build and need to be patched by mapper?
  12. Just completed this fan mission. Not bad, but has some cons. While I can praise visuals for interiors, outside of the house is not that good in terms of details. The mission is pretty linear and doesn't offer many possibilities for alternative routes. What I really didn't like is the idea of a switch in the dining room. That was really hard to find and the clue doesn't help that much. But the main point for disappointment is scripting. Just take a look my gameplay part about steward: 50:54 WAT? What key did he drop, where is it? Why is he walking only when I'm not around? If he closed the upstairs door in front of me, how can I get there? Also, this battle scene happened for me with an open door and second time it happened even without dude entering the room.
  13. Just an AI issue on "A New Job" mission: https://youtu.be/Ved4sTsYLGE?t=51m2s Dude stuck at his room.
  14. Ye, its okay for games where light is just a decoration. But in darkmod/thief, from my point of view, everything should be in real time. So current state is perfect, just need to make shadows soft. I think i saw a year ago darkmod with soft shadows. Just can't remember where... Maybe it was your wip screenshot?
  15. Sounds like shadows should be drawn... But i'm talking about real time soft shadows. Like in modern games
  16. I heard several times about soft shadows in dark mod. Any news on this topic? Maybe some mod? Some unofficial patch?
  17. Just a quick question. 2.05 is compatible with all FMs, even old? No issues with scripts and smth like that?
  18. What links are you talking about?
  19. Thx, looking forward for this wonderful update!
  20. So i followed this message: http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=145469 Any screenshows of how it work? Will it work by default? So all FMs will become softshadowed?
  21. We live in time of crowdfunding, don't see a problem to resurrect project with some money infusion.
  22. Hello, if i'm unaware of this wonderful campaign, where can i get all info? Cause first post is outdated, and reading all 7 pages is weird business. How many missions are planned? What's the current status of campaign?
  23. Hello! There are some games, in steam, which are distributed for free. Maybe there is a point to submit Darkmod as a free title into steam library? Millions of players will see this project, there will be steam installation process and etc. Sorry if you already discussed this topic and i’ve missed the party.
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