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  1. The end-user license agreements of most softwares prohibit "reverse-engineering, decompiling, modifying...for any use other than your own" or something to that extent.


    Which if I'm not mistaken does not say anything about creating from scratch, with similarities (sometimes strong) to the original map. :-)

  2. I've been thinking about this too.


    Of course, a straight-out copy may be copyright infringement.

    But, taking for example Angelwatch, and changing parts of it (both shapes and textures) so that it's tailored to some rich noble or mage, rather than the (of course non-existant) mechanists, shouldn't that be pretty much okay?


    That includes changing the name to Skywatch or something.

  3. Create entity > darkmod > ragdoll then select the one you want. Place it approximately where you want it to fall. You can't pose it like in Thief as far as I know so it falls as ragdoll.


    [EDIT] Now added to wiki :)



    A dead city watch ragdoll fits nicely into this first map I'm making (largely based on tutorial map). I'm thinking of having it as an object to get him to a certain area for mission to complete, but maybe I should wait for such stuff until the objectives editor is finished?



    By the way. The "thug" I created in this tutorial has a large black cube instead of a head. Is it a genetic defect, or do I have to do something more than just create the NPC?

    I followed the tutorial instructions...

  4. Seems like a good way to do it. Thanks for drawing.


    Although, if the open door does not have a parallell wall so close, and the wall that the door is set into is thicker than the door, then either the overlapping is easy to spot, or the frame needs to be placed a bit into the wall-surface (creating an odd niche).


    That's kind of the problem I have. But I think I'll just make little "corridors", like yours, for the time being.

  5. Is there any way to make it so that doors don't overlap the wall on the hinge-side, when they open?

    I'm referring now to the small area that the door doesn't overlap when closed.


    It seems as if one must make that part of the wall half as thin as the door, to prevent it from happening. Something that looks strange since this makes the door stand out. in an unnatural fashion.


    If I'm being unclear or confusing please tell me, and I'll try to illustrate with some screenshots.

  6. I understand. Now it works flawlessly.



    EDIT: Maybe should add it to the tutorial, since it isn't apparent, for a person with no background in level-making, that the pointfile is renewed after dmapping. I didn't think "pointfile" in "File" was a switch, but that it itself checked for leaks.


    Just a thought.

  7. Indeed, I changed the grid size around. That must have been the problem.


    Although, now I made a room entirely within 8 grid setting, and precisely according to the tutorial. But there is still a leak.





    I also snapped the surfaces to the grid, just to be sure, but the pointfile is still there.


    EDIT: Also retextured every brush, but that didn't solve it. And using "caulk" didn't show anything hidden. Just a plain color background and the word "caulk".

  8. Clumsily, I deleted the room to make a brand new one instead and see if it worked. I quicksaved though, and don't have any backup of the previous room.


    The "leak" problem occurred when I moved each individual part of the old room from a position that was too far away from the small room.


    But now when I've constructed a by-the-book room in the right place, there is still a leak. Screenshot asap.

  9. Thanks, will try what you said.


    The texture is blocks_mixed_multicolour.



    One other thing. I did the "curtain thing" with the wall where the door is, so that if I hide the door then I can see right through into the other room, in the camera view and grid view.

    But when I load the map and open the door, the wall is still there, but I can walk right through it. Any idea what that can be?

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