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  1. Pollee

    More movements?

    Ahoj, jsem Čech, ne Češka. Dobře, že na tom pracuje taky někdo od nás, středoevropská architektura tomu určitě přidá na kráse. Více nás tu není?
  2. Pollee

    More movements?

    I tried already, and was completely satisfied with those smooth motions . The only thing I don't like is the sound of steps, it sounds like clicking of shoes with heels and that is not acceptable for any thief. I know that there has to be some surface differentiation, but it could be more moderate. However it's only a small detail.
  3. Pollee

    More movements?

    If you ask any real thief, what does he need in his job, it would not be an acrobatics nor some wild jumping, becouse it is too noisy and noticeable. I don't know what movements are already included in TDM, but I thing that the most appropriate improovments would be in a creepage. I mean some silent and crafty ways how to get over obstructions without any useless exhibitions. For example this skill is cool. Or lower down from wall to get closer to ground was many times usefull even for me to get down from height. I don't know how to express it with my english. I mean this process, but reversed. Also crawling on belly or crawling through a thin manhole would not be bad. As well move hanging hand over hand along a horizontal rope or ledge is wery thievish, but I guess it might be a problem with mentioned invisible hands. Anyway the last video on TDM webpage demonstrates, that those moves are already very impressive.
  4. It seems that you have a nice terrain outside. I dont have any idea how to do those natural roughnesses, is there any topic or wiki article about this matter?
  5. You can do that in the program (driver) which controls the video card, ussualy there is a button for that purpose. That is like updating of your antivirus, it finds those actualizations itself.
  6. I only let the driver to find the actualization itself, then restart. That is why I am so ashamed.
  7. I am relly stupid and sorry for wasting your time. It needed only the actualization of the card, now it works. Thanks for your advices.
  8. The video card is ordinary. I have "mobile intel r 965 express chipset family", driver is "Intel r Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile". Should I try to change the driver? It doesnt seem to be crashed. Everything looks fine, but I cant see anything. By the way TDM works surprisingly quite well.
  9. Ahoy, I have a problem with DR on my laptop with Vista. I cant see anything in 3D and also grid view, it is white. On my other PC with XP is everithing OK. I dont know what is wrong. Could it be becouse of the Vista? Please, give me an advice.
  10. Hi, I am just curious about this church in the TDM initialization screen. Does someone know whether it is the same church like in this picture? Svaty Kopecek I am asking becouse that is just where I live, so I would by really glad if it was somehow included in The Dark Mod.
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