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  1. Liked it but like all thief fms that are too big for a single sitting, I'll probably never finish it. It's somehow hard for me to get back into a mission after dropping it. Hammerite journal was one of the best I've read.
  2. I agree, some of the movements from Mirror's Edge would fit right in thief, like the edge grabbing. Wallrun feels kinda silly in thief, but for example the slide & slide kick would also fit thief perfectly.
  3. NWN1 has a massive amount of SP fms, over 1k in nwvault alone. Not to mention equally huge amount of custom content created by the community.
  4. Again, I don't have any technical issues whatsoever regarding the fonts, my only problem is that some of the THE FONTS THEMSELVES are very hard to read. Example It's pretty hard to read text like that especially when it's few pages, even more so if it's in old english with weird words. The pic you posted is very clear and easy to read even when it's blurred, but there were at least two books or notes in the map that I just couldn't make any sense of because of the font.
  5. Must have missed it. I tried the balcony door but twas locked, the key was on the guard? I checked after I jacked him but didn't see it. I actually mean the actual font the text is written, like the note in the bar right at start. I could hardly read it because I couldn't understand the letters because of the poor handwriting (font). Also the holy scripture book in the church main hall I just gave up on trying because the font was too dracula-like.
  6. I really enjoyed this, I already want to replay it again Btw it would be great if there was a "delete bind" key in the options. Oh and some of the book/note fonts are just unreadable, I really wish they were more clear although I understand it's good for realism. As for level design, I wished there were more entry points, it was pretty linear, at first I wanted to enter the church via the balcony but the door was locked. Then again it looked so pretty and it's a completely new level so it's a minor thing really. Also if I click on the 16:10 aspect ratio, the resolutions don't change to 16:10 or 16:9 ones, even though I restart the game. So all in all my biggest gripes were with the options screen (had to set almost everything through the .cfg file), although ofc things like animations etc need improving. Loved the feel of the controls, run speed could be just a tad faster. Voice overs were really good quality-wise, although I wish we had a new garret here somewhere with a grungy voice
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