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  1. Yes, exciting news, always good to see a campaign being worked on. =) And yeah, releasing each mission as it's completed is a wise way to handle the matter. It allows players to enjoy it and give feedback and maybe some good ideas, some might even want to pitch in and help out. =) Best wishes on the project.
  2. I'm glad they never made that one. Garrett is now in a modern city among neon signs wearing a sweat shirt? Yuck. =P I mean if they want to make a stealth game in a current city, etc., fine, but don't try to call it Thief and stick Garrett in it, call it something else. Thief is set in that old English medieval / steam punk setting that is unique to the game, a time when the use of torches, candles and oil lamps is a daily necessity for everyone, with just a touch of steam and simple early technology here and there for the very wealthy; it's a signature part of the whole Thief experience. It would be like trying to turn Dishonored 2 (I think the first game is excellent, can't wait for the sequel, hope they don't mess it up =) ) into a game with Mac-10 wielding bad guys set in New York with shoot outs at the Empire State Building, a hideous thought, hehe. =P
  3. He probably was busy with various things and it just slipped his mind. I'm sure he'd like The Dark Mod, it's very Thiefy... Anyhow, I sure do hope they will end up making the next Thief game, that would be a dream for Thief fans and sure to boost sales.
  4. I think they are just acknowledging that currently they don't have the rights to Thief. And with the new Thief game having just come out, it's not likely the publisher is going to turn around to OtherSide and say, "Here, take the rights to Thief back, we're done with it, you go make all future Thief games!", as awesome as that would be, hehe. On the other hand, maybe one day they'd hire them to craft the next Thief game in the correct style, and with an appropriate budget, even if the publisher retained the overall rights for now. It would certainly be an extremely popular choice among Thief fans, and get quite a bit of attention in the game magazines and such, the original Thief team is back together (partly, anyway) to make the next Thief game and all that, and so good for marketing.
  5. A big thanks and round of applause to The Dark Mod team and the Thief fan mission makers for the huge amount of effort that has gone into making the TDM one of the best computer game mods ever! Personally, I think the only thing that really compares with it in fps game mods is the Black Mesa Half-Life 1 recreation mod for Half-Life 2, and that's saying something.
  6. That's excellent, saxmeister, some of the best guard voice work I've ever heard! After making a few runs of each phrase and hand-picking the best recordings of each (which I take it is standard procedure when doing game voice work), these and any other guard phrases which might be needed should definitely be included in the next TDM version as among the official guard voices that can be chosen by Thief fan mission authors, they are that good.
  7. That would be cool to have The Dark Mod officially listed as a supported game in GeForce Experience. As far as promoting the TDM, the recent contest connected with the release of the new Thief game was a great promotion. Having TDM officially directly associated with the promotion and launch of a new Thief game is a very big deal, and shows just how highly TDM is thought of even by the team that made the new Thief game, and also how popular and well thought of it is with Thief fans.
  8. I think being able to save anywhere you want is a game function, in other words, a function of The Dark Mod itself, and fan mission makers shouldn't be deciding what Dark Mod functions will be altered or changed during a mission. Fan mission designers can make the missions more or less challenging in many ways already, but altering what standard functions of TDM (like saving anywhere) that you can use is another matter altogether. Having said that, *if* it were something totally optional that could be activated in the game menu for missions which are designed to support that type of saving as an alternate play style for more difficulty or whatever reason (but the mission will still work and play fine without activating the limited saves option in the game menu), then I guess that would be ok.
  9. Was wondering how the voice recordings have been going, since it's been some time now, are there new sets for all the types and varieties of guards, nobles and so on? Any recent expansions on the voice sets, perhaps more variations and such? Just curious, what I've heard so far sounds great.
  10. Really cool to see the concept sketches and screen shots. And I have to say I love the main menu with the icey blue moonlight streaming in the window at night, sooo thiefy... feels like looking out a medieval window onto the city. =) If anyone with access to that shot or a similar one wants to make an alternate background image mod for the current main menu, that would be really cool. By the way, I understand why some prefer the current sort of parchment look, which I think is nice, too. But that blue moonlight at night coming through that old window... it's like something right out of a mission. I can almost hear the cathedral's bell ringing, perhaps for some special holiday night time service, and closer to the window, people come and go from nearby taverns and guards patrol the streets, so nice...
  11. The good news is that we have the real sequel to B:AC on the way, Batman: Arkham Knight. Apparenly it's going to be huge, far bigger than Arkham City, the biggest game ever made by Rocksteady, so it should be fantastic for Batman to brood from the rooftops as he stalks the entirety of Gotham.
  12. Congratulations, a victory for Moonbo and The Dark Mod!
  13. I'd kick in to help get it on Steam so tons of new players could easily get to play The Dark Mod. The more Thief fans, the better.
  14. Voted. Nice to see a Dark Mod entry in the finalists, hope you win in your category.
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