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  1. Displacement or refraction or what you want to call it tends to come with some depth issues, how would a couple of these on a shelf look?
  2. I think typically people who do a glass effect do a transparent shader with a strong specular reflection but make sure the amount of transparency doesn't apply to the specular highlights (multiply or whatever) and there is alsoe the case for doing a fresnel typ deal with a cube map, that also doesn't really get as transparent as the main texture. Now if this is doable in this engine I have no clue, but I know typically refraction is a real pain to work with, and a lot of times isn't as necessary as one might imagine.
  3. Attempted this one four times over now without beating it, I do recognise though that it is very well made, and to be fair I have never been especially good at clicking things the right time and quickly slipping by people-business, but it sure gives a thrill! I'd have one complaint with regards to the structure of it, with the tools you are given at the start, it's difficult to plan how and when to use them as it isn't immediately clear how very large this mission is, or what kind of situation you can expect to come across. I used the gas arrow on three guards on the first floor and also wasted my water arrows before I knew about the very tricked out guards on floor two the first time I played. The scaling of difficulty as you approach the finer areas in the building is a very good tool of communicating how you are getting deeper into where you shouldn't be. There is great use of carried torches and areas without blind spots, and you really need to think and use all you can get your hands on to get through them, either that or be very good at using a sword! I gave the mission good-to-excellent ratings, even though I can't seem to finish it, and I hope that tells you just how impressed I am!
  4. This sounds like an aspect ratio problem I've been having, The world isn't completely insane after the latest Catalyst updates, but it looks very squeezed together, almost like the screen is supposed to be many times larger! This only applies to the 3D world, the light gem is fine. Also it only applies at certain resolutions, sadly those are the same resolutions I can run without the game sticking a couple centimetres outside the sides of the screen. My aspect Ratio is 16:9 and it is set to that in game, so I don't understand what's wrong. I'd gladly record a video of it if I had enough space for that. I don't have a single gigabyte free at the moment.
  5. I got an update for Catalyst today, does anyone know if there's something new I should try to get this to work, because I don't know if I simply am super retarded or what, but I just can't figure this shit out.
  6. Says in Windows I have the 8.902.0.0 Drivers for my Radeon HD6790 (really good card I might add, my friends saved up for it as a b-day gift since I was stuck on 6 years old parts.)
  7. Putting it down to performance doesn't help for me, still reversed screen with post processing, and reversed sky without.
  8. That bergen thing is fantastic Jesps!

  9. I thought that was made by Dram back in the days. It's cool map, you should finish it.
  10. I'd totally be in on this if I had the time to learn DR, I have many years of mapping experience for other things, so I may come on the team later on when I have more free time.
  11. My computer begs for mercy just looking at the detail in this map, but god damn, I will play through it!
  12. I'm not sure if this thing has been mentioned, but couldn't you use TreeD? http://www.frecle.net/index.php?show=treed.about
  13. I still am not really getting this editor, but I'm slowly getting there, I just learned how to make non hovering viewports, and I made my first red prism!
  14. I can not imagine either why the pointed single vertex could be problematic. Will the shadow be inverted because it's too slim or what could possibly happen? (not that that should be able to happen) The idea with double rings was a thing I was going to suggest earlier, it will probably look just as good as on the wall lamp, which is really good.
  15. You can't not like avocados man. Come on!
  16. Having those arches over the windows sit tight in the wall isntead of having a box shaped crop-out would probably be a good idea for aesthetics, I don't know if there's any vertex manipulation in dark radiant though, but it probably isn't too hard. EDIT- Really loving that fire escape by the way! I have never seen any of those in real life so they always seem cool to me.
  17. Thank you manipulative orwellian nightmare Sotha! So, I am usually a half-life mapper as stated in the past, and when I tried Radiant last I didn't understand a thing (although I didn't give it much time) But I am thinking of going back now that I've finished all the half-life maps I had been working on, and getting annoyed over maximum patch sizes and other stupid lighting bollocks, and also the new effects are looking absolutely lovely! So, is it easy to do the switch?
  18. It looks pretty nice in thee stairs, all these planks have only four corners so it doesn't end up looking black everywehere, and besides, they often interesct with eachother so that it makes sense, or they are large enough to look okay anyway because the grime gets marginalised with size.
  19. Well the pillars look far better now I must say. And regardless of howit looks your missions absolutely never dissapoint anyway!
  20. Yeah, sorry about that, reading through the last page I noticed many different people commented on this, in some ways far better than I. (Concave edges just pinned what I meant)
  21. This is late, but I think the wooden pillars/supports by the bed suffer from the grime shader really. It would, to me, make more sense if it was only to be used when there is something around it to accumulate dirt/cast shadows/etc.. After all, it seems to mostly provide a form of mappers-choice Ambient Occlusion.
  22. Well it definitely looks like you're heading the right way with it. One thing that could get a little shaved is the circular mount on the top. The edges on the bottom cross could probably become a little bit flatter too without getting severely stumped. I guess you already knew all those though.
  23. Oooh Fidcal missions are always something to enjoy!
  24. Well it sounds sensible. Although I'm still more into the whole idea of religion being a good thing actually. If you look at what jesus stood for it's pretty nice, he was the very incarnation of "Do no harm, be kind, forget and forgive." And that's about as good as it gets.
  25. I have no personal run-ins with relgious homosexual-hate, so the world as I've seen it hasn't given them any bad rep here. personally I think it has to do with gender attitudes. Men are quite often fascinated by masculinity, probably because it symbolises a greater chance to get a partner. Since sex drive is quite natural it is therefore a highly encouraged trait to "be a man". but what is masculinity really? It seems to be about being able to make drastic decisions, to be able to defend yourself, and to gain power. Another mportant aspect is "to not be feminine" This seems to be the main reason for gay hate where I live. You simply aren't a man if you don't want to have sex with women. Complications arise since you are not a woman, so you are not worthy of their affection, and you are not a man either, since your masculinity is flawed. You will be looked down on by the other men, as being "the better man" is something they've always been told to be, they genuinely believe they are of more worth than the more "feminine" gay man. The same way men often seem to belive they are of more worth than women. I don't know if I make much sense here, but it's what I think. Masuclinity is revolting.
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