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  1. hi guys,


    great new version! but i have one annoying problem: every 2minutes (sometimes even just 30secs) the gamma changes to a very dark picture. if i click at the gamma-bar in the menu and move the value a tiny bit, it gets back to normal.

    it doesent matter if im ingame or just in the menu. i played every official version of tdm and i didnt change anything about my system and i never had this problem before.


    any idea?

  2. i can't believe you were a virgin :)

    great gameplay and appearance :)

    it would be a perfect mission if the story wouldn't be average. but i would give it 9 out of 10 points :)


    i don't know much about mapping, but i hope there will be a new version with a performance tweaked market place. i also tried the mission on a very new and expensive gaming computer of a friend of mine and still the frame rate dropped extremely.



    a big f*ck you for the spider :) i knew what would happen and still i almost pissed my pants. great stuff :)


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