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  1. In 2.05 alt tab is finally fixed! Thank you TDM devs for this.
  2. This is your first mission?! I`m stunned by high quality of this FM.Great visuals and gameplay and optimisation too! Very liked the vents system,hidden objectives and references to other missions(Dufford,Mandrasola).And even makes appearance! I want to thank you Ball(and Bikerdude) for making this great mission!
  3. Yest,i don`t like ghosting but rest of the mission is really awesome! I especially liked .Also my zealous protagonist is great with his actions and voice acting! I cannot wait to see your next mission. And sorry for my bad english.
  4. Playing right now and all is great exept one thing.Ghosting(or limited knockouts)should be optional.In this mission it makes no sense for objective "no unnesecary violence" because both peasants and plague mask people do the same thing(atacking the monastery).
  5. I agree with Mixthoor.Items are hardly visible on NPCs belts and (optional)auto loot bodies should be really useful.
  6. Like Sotha said Let sleeping theves lie is the best.
  7. Very good looking forest in that screen Bikerdude.Any ETA for this FM? Because i want new FM badly.
  8. Thx for answering Mortem and Fidcal.Your arguments are good and i understand if TDM does`nt have that option.I just adapt to this. And you right Fidcal.Auto loot is in T2.
  9. "There was no auto loot bodies for Thief 1 or 2" No,there IS auto loot bodies in T1 and T2.I am sure. "One problem with adding this to the Dark Mod is that it's possible to have multiple items on a guards belt, so if both were automatically looted you wouldn't know what you'd picked up." Make auto loot 1 item picked per click and show picked item in the inventory in bottom right corner.If picked item is weapon arrows let your character equip it. "I'm fine with having to pick up individual items off a belt" Ofc some people dont like auto loot and i perfectly understand this,make it optional. "Did you know that if you pick up the body (by right clicking and then pressing the 'use' button to shoulder the body), it will be turned around when you drop the body again?" Yes,i know that,thx but i prefer auto loot option.
  10. Splash screen is still stretched without this addon,TDM staff pls fix this tiny issue too. Meanwhile i`ll stay with my addon.
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