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  1. Don't want it to turn into Hitman:Contracts though. *shudder* Sin City:esque is better, and actually what I suggested for the campaign back when we where discussing it. (Yes, that was before the movie came out. I'm awsome like that)
  2. Merry christmas! Have a good one all of you
  3. I kinda like the fast walk though. It might be hard to catch up with him I guess, but isn't that a good thing? Maybe the elite guards should move quicker than normal guards?
  4. Yep, it looks great. Hey, how come you guys can see this video? Or does it also flickers for you?
  5. Xvid is not exactly new and shiny. It's almost a standard nowadays, and of course you can play it on W2K.
  6. Hum, download it here instead: Media Player Classic (What's up with sourceforge? I've always been able to download exe files there before.. Very strange..) Edit: Aha, seems like it's only the latest release that's packaged with z7 (whatever that is) Choose the second latest one, and download the mpc2kxp6486.zip file
  7. It's just a collection of codecs. It's handy so that you don't have to download all the xvid and divx versions separately. Download Media Player Classic and see if you can play the file with that one. (It's only an .exe, you don't have to install it)
  8. Works fine for me. But I liked the pixel version! I've always been a fan of pixelart, heh. As for the animation, looks fine to me. And for all you people who can't watch it, just download ffdshow or something. It includes all the divx and xvid codecs. Never had a problem with it. (Oh, and it doesn't work in Windows Media Player for me. But I use Media Player Classic for video playback, and it works fine there.)
  9. I like the gold one best too. I kinda like the "welcome home" tagline as well. But I don't know anything about Silent Hill so it might be totally inappropriate. This was a fun contest, I wish I could participate! I made one anyway, just for the hell of it. Turned out more like some bizarre modern piece of art ala Stanley Donwood than a movie poster though artsy and a variation After looking through the photos, I think they should go with this one myself. Not so much horror but it's got a great deserted/spooky feel.
  10. I have had no problems whatsoever with any games with my LCD. Everything runs perfectly smooth. It's also a lot easier on the eyes (as in no eyestrain), and it fits on my desk. Honestly I would never go back to a CRT again, even if they have slightly better image quality.
  11. Best post ever! (I uploaded a tiled on here. It's great )
  12. pakmannen


    Is that douglas adams in the center?
  13. The current ones are crap, but honestly I don't think these ones are that much of an improvement. (Even if there should definately be some rustling like you added). I know you just said they where made to ease the annoyance but I'm not gonna bother commiting them to CVS. If people wanna use them just download/replace ok?
  14. GIMP screen You want to use the tools in the upper left corner. Second from the left looks like the circle select tool. The magic wand (fourth from the left) is of course a great tool, play around with it and you'll soon learn what it does.
  15. What program are you using? There should be a number of select tools, including a circle select and maybe a wand tool etc.
  16. Or simply reverse the alphamap if you created it the other way around.
  17. I have no problem with it visually. Only logically Nah, it's not a big deal. It might add some programming work to have more lists, and it will probably be trickier to make the gui if the lists are supposed to size-adjust based on how many items are in them etc. But other than that there's no real problem with having the lists separate. Only a matter of personal preferences.
  18. Yep, black=transparent, white=opaque. Make sure you save the TGA as 32bit as well.
  19. That's why you should only be able to sell them for very little money. I'm not saying this is a great idea, but I'm not sure if it is actually nessecary to have both a "purchased items" and "starging gear" list. It's more logical to me to have a "inventory" and a "for sale" list. And the selling starting equipment for 1 piece of gold is just a way to eliminate the need of programming an extra button.
  20. How about being able to sell your starting equipment, but you'd only get 1 gold or something for each item. (As in they are "used" items). No need for a drop key, and it would solve the dropping things by accident thing.
  21. The latest version of the GIMP looks pretty powerful, but I have never gotten around to learn it. Paint Shop Pro is a good (cheap) substitute for Photoshop.
  22. So what should we do when we want to upload a new version of a binary file then?
  23. Yeah I suppose. Then we'll need a list of all the items in the game I guess. (I realise some aren't even designed yet, like the arrows) Napalm, where are you hiding? Can you confirm that all the ideas we're having here can be done? (Scaling text, scroll arrows etc)
  24. Oh, if we can do that I suppose it's no big problem. Scaling the text would be preferable, since a "scroll-bar" would be, as I think I said before, a little out of place. (But I have no problem doing them if the scaling turns out to either not work, or looks like crap) And what if you purchase all the items? Then the list on the left page would be too large. Plus leaving one page the same when you flip is.. wrong.. But, if we can do the scaling/scrollbar thing, this is unimportant. About the 3D-model, again it would be unwise to include painted pictures (even if it would look better) since FM authors would have to create pictures in the same style if they add their own objects. But if this was (is?) not an issue, I'd personally go with only painted pictures.
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