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    Scrotzan: I'm the sound lead, which means I get to boss around people.
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    Moved this over here to avoid the fury of Sparhawk.. Tjena! Än så länge är det bara jag själv i teamet, men det finns nog ett par svennar bland civilbefolkningen. Plus modetwo, serverkillen, är norsk, så det räknas ju nästan.
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    That's weird, my folder is only ~350 megs.. Or are you talking about other things than the mod directly from cvs?
  4. Yes, ingame surface = GUI. We'll have to check that out.
  5. Napalm said it might be possible, but often they seem use kind of a stillimage slide-show between tga's to animate certain simple things. But the thing is, you can rotate and transform and change opacity of tgas with GUI scripting, so I'm hoping it will be possible to do as many things as possible like that.
  6. Thanks Spring! I'll see if I can work with that. (Though it just struck me that I could have patched together four copies of my parchment into a big one.. bah) I'm starting to doubt if it is at all possible to get a prerendered animation into the GUIs. They only seem to have options for adding TGAs and LWO models. Odd: I thought about using that text effect actually. I would be a good option if the "burn/smoke" thing doesn't work out.
  7. Found this: "The background parameter can also point to a shader/material if you want a scrolling, pulsating, deforming or rotating background images" How would you do a shader that does this?
  8. Spring: That link wont work, even if I replace ftp with http. And I can't access the FTP to search for it so could you fix the link? Odd: I told you I suck at video compression I just compiled it with the cinepak or whatever. I like the fade out/in effect in the edges of Odds video, but I still think I prefer my version of the clock. About the title: I think it should be there when you boot Doom3. Not nessecarily when you load a mission, but I haven't really thought about that screen yet. I'm doing the bootup first and we'll try to get it ingame and figure that part out.
  9. I gotta head out for a few hours, but I'm uploading a clip (18megs) to my ftp now. Should be uploaded about 10 minutes after I post this. Here's the link
  10. Weird, my AE6.5 wont open it. Maybe I need to install the latest divx codec. Didn't Tyrot create a 3D clock for the first trailer? Edit - That did the trick. I'll see if I can have an animated verison up today
  11. How did that look in Thief? I can't remember
  12. Yeah I know, but I still think it could work as the "standard" loadscreen, if they don't create a picture themselves.
  13. I'm really starting to like this new combo. I think it would be perfect for normal mission loading as well. Weird, I don't get that. Spar: About the placement, I prefer it in the center since the composition is more balanced that way, and I think it looks better overall, but I can do a version with the title higher up if you want to.
  14. I thought the same I couldn't open it with AE, otherwise I could have animated it. What codec is it saved with Odd? Oh, and this is intended to be the splash/startup/load screen, hence the "initializing menus" text which appears when you fire up Doom 3 Edit - Oh, you mean the splashscreen when you pop in the CD? Otherwise I'm not quite sure what you mean.
  15. We probably want different sounds for when you are swimming under water.
  16. Wow! I'm gonna have to try this out! About the sheathe sounds, I think it would be a good thing to add enough of a delay (1 sec) so that the sound can finish. Even when we switch that sound to a better one it's still not going to be longer than about one second.
  17. The gears and such are awsome. I'm not sure about the numbers though. They look a bit too alien. (But maybe you didn't create this?) If we could incorporate this into the sepia style it might turn out great.
  18. The loading screen doesn't really fit with the other screens since it is done in a slightly different style, and was made much later etc. It might be possible to tweak it around a bit. I'll try adding the city in the background as suggested. Spring: Do you have a high-res copy of the gear in the logo? And also, do you have a high-res picture of a parchment/paper. The one I have been using for the background looks like this: Res: a whopping 461x346! Doesn't look very good when stretched to 1024x768... I tried some different things with the text here (another "gear" as well since the other was so low-res): (another version here)
  19. I'm not sure we want to have the entire backgrounds as movie files. They would be huge since we're doing them in 1024x768. Spring: I meant all the screens, including the loading, startup, restart etc. I don't think we ever did any concepts for them. And then we have the mod-specific screens such as view objectives, purchase screens etc. You can grab the psd's here: Main menu Settings Loading I would suggest starting with the loadingscreen, since it's the easiest to (re)do (in high-res), and we can try out some stuff with animating the background and maybe the clock and stuff. And when we know how to create these effects and get them into Doom 3, we can start working on the more complicated main menu screens. (burning smokin text sounds cool!)
  20. According to Napalm there are several ways to animate things in a GUI and before we decide how to do it, I'm guessing we want to create pretty detailed/high-res concepts (animated) first, and then figure out how to best get them into Doom 3. Also, a complete set of which screens we need would be good. Edit - Oh, and is it maybe possible to use blendmodes from within the GUI editor? I noticed you could do fadeins and such, and if you could do different blendmodes that would solve a lot of problems
  21. Odd: That aint smoke. Just a copy of the background rotating with another blendmode set. Is evolution/fractal noise something you can do with 3d anims? Goldfish: Not sure. I guess we should talk about it. Me and napalm talked a little on IRC last night. Maybe we could have a short meeting there someday? I'm guessing you will need the assets etc if you want to experiment a little yourself. Spring: Yes, I have all three saved as psd files. Saved in CS and about 3-4 megs each. Want me to upload them?
  22. So maybe I could get some help from Goldfish and see what we come up with? He sure knows AE a lot better than I do. And people should post their tweaking ideas and stuff as well I guess.
  23. I think that's what skyportals are for. And yes, they are in Doom 3 version 1.3 which we recently merged to.
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