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    Oh, we have sparrowhawks around here. Pretty birds.
  2. Nah, it's good english practice to try and explain this.. Should be fun.
  3. Aww, so I have to formulate this crap again? Well alright
  4. So should we go with environmental instead of nature/manmade?
  5. Whops, meant the "bear pits" of course. That's great NH! Can't wait to hear it! Oh, maybe you should ask Tyrot if he wants the new trailer's music released as well?
  6. Wait a minute.. Does that mean no-cd fixes patches work?
  7. Once everything is sorted out with reorgs/merges etc I will sit down and make some kind of priority list for both sfx and ambient.
  8. So I was thinking, now that the reorg is almost complete, and every sound made so far is about to go up on cvs.. maybe time for another soundtrack (released in the same go as the video)? There were a bunch of tracks that didn't make the last one due to coming in too late, and since then (May I think) we've gotten a fair amount of new ones as well. Also, since everyone was naggin about it last time, maybe we should do some sort of background/hum collage to go with the more stand alone tracks as well. And I'm thinking of putting in a few sfx as well (talked about it last time but never got around to do it). Oh, and I've got a KICKASS cover picture!* What would be totally awsome: If New Horizon could record some kind of conversation with one/two actor(s), sorta like the Bear bits or something. Would that be possible? Just for fun you know, not too serious.. More to show off the quality than the content, if you get what I mean. *compromising material of beloved founding father
  9. Ahem, again, check this thread to see the status of SFX. To answer your question directly, no, we don't have any sounds like that yet. We have a few impact_wooden sounds, but that's it. I'm thinking of slapping nature/manmade together and call it "environmental". I think that is the correct term for describing sounds coming from the environment as opposed to being "music" or whatever. Would that be easier to understand for people?
  10. I think binary files will be deleted for everyone if I remove them from CVS. I have done it in the past and I think it worked. I guess we'll see what happens.. Heh
  11. Heh, jo, jag bossar runt över kanske 4-5 personer som gör musik och ljudeffekter. Själv gör jag mest effekter, så jag hade bara en låt med på soundtracket tyvärr. Svårt att hinna med.. Tror jag ska slänga in några ljudeffekter på volym 2, så jag får glänsa lite. Nothin going on here folks. No plotting for world domination or anything, promise
  12. Booring is the word. Yes, it a remove/reupload operation we're talking about. Unfortunately I haven't been able to log onto the FTP for a long time (which is really odd, since I work with other FTP sites almost daily, and never had this problem before) but I don't think I will have any trouble uploading it with CVS. I'm more concerned for all the other poor team-members who are facing quite a huge download
  13. Bara jag från Sverige (Varberg) Modetwo (killen som har servern med forumet) är norsk, så han fattar vad vi säger..
  14. Nämen tjenare tjenare, vart kommer du ifrån då?
  15. pakmannen


    A few cool things have happened. Not only did I finish the reorganization, which now looks like this: ambientsambience nature technology [*]sfx game movement tools world But I have also written soundshaders for every single sound! Haha! Man that was booring, but now it's done, and I'm all happy. But that's not enough! I also went through every single ambient sound I had lying around on my computer, and included them in the new folderstructure (renaming/fixing broken loops etc) as well! That means every sound submitted so far will be put on CVS once the merge is complete (including top-hits like: darkwood, alienbirds, clockwork, defiled church and many more!). EVERY ONE! You know how many that is? 169(!) And 99 SFX, so 268 files in total! 104megs!
  16. I can see why people would get confused, this thread has gotten really really complicated.. But I think I have sorted most things out by now.
  17. The folderstructure: ambient ambience hums nature technology [*]sfx game movement tools world [*]voices mess (no, just kiddin) I'll write a more detailed one later, with some sample sounds
  18. Fer crying out loud! Footsteps = soundeffects, sounds added by us in the code, not by mappers with the leveleditor. I even explained it on the previous page! (I realize that the words sfx/ambient are not used perfectly correctly, since a sound of a bird is also a soundeffect but I classify it as an ambient. Still, we had to call them something, and me and NH decided on those names way back in the beginning) If you want to see the folderstructure of the sfx, check This thread Oh, when I say hums, I don't mean machine hums (which could have just as likely been named machine_sounds etc). Manmade and nature are the sounds that imitate real world objects, such as birds, rain, machines etc. This new folder on the other hand, is for the sounds that are just there to enhance the atmosphere or mood of the level. They are not tied to a certain object. So I'm not sure "compositions" would work, since it seems to indicate more melodious things (as you said yourself) but most of these sounds are just simple backround mood enhancers. I hope I'm making myself clear.. This is quite hard for me to explain, can't seem to find the right words. I'll post listings of the complete folder structure later. Promise!
  19. Some suggestions for the third folder, with the music/tunes/hums: - mood - atmosphere - background - music "Background" is probably not a good idea since the other ambients also can be considered to be background sounds. And music isn't really fitting either. So mood or atmosphere based on that list. Any other suggestions? Edit - now that I think about it, I guess the other sounds can also be described as "mood" or "atmosphere" sounds.. Bah..
  20. Ishtvan, I have made some of the shader files now, is this what you wanted? (Attached the movement shader) Edit - Hm, seems I can't attach shaders or txt files. What kind of files can you attach? Oh well, here's a snipped out of the shader:
  21. How about "civilization" or something that describes the world of man?
  22. Looking up synonyms I find: - artifical - man-made - hand-made - device - non-natural - mechanical Maybe devices?
  23. I don't think we should use "human", since everyone will think footsteps/voices are contained within.. Boy this is hard.. Most of the sounds are machine sounds, but then we have a few chains, electricity, bells and clocks.. I don't think they justify having a new folder. There must be a good word that sums up things built/constructed by man.
  24. Yeah maybe. I'm not a native english speaker and thus "artifical" (sounding much like a word in my own language) is a word I relate to more than "man-made", but I should probably just listen to you..
  25. I'm on a roll today! Finished that folder + soundshader (named it artifical for now, but I could easily change that with a little search&replace)
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