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  1. Yeah, i made the noise-maker according to Thief's artwork.
  2. Okey, I uploaded the soundeffects I've made so far for the Thief2D project on the FTP. I'm going to be able to start making some new ones next week (hopefully).
  3. I believe this mod is divided in two sections: First, the mod itself (with all the models/textures etc) so that people can make Thief fan missions. Second, we are probably going to do some kind of campaign, which I think (and hope!) will be something original (with a style more towards the Victorian era).
  4. Heh, yeah, I don't normally use crappy speakers for my sound and music needs. I'm getting a new computer soon, and I wont bother to rig my things up again before I get it. I could post the sfx I've made for Thief2D though. Thief2D Music This is a little almost-done music thing for a movie or something. I'll put the sound effects on the FTP once I get a chance.
  5. Hello. To answer your question reagarding equipment: I'm using a PC, with a Terratec Aureon 7.1 Universe sound card. Cubase SX + VST instruments for music and yes, I also use Goldwave. You can probably upload the files to the Dark Mod FTP server, there is a thread about it where the passwords etc are. I should probably upload the SFX I've done for the Thief2D project there as well. And regarding your samples, some of it sounds good, though I really can't tell since I'm sitting with some really crappy speakers right now.
  6. Ah.. Carleton is one of my favourite fonts. Oh, Darkness Falls, try this link: Thief fonts
  7. So, are we going to use the same design-document for this one?
  8. Did someone mention SFX? Well, you know you can count me in. In fact, why don't we (Fingernail, you know what I'm talking about) cross develop all our SFX for both The Dark Mod and Thief2D? Since I guess they're both going to need the same sounds.
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