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  1. Indeed. No hard feelings taking since I did dissapear from posting for quite a while waiting for what I needed, although I've been checking at least a couple times a week. Mostly I was waiting from any sort of actual confirmation of what needed done from the leadership, but apparently that wasn't the best idea. Anyways, whever he pops in if he needs any help I'll be glad to help out some, I don't know how far along he got on the actual menu but I have pretty far along main menus and some inteface stuff.

    Things have been turbulent to say the least, but we're dealing with it. I'll PM you the details once we have a plan of how to proceed. Sounds good?

  2. Clock looks pretty good Oddity, but these last screens with the ingame shots on the sides are not that great. The forest/city got way more character. (Also, why are you using the low-res parchment backdrop? There is a high-res version in the first post of this thread)


    Also, I'm still not convinced doing the GUI as a video file is at all a good solution. Explain to me how the FM author will customize the level loading GUI with his own screenshot? It's simply not possible. There is not one GUI in Doom made like this, so why are we doing it? A simple animated model of the clock would be better, wouldn't it? It would also not be restricted to 512x512 res, which, no matter how you do it, will look pretty crappy.

  3. I'm not really sure what you're talking about, but what I wanted to say was basically:


    - I think Napalm did import the Carleton font

    - I think Napalm changed the mouse cursor


    I don't remember the font being blurred when I looked at the GUI he sent me, but I might just be remembering it wrong. Anyway, I merely suggested trying to find his files and see if he perhaps managed to get the font ingame without making the text that blurry. And also to find out how he switched the cursor, since you seemed to want to know that.


    they do look clear and crisp compared to the doom3 carelton fonts

    I wasn't aware Doom already had the Carleton font?


    Edit - I see your response 3 posts up was directed at Springheel, not me. Might be why things got confused.

  4. I think Napalm already imported at least the Carleton font, and I don't remember any smudgyness, but that might be my memory failing. I think he also switched the mouse cursor. Might be a good idea to get in touch with him and see if still has these things.

  5. House of flying daggers has that swordrun as well. I actually thought of this thread when I watched it.


    @Odd: House of flying daggers is similar to crouching tiger, but a lot worse I'm afraid. I was disappointed. Check out "Hero" instead. Very impressive.

  6. I think it'll probably turn out good once it's textured. It definately looks freekish enough. :P Maybe just move the hair stripe and make it not so zigzagged (like Gildoran suggested) if it bothers people that much.

  7. The noise arrow flight should be set to be unheard by guards, just like the other swooshing noises.

    About the swooshes is general. You don't actually HEAR an arrow swoosh sound unless it flies right past you. Guards hearing this sound is something we should include, me thinks. I don't understand why we shouldn't?

  8. Heck, why stop at beta-mapper? I vote for giving him him full team access. If he's going to be making his own textures and models of that quality, it would be a lot easier to give him CVS access so he can add them as he goes along.

    Sure, if he wants to. Maybe someone should inform him about the difference first? (Someone who actually knows what that difference is, ie, not me.. :)

  9. Right. Anyway.


    Like I said I did some tinkering with the forest parts, so I merged in your changes to the cathedral and the houses: Background. Looking pretty okey now I think.


    About the title. If we're going to do it as a Doom 3 font, I suppose we are quite limited in what we can do in terms of effects/shadows etc? We've got a Light logo concept and a Dark logo concept but I don't know. I think I prefer the light one though.

  10. I never said one was supposed to have perfect memory. But is it really too much to ask of people that they at least know what thread they are posting in? I mean it's right up there in the title of your browser.


    I'm sorry if it came out as overly harsh Sneaksie, that was not my intention. Peace brother!

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