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  1. (Still at work) The new Netscape (version 8) uses both the Firefox and the IE renderer. You switch between them using a little icon located in the statusbar. Reg. Opera: it's true that it's got a few flaws when it comes to rendering, but the errors you get are (mostly) easier to fix than those you get in IE. Which isn't that weird considering that Opera has a lot better css-support than Microsoft's reader.
  2. When you say Netscape, do you mean the Firefox renderer? (As in the new netscape version) Position:fixed is not understood by IE. It just reverts back to absolute positioning. Min-height is also not understood by IE, so you might as well go with height:auto there (unless you really want that min-height I suppose) As far as your problem goes, I would guess it has something to do with the float and different interpretations about where relative blocks should be placed. I'll take a look this afternoon, if no one beats me to it.
  3. That's weird.. Maybe I did something else as well.. I'll check it out
  4. file->project settings I know I have mentioned this before.. Suppose this is something for the wiki..? Macsen & SubjectiveEffect?
  5. Do you mean run Doom 3 in windowed mode? That's as easy as hitting alt+enter. In-game movies (cinematics) are possible, play the first level of Doom 3 to see a few examples. (Actually, you only need to start a new game, and a cinematic sequenze will start directly). It might be possible to play an external movie file through scripting already, but otherwise that's certainly something we will add.
  6. What happened here anyway? Was that letter ever sent?
  7. Steinberg Cubase SX? Cakewalk Sonar?
  8. Of course you can also select a brush - and move it - without using the "select inside" command. Just shift+click a brush to select it. I suppose you must have figured that out by now though.
  9. His master's voice, right? Heh, that's kinda nice..
  10. Sorry for the delay... All sounds good. I can't notice anything weird with the looping. (Most media players, for some reason, put a little gap between songs.. No idea why)
  11. Ahem, that came out wrong, sorry. Meant "You're kidding" as in "You're kidding, YOU TOO!?". Buzz is definetly a little bizarre, not to mention confusing.... But you just gotta love it anyway.
  12. You're kidding Buzz is, like, the coolest thing ever.
  13. Are you talking about VST-plugins? They are used to emulate sounds, based on notation/midi-sheets or whatever. They're not application-based, even if Steinberg created the format (I think), and most DAWs can read them pretty well. There are other types of systems out there (trackers/sequencers), but DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) are the most common applications for creating music (not nessecarily for the creating of pure electronic music though), and they work pretty much like a recording studio. You record real instruments (or use VST-plugins) on a timeline (if you've seen programs like Premiere or Flash, you know what that means) across several channels, and mix everything etc. Reason works well when you're only dealing with electronic stuff, but if you need to work a lot with digital audiofiles, you want to use something like Cubase (Steinberg) or Cakewalk.
  14. It's not the eyes, that's easy to confirm, as I have stated in my previous posts. I really doubt it's the monitor, since I have had three over the last few years. The newest being a TFT. Also three different graphics cards, and four operating systems. There's gotta be another explanation. Also, it's no drastic change or anything, it just gets slightly brighter. I remember seeing it a lot in the Lost City for some reason. I could check it out this weekend.
  15. Yep, I'm sure. That's quite easy to confirm since this "brightening process" goes quite choppy, it works exactly (and probably uses the same code) as when you change your gamma settings with +/- keys (for instance) ingame. Why don't you just try it yourself? Go into a dark room, stand still, and notice how the gamma slightly increases a few steps. Actually, I think the dark one kicks in when you're in a bright room, and the bright when you enter a dark one. Wouldn't make much sense otherwise.
  16. As I have mentioned - twice - in this thread already, Thief 1 and 2 both have brightness adjustment. Both automatic (your screen turns slightly brighter a few seconds after you enter a dark room) and manual.
  17. I got what you were saying, so my recommendations are still valid. Probably too expensive though unless you want to "obtain" them via internet.
  18. pakmannen


    I'm a fan of SteveHandwriting. J.d is easier to read, but looks more cartoonish. SH is more, I dunno, real somehow.
  19. Well, most (alright, "advanced") sequenzers can do this: Cubase, Cakewalk etc. I'm sure there are some free sequenzers as well which can then output your notations to midi/vst whatever. (edited)
  20. @Ombrenuit/firoso: Woah, sorry I didn't replied earlier. I was NOT talking about some "flashbomb" effect. I meant what I said, the exact effect you're asking for (pupil dilation) is in fact in Thief: The Dark Project. Check for yourselves
  21. Well, if you're having problems with a corrupted disk you want to run "chkdsk" from the command prompt (on the disk in question) and add the flag "-f" if you want to fix the problems. For instance: C:>chkdsk -f
  22. Hi. Yes, recruiting@thedarkmod.com is the one you're looking for. However, since I'm in charge of the sound part I'll just say this right here: It's a huge plus if you can do SFX as well.
  23. This effect was actually in Thief: The Dark Project (probably TMA as well, but I can't confirm it) It's all kinds of awsome, and I hope we'll be able to include it in the Dark Mod. (It has been mentioned a few times)
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