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  1. Design - Merry Story - Lehtinen Gameplay - Esquire
  2. Obsessively. Harkens back to arena shooters of yore, and I'm hooked. Team Fortress and MOBAs have always irritated me because you have to have a good team to win, and people nowadays find it quite literally impossible to cooperate in any way, shape or form. Something about the introduction of competitive leagues with games like CSGO has brought out the worst in everyone's internet ego, to the point where they can't even help but flame their own team if it's in a competitive environment. With Overwatch--if you're flexible enough--you can carry entirely on your own by changing characters as the
  3. Aw, thanks Melan even if it is only because you couldn't choose the millions of better mappers.
  4. Has cameos for everyone in the community but me. It's really not worth the download.
  5. Made a pack of ten nifty wall lights to add some variety to what's already there! Screenshots Download
  6. Depends on how offended on principle you are, but you can play fine with lighting on low until it's patched. If you're all "rar rar fuck them got my money back" then that's cool too.
  7. I could pump these fun little things out every week, but it'd never be anything adventurous!
  8. Oh, whoops. Like I said, it was going to be a Quinn Co. mission. That was a side objective at one point. I'll take it out when people are done finding things to fix.
  9. Yep! The modulars took two days, building everything with them only took one, and after that it was just a fortnight of scattering decorations and building the exterior!
  10. Like two amnesiac peas in a pod. Do you guys play golf together at the country club, rant about the youth between holes?
  11. Hah! That's only counting days spent working on it. I actually started it 5 months ago, then worked on it for a fortnight, then didn't touch it for nearly half a year. I just jump around a lot between all my vaguely productive hobbies to avoid burn-out on any one thing, but never really found myself in the mood for finishing this specific mission until last night. I'm awful, I know.
  12. I'm still alive! The Smiling Cutpurse Screenshots Title: The Smiling Cutpurse Theme: Inn Release: 2016/03/25 Mapper: Airship Ballet Special thanks: Oldjim, Baal and Phi for beta testing this forever ago! Build Time: ~2 weeks This mission has been finished for ages, but I always intended to take it further. This was supposed to be the first half of the third Quinn Co mission, but I ended up disliking how the two came together, so decided to make this its own standalone mission and to go and work on the next Quinn Co. I forgot all about this for the longest time, and only last night cam
  13. You can just add any exe to Steam, it's nothing official.
  14. I am adamant that my dumb baby voice will never be broadcast over the internet.
  15. I think google is probably how I learned 99% of the overly specific, fancy English words I know. Also yes, there's a walkway around the whole hall, with a door to a front yard balcony above the front door. WRT the lights, I'd probably insist against them going in the mod since they're so anomalous.
  16. Yep! I'm still just pouring out lights at random while working on this map, so whatever occurs to me in the process gets made, cool or not.
  17. Maps! Excitement! Video for those of you capable of playing webms.
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