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  1. I doubt it! It is supposed to be a recording playing out of a phonograph, so I leaned on the fact that it's subtitled to make it a bit more compressed, putting vibes over everything else as always! I've always respected that in T2 they made Karras' recordings basically unintelligible in exchange for an uncanny vibe, and there it's not even subtitled! So no, definitely not just you, but it's intentional if that helps! Thanks so much for playing!
  2. I'll have to make it unfrobable in the next version. By accident though? Or by show loot, hmmmmm?
  3. That's just so you have to play it to read without eye strain! (I'll fix it when Im back on desktop ) It's a secret!
  4. 'ello! As you may be aware I spent the first week of this month remaking La Banque Bienveillante, the first mission of my Quinn Co. campaign I started almost a decade ago. Well, with the help of a bunch of lovely beta testers over a month of feature creep, it's now done! I've made a new topic rather than necroing the old one, because I feel it's come along enough now that it is, essentially, a whole new mission made in the spirit of the original. The goal is to eventually make the existing missions obsolete and put this new campaign in its place, but when that happens I'll include a link to the old .pk4 in here for posterity, since I don't believe in deleting work entirely no matter how mediocre it was! To that end, can this please be entered into the mission downloader as a standalone mission? It can then replace the existing Quinn Co. once the second mission is out, thanks! This is a small, short and sweet bank heist that sets the stage for the larger--and much more difficult--campaign in the works. It's mechanically stripped back a little from the initial release, since I feel I got a bit carried away. It is, however, far prettier as well! Your objective is, of course, the vault, but you can take on extra jobs for people to make money on the side; while the vault gives you money to spend in the next mission's shop, it doesn't count towards your overall loot objective whereas optional jobs do, so it's up to you if you'd rather almost empty the place to make ends meet, or take on extra work if you're less inclined to go hunting for shinies! Screenshots Thanks Big thanks to all the lovely beta testers without whom the mission would probably fail to run! Acolytesix, Datiswous, jaxa, madtaffer, Shadow, thebigh, The Black Arrow, Wellingtoncrab & wesp5 And thanks to everyone who's continued to contribute to the project over the years - I've come back and there's so much more fantastic content to play with! And thanks to you! For playing! I'd love to hear what you think, and feel free to notify me of any issues - provided they're not game-breaking, they'll be fixed when Quinn Co 2 comes out soon! (tm) Download (.pk4)
  5. Yeah well my Dad works at Microsoft and he said my theory is airtight so.
  6. I see whatcha mean, but I was thinking less about immersion and more about UX. I think it's something that's carried over from real-world buttons: my PC won't turn on until I release the button, nor will a lot of them that you find in a car's cockpit, for instance. Things that toggle want you to consciously press and release, maybe in case you don't realise you've turned on something that would get hot or drain power if unknowingly left on.
  7. In my experience games tend to have toggle bindings only apply on key release, never really thought about why but it's the way it is and it's the way that feels right to me! It's good to have options but saying one is objectively better or whatever is silly.
  8. The floor is lava: you're prohibited from saving unless you're up on the furniture
  9. My guinea pig is cuter than your guinea pig https://i.imgur.com/r5VIdr0.jpeg


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      I don’t know my Guinea pigs were pretty darn cute.


    3. Airship Ballet

      Airship Ballet

      Aaaahhh! They start so smaaaaaaall! Mine fit in my palm at first, now I have to use both hands to lift the oldest because she's such a hefty potato.

    4. Wellingtoncrab


      Yeah here is her sister - she was always a chonking beef slab:


  10. Sure are a lot of newbie darkradiant questions in here. (sorry for the minor artifacting, I had to use mario paint to bypass the forum's draconian image limitations)
  11. Yeah, I was going off the thread title, which seems not to be in the spirit of the actual quote in the post. I do think bashing doors open is a great dramatic tool that makes the player feel cool, urgent and dynamic, and does have a place in the rare cases you're being pursued without save scumming. Opening doors faster without bashing is a good idea, and having them close behind you would be handy, but as with anything automatic in games like this a timer would probably be too quick for some people. Maybe auto closing when the player is x units away from the door in any direction after frobbing? It would work either way when being chased, because at present AI stop for a calendar month to open doors.
  12. Hunt Showdown lets you immediately open doors while running by melee bashing them, easily the most satisfying (and loud) thing to do. Can't do it by accident that way, but I think it'd be less useful in TDM.
  13. Be honest, did you just post dogshit artifacted images so that somebody would say "yo those are dogshit artifacted images" and you could bust out this whole spiel about your 100% organic non-GMO 0% body fat computer, and how unlike the other girls you are? Because I can just press print screen and ctrl+v without leaving this page and hey presto a full-res screenshot that's small enough to fit in the forums. But hey now we have a whole thread about it, so that's cool.
  14. How does TDM run with the read/write times of your magnetic tape drive anyways? Can we add an IBM 2401 to the minimum specs?
  15. Why don't you pass the time by playing a little solitaire?
  16. ooo I zoned out in a camp chair to the whole thing and almost fell asleep, hope there was nothing subliminal in there rode nt usb gang
  17. Thanks for the feedback, it's like gold dust! Keep an eye out over in the beta testing thread if you wanna peep the next revision. Oh sheesh, I'm blushing, really! I appreciate it, but now I feel like an absentee
  18. Ha no worries! I just moved out into the sticks and Elisa--the only ISP that serves in the frozen wastes outside Oulu--have tried 3 times to install a line in the past month, but here I am on data and Molyneuxian promises. No rush at all!
  19. Thread is up, hello and thank you to everyone who can help, and just hello to everyone who can't! It's an open beta, so if you're reading this and the mission isn't out yet, by all means come and bully me about my mission. don't actually do that please be gentle
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