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  1. Hey guys! I've been playing my way through the FMs available since the game went standalone, just up to the 'n's now. I used to map in Hammer a lot and found myself with a bunch of free time over the holidays so I figured I'd take a look at DarkRadiant. Since then I've put about ten hours into a mission of my own, not counting the map made alongside Fidcal's brilliant A-Z guide. I haven't been working on it regularly as the free time I do have is in bursts, and DR time within that being even more sporadic, but I do have something to show for it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LH8dPTqKMz4 It isn't as gritty or cramped as most missions with an exterior I've seen but it's supposed to be in a posh area so I think it fits. What's there isn't finished in terms of detail and the actual mission itself will hopefully be about ten times bigger. I'll probably add the rest of the architecture and furnishings before getting into decals and little bits lying around but I'm intent on making the rest of it interior only: exteriors are exhausting! What I'm working on aside, hello! My name's Merry (short for Meredith, a Welsh name despite me being Finnish), simply because "Airship" doesn't really work as a given name. I'm new here but by no means new to the FM community, having played pretty much every T1 and 2 mission out there over the years. I doubt I'll talk about my own FM an awful lot beyond this until I make significant progress, but I should be posting in a lot of other threads. Also it only just occurred to me that the silent Thief stood around is actually just a little model I use for scale, not a part of the mission.
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