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  1. Mhmm! This map is a big Builder monastery built on top of an aquifer of supposedly holy water. They made a spring out of it and bottle it for zombie re-murdering. This room's a pretty little shrine to the man who originally discovered the aquifer and laid the foundations for the monastery. His ashes are in an urn at the top there.
  2. That's like 99% Youtube compression and 1% the fog.
  3. If you're on Windows 7 you can set it yourself by putting the video file in a folder of its own and setting your screensaver settings in the photo gallery to use that folder. Pretty temperamental though. Otherwise, you could use VLC or DreamScene to set it as your desktop background (I use the latter for pretty little loops like that).
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbcQhEuFhVA&feature=youtu.be Oooooh, aaaaahhh.
  5. Every time I see Cleve Blakemore's name (which is more often than you'd think) my immediate reaction is to assume someone's had a stroke while typing Clive Barker.
  6. Originality is very much important once things begin to stagnate, but I personally can't name any first-person acrobatic brawlers off the top of my head. This is original, just not the original you had in mind. I totally get that you're disappointed it's not more of ME, because ME was great, but that's still no reason to assume that a combat focus is them bastardising their own franchise in the name of business. It comes down to preference, but that parkour gameplay is no more challenging or engaging than combat when both are done well. I mean sure, if it becomes this stupid super easy, super
  7. I mean I didn't really comment on anything else because I didn't want to be mean. Literally all you said was that LGS focused on the stealth aspect of T1 and made a game exclusively about that in the form of TMA. You liked that direction. Then because DICE took Mirror's Edge towards a direction in their first game, one that you don't like, they're all retards trying to attract the Arkham crowd.
  8. What, and I don't? I just don't see why shifting franchise focus always has people raging and saying they saw it coming. For all I care, The Metal Age could have been about difficult, fluid swordplay and had romance options. So long as it was good, I wouldn't care. I feel like people can't see the wood for the trees when they're going "well yeah it might be fun but it's not [franchise] anymore." Why does that matter? The whole reason you like the make-up of the existing games is because they were fun, what's the big deal if it swaps focus and remains just as fun but for different reasons? Mirr
  9. I dunno, man. It's different, but not actually a bad thing. If it's done well, I'm super up for a parkour 'em up. I really don't mind change. I know I'm supposed to knee-jerk when the sequel isn't the same as the previous game, but some Faithy cop-kicking could be fun as hell.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik4zeCUxnk4
  11. That's not the actual definition of the term "proprietary format", but it's what their license is on about. A proprietary format is just one that can only be opened by a specific program. That said, it's not particularly well-written, because "a proprietary license" could mean either "any recognisable file format out there so we can check on it" or "your own file format encoded to prevent people getting access to raw animation data". There are lots of proprietary formats that people can get into and make off with animation data from, pk4 included, but "a proprietary format" does include them.
  12. To my knowledge, 'proprietary format' is a big umbrella term that covers most well-known formats out there. Since there's no stipulation that it has to be the licensee's own proprietary format, it's safe to say that they mean anything they can access and check over for unauthorised edits or lack of "Mixamo proprietary notices" that are apparently to be included with the data.
  13. As far as I can tell from the license, you're allowed to use it for any purpose so long as it's put to use, rather than their raw animation data. Basically you can't re-sell it as it is when you download it: you have to use it in something, and then you can do whatever you want with your finished project.
  14. Thanks, Sotha. I'm glad you had a good time! The drawer button was originally built into the desk itself, but I wanted to make proper use of TDM's arsenal, so I attached it to the underside of the desk inside the drawer. It was impossible to see there, though, so I abandoned logic and attached it to the moving drawer instead. Now it's just really hard to see, and makes no sense, but it's something a little different compared to the billions of standard hidden button tricks in T1/2 missions. Since a large part of these missions is figuring out security mechanisms, I wanted people to have to thi
  15. I honestly don't think the simpler potion system is a bad thing, just different. I was dreading coming into the game knowing that I'd have to go through all that stuff again, and in a game world that was so much larger, meaning I'd have to do it so many more times. I don't think all the preparation would fit into this game, considering how many contracts and fights you get into. Speaking of, contracts were a let-down since they're generally just a case of using your witcher sense to follow some foot prints and then kill a regular enemy with a unique name and a boss' health bar. Since the prepa
  16. Well, I play him as an honorable man too, never one to say cool guy stuff and start fights! The alcohol pilfering is for the greater good and, considering I don't haggle up the pay and take up contracts from peasants for pennies, it's only fair! Besides, it's for their own good: alcoholism will solve nothing if I die to running out of Swallow.
  17. Playing on the hardest difficulty, I actually have way too much hard alcohol. It seems that every house has at least one random barrel or sack full of spirits, so I've never really had any use for food.
  18. Well there's the bottom line. I hear this with pretty much every recent release that I make the mistake of browsing discussion on before the initial clamour has died down. They promised this, they promised that. I don't know what causes that passion in people, or maybe even what causes the lack of it in me. I simply don't care. I don't care what the developers promise, don't even follow it: I check out gameplay once they're out and decide whether or not it looks good enough to buy. I don't feel lied to, cheated, anything: I simply buy it based on what I see. As far as I'm concerned, CDPR can s
  19. No QTEs, absolutely gigantic free-roam map full of stuff to do. Difference between the countryside and the cities is like night and day: the tone of everything completely changes from you roaming the countryside dealing with village problems to dealing with more human problems in the cities. It's all huge, all free-roam. Pretty much my only complaints having played a lot of it is that it uses the witcher sense mechanic far too much, in that almost every job has you following glowing footprints through the countryside at some point, and also that the movement is clunky as hell. Otherwise, great
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