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  1. - Operating System - Windows XP- CPU - AMD 3500+- System RAM - 1 GB- Video Card - Nvidia 7800 GT178.24 due to problems with newer drivers when playing RisenExperienced Performance, Steps you had to perform to get it running or problematic driver versions, etc. Have it on 1680x1050, 4xAA, 8xAS, Bloom off. FPS drops with bloom on especially when outside.
  2. First of all, thank you for this amazing mod. I'm really looking forward to play it and start creating my own missions. I do have a small problem with the mod. My mouse doesn't seems to be responding when I get into the main menu. Is there a solution for this? Edit: There was no sound as well. Just restarted it several times and now it seems to be working. Don't know what the problem was. Can't wait to get started
  3. I think I read it in a magazine, but that was years ago.
  4. Well as you probably expected it works like a gem now . I'll certainly never make that mistake again . It's just because normally you always say 1680x1050 and not 1050x1680 that I made the mistake and never took a closer look where I filled it in. Thank you very much for your assistance. Lots of thanks for the other people leaving replies as well.
  5. I'm certain that I didn't make a typo. I did look at that because I was starting to think like that as well. The only thing that is different from mine, is that I have the fullscreen on "1". Aren't you playing in windowed mode if you have that one on "0"? Oh ..... when I look at your config I have the 1050 and 1680 the other way around. I'm at work at the moment but I'll try your settings and will let you know if it worked. OMG it would be such a stupid mistake...... Oh can I keep fullscreen on 1 or is 0 needed?
  6. Thanks for your reply Mortem Desino. My problem isn't with TDM but just Doom 3. If I understand Greebo correctly and remember it correctly, screen resolution in TDM can be done in the menu, also widescreen so that's not really an issue. Doom 3 doesn't has these settings and it has to be done in the config but some important settings (r_mode and a little bit less important multisampling) keep changing back to their default. Any new solutions or maybe an explanation why these settings change to default every time are welcome. Could it be a graphics card problem? I've got a 7800 GT but I can play NFS Shift and some other games that were released after Doom 3 on 1680x1050. It would still be game related then I guess, but could that be the problem?
  7. Thanks for the suggestion but that isn't doing the trick either. Yeah I'm sure. I deleted the AutoExec.cfg but it still isn't working. The weird thing is that all the settings I put in the AutoExec.cfg were also changed in orginal config except for the multisampling and the r_mode. It's just those two settings that keep changing to default on start up, all the other things I put in work. Thanks for all your suggestions guys. If you more I'd love to hear them and will try them out, much appreciated
  8. The file is 0 kb as far as I can see. Is that okay? So that should make it something like this....? "D:\Games\Doom 3\doom3.exe" -r_mode -1 or should it be -r_mode "-1"? Another thing I tried was to change the orginal config and then make it read-only but that didn't work either. When I start the game and go to the console I do get a warning that it can't write that config but that is logical I guess.
  9. Yeah there is one. Do I have to change/delete that one?
  10. Yeah I tried that as well, the exact figures as above but r_mode changes to 3 after I start the game. Oh I forgot to mention, I also tried it through console and then vid_restart but that doesn't work as well. Haven't played any TDM mission in a while, but you're saying I can set widescreen settings through the menu?
  11. A few days ago I installed Doom 3 again to ensure that it's working properly when TDM will be released. The game runs fine but I can't seem to get the widescreen working. I've looked on several forums but it still isn't working. I've created the AutoExec.cfg and filled in all the necesarry variables. The orginal config file keeps changing a few things. Setting stuff to ultra high quality in the cfg works but the multisampling and r_mode "-1" are constantly changing back to their default figures. Multisampling isn't a big issue and I just forced in my Nvidia Control Panel. The r_mode is because when it doesn't stay on -1 I can't and Doom 3 won't use my custom Height and Width (1680 x 1050). Just to be clear the settings in my AutoExec aren't changing but the settings in the orginal cfg are which isn't a big issue if it would be using my AutoExec settings, but it isn't. At least not all of them. Besides changing the cfg I also tried to play with the recommended settings for a bit and then change the cfg, which seems to work for some people, but that also doesn't make a difference. If anyone has a solution it would be much appreciated.
  12. It keeps getting better and better . I'll be waiting eagerly....
  13. Thank you for reminding me/everyone of that. I was already starting to think bigger and bigger, but a modest mission will probably take some months to complete. I'll focus on story and what kind of readables I want in my mission first and then with the actual building of it. Maybe the beta is already released by then. It's not a big issue to implement stuff from the current release into the beta release? I recon it won't, but just want to be sure
  14. Thank you for the link, makes things a litter clearer to me . I'm getting more and more excited to start building. I recon it's probably best to wait for the public release because of the changes and stability compared to the version that is available now?
  15. Reading all the replies it seems that it certainly is the best idea to work with DR from the beginning. I don't have a lot of experience with DromEd, so I suppose it gives me some advantage in reducing errors I would otherwise make. I also have the feeling that a FM with DromEd would take me quite a lot longer to complete than with DR, if I understand your replies correctly of course . That everything looks better in the end is a nice addition
  16. I've followed the progress of The Dark Mod for years now, but never posted anything. Don't know why actually (probably just a lazy taffer), but now that the release is so close I just want to let you know how much respect I have for you all. A lot of (probably most of) your spare time have gone in creating this mod and after all these years most of you are still together. It takes a lot of determination to do such a thing and I respect you all for that. I'm looking forward to the release of this fantastic mod. Besides the praise, I also have a small question related to creating maps for TDM. I started playing T2 again a few months ago and started creating a story for a FM. I wanted to create one for T2 but now that TDM is coming I might as well start with a FM for that. I know how to work with DromEd 2 a bit and now I wonder TDM Mapping is similar or even easier? Would it take more time to create a map for TDM or T2?
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