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    Metro games

    Yeah, the first bit can be a bit hectic, but it really does get better a bit further in. The game starts where it almost ends, which explains the huge wave. There will still be some waves of enemies occassionally, but most parts you can play how you like. Hopefully you'll able to see through that first part in the future, because IMO it really becomes a great game afterwards. The level design in the metro could also be great for some horror style TDM levels. Great that you got that far Fidcal. From now on the game will change the pace a bit, with occassional waves of enemies and more stealth. The weapon you can't holster I think. The lighter is for burning spider webs, but there is only one time you really have to use it, because you won't be able to continue if you don't (you'll know the moment). Try to explore different routes, even if you are with someone else, because otherwise you might miss some good stuff. The flamethrower is after the cart chase, when you run to the safe station, but it's someone else using it. Keep a look out for keys (they have a red key ring), because you can open safes with those and get some nice goodies.
  2. Carnage

    Metro games

    It's been a long time ago that I have been so addicted to a game and I usually avoid shooters, because they are not my kind of thing. The setting obviously helps, but that doesn't mean gameplay doesn't matter to me. Can't wait to play Exodus once I have a computer that can run it . In other news, they are working on a Stalker 2. At the moment there is just a website with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 /
  3. Carnage

    Metro games

    As far as I can find it has the Spartan mode as well. The Redux version is mostly graphical improvements, but there are some other level changes as well. Stealth also seems to be a bit more easy in Redux on the normal difficulties. Last Light is in my opinion the best of the first two games, as it adds more stealth. Exodus seems to expand on this. Will certainly read the novel as well.
  4. Carnage

    Metro games

    If you have it, then I would certainly give it a go. But reserve judgement untill after about the first 30 minutes, because yes, those first 30 minutes can be hectic. I'm not sure if you have the redux version or the normal one, but in the redux version you also have the option to play 'Spartan' style, which gives you a lot more ammo and filters, so you don't have to worry about resource management. Once you start exploring the metro tunnels alone, the game starts to become a lot more stealth than shooter. Or you have the option at least to go that route.
  5. Carnage

    Metro games

    If you can play Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Fallout, then you won't have any problems with the Metro games . I'm no fan of shooters either, but I don't see Metro as a traditional shooter.
  6. Carnage

    Metro games

    I'm a huge fan of post-apocalyptic games. After almost finishing all (still have to finish the last) the Stalker games (tried playing the first game shortly after release, but it had loads of bugs and somehow I got stuck with a save starting a count down almost at the end, so never finished it and therefore never tried the rest) and playing with the endless amounts of mods it has to offer, I decided to give the Metro Redux games (2033 and Last Light) a go. I tried playing Metro 2033 when it was released in 2010 but couldn't get into it because I found it too scary. After the release of Exodus (which I haven't played yet, as my laptop can't run it) I decided to give the redux versions of the first two games a go. I'm glad that I did, because the games and the story are awesome. I finished both within a week and will be playing both again shortly, because I discovered that your choices kind of matter for a good and bad ending. I got a good ending with Last Light, but missed a few things and with 2033 I never got to decide between a good and bad ending, which means I don't have enough moral points. The best parts of the games are the story, resource management and the stealth elements. I played the game with the 'Survival' style on normal difficulty and you really have to make your shots count as ammo is scarce. You also have to be very carefull with your filter usage, as those are limited as well. Occassionally you can stock up on ammo and filters (which you have to buy) in 'safe' stations and you can find ammo and filters on bodies. There where several times during the games (mostly during the first one) that I almost ran out of bullets and/or air and then you are rushing to find bodies that can give you a short life line. The stealth is also done really well and gave me a lot of satisfaction. You have to turn off light sources, stick to the shadows as much as possible and watch the amount of sound you make. You can modify your weapons in stations to aid you with this, such as adding silencers. I recommend trying to knock out enemies whenever possible though if you want a good ending. Because the ammo is scarce and the amount of enemies is most of the time overwhelming, you're kind of obligated as well to go the stealth route. If any of you haven't played these games yet, then I really encourage you to do so. Metro 2033 (the first game) might take about 30 minutes to get into and really enjoy, but once you're left on your own the approach turns more to stealth and it becomes really great. There are some scripted moments that you can't tackle with stealth, which where the only moments that I didn't like, but those are scarce and most of the time you can decide how you continue your mission. If you want to give Metro Exodus a go, then you really have to play the first games to understand the story. I saw a small gameplay video of Exodus, and I am really happy to see that it's a great game that continous the epic story line. It's an Epic store exclusive though, which might turn some people off. The first game is based on a novel by they way, so maybe something interesting as well if you like the story.
  7. Thanks for your indept review and thoughts Fidcal. Seems that quite a bit is still missing to make this a really complete and enjoyable game, which probably explains the mixed reviews as well. I'll wait for a sale to see if the price has dropped enough.
  8. As far as I know there is just the husband, Michael (who also was her co-worker). He got killed I think in the bombing. The same bombing at the end of the prologue, so that probably explains why the woman is at the location later on. I found the switch also pretty abrupt yes. A little explanation would have certainly helped there. Did you read all the readables? Most of the story is explained in them and they usually contain some hints as well about where to go next. I'm not a big fan of sharing the story or important information in readables that you can miss though. Exactly for the same reason that you feel the story is disjointed. Now the important question though. Would you recommend it based on your experience and when knowing the shortcomings of the game?
  9. Thank you for your indept thoughts Fidcal. I watched a gameplay video of the prologue mission you are talking about and largely agree with the things you describe. - I think the reason why you are sneaking into the building you work, is because you are trying to leak information and if people would see you, you would be one of the prime suspects. - In the video I saw, some tips where given about opening your notes which has an objective and clues are given based on notes you find or conversations that you listen to, so it does seem to guide you a little. - The story is being narrated based on something that has happened, so while I do agree it can be confusing sometimes, I did understand the person you are playing was the woman after the first narration. - What are your thoughts about the multiple entry points? For example the different ways you can enter the office in the prologue mission? - Saves only occur after finishing a chapter, but the devs are talking about maybe adding a save on exit option.
  10. If you do, please share your thoughts. If I read a review correctly, it is possible that you miss important information, like from a computer. But I don't how much this will affect the story itself. Movement is pretty restricted, no climbing, jumping off ledges and that sort of stuff.
  11. Yeah that's one thing that was mentioned in a negative review. It doesn't explain a lot, and as you have a fixed-time, you could potentially miss stuff. IMO it does give it potential replay value and isn't that how real life works as well . Most of the current generation of 'kids' seem to like games that hold their hand, so I kinda read those sort of reviews with a pinch of salt. Also something that could be a potential no for some people is the save system. It only saves after a 'chapter' is finished and as these can take up to an hour to complete, it could lead to frustration. Especially if the game crashes due to a bug or when real life calls. But like Judith said, the devs are working on patches.
  12. This game looks quite interesting. It combines stealth with investigations. You have a fixed-time of four hours to complete your investigation. The reviews on steam aren't very positive, which mainly is because of the bugs it still has, but most of the people are very positive about the mechanics (when they work as intended). For a four hour game I also find it a bit too expensive, so it's maybe best to wait for a steam sale. Here's a short video that explains the game: Edit: The game has already been released, but because of potential spoilers I added an older video.
  13. I had no idea this was going on for such a long time. Just the other day I was asking myself what had happened to some past prominent members of this community and always just thought it was the normal private life becoming more important. It's a shame it had to come to this, as BD helped so many people, but that obviously doesn't mean that he should get a free pass to do what he wants. I know how much time is involved in making even a small map and then seeing your own vision changed or copied by another person without permission, I understand the anger this could induce. I've read some comments where people said that maybe it could have been done differently (not banning BD), but IMO you should be able to expect some common decency from people on the forum and in everyone's mind should be an unofficial gentlemen's agreement to respect the work of other people. Playing police is always an option of course, but if it has to come to that, then it has already gone too far. In all the years I've been part of this forum, I think just a few members have been banned from this forum and they always received enough opportunities to change, which is also again the case with BD. I respect him and all the work he has done for this community, but a ban was the only choice really.
  14. I played it at a friend of mine and it's quite enjoyable. It certainly has some flaws but the developers seem to be listening and are releasing patches. As far as I know there are two neighbourhoods at the moment. The good thing is that the game doesn't take itself very serious and I like the humor (for example, "the owners of 112 don't want to fix their window because they think it is fine, go smash a window"). The start is bit tedious, because you don't have a lot of tools yet and therefore some houses are impossible to enter. But once you get most of the tools the possibilities open up a lot. AI is the worst part of the game and certainly needs some fixing. Routines sometimes don't make sense either (for example some people work nightshifts, but then when they come home they don't go to the bed and actually never sleep). The suspense is the best part of the game, especially when you're robbing a home when the owners are at home. Performance seems to be dropping after a while, which seems to be a common issue of Unity games, but is pretty good in general. All in all it's a game that I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would, but waiting for a sale is probably the best thing to do (especially with the christmas sales coming up).
  15. Did you buy this game in the end STiFU?
  16. An interesting documentary that tries to explore the various sides of climate change. Some parts are spoken in German and Dutch, but there are subtitles available.
  17. Carnage


    In my wife's family home multiple people have experienced 'paranormal' encounters. There were footsteps in their pub (that's connected to their home), which three or four people heard. My wife's dad and my wife both had some spirit sit on or stand next to the bed and a friend of the family (who's sensitive to these kind of encounters) felt someone touch and move her leg when she was lying in her bed (it wasn't me ). I've never experienced anything, even though I've lived there for about four years, but I do believe in these kind of things. Not really in the whole demon thing, but spirits/ghosts yes.
  18. When I saw the title I thought about The Sting, where you had to plan your heists, hire people and watch your notority. Althought the last heist was a bit of a let down for me, I enjoyed the rest of the game, it's world and the funky characters. Still play it sometimes even though the graphics are horrible, but gameplay is what matters to me. The first game, The Clue, is also interesting and quite difficult. Also available for free if I'm not mistaking. This game looks alright, but I do wonder how they are going to keep it interesting. It will need some story, because just robbing houses will get boring fast.
  19. It certainly would, but I have no idea if the dev has. At the moment it's still quite rough around the edges and way too easy. From what I've seen at least.
  20. A FPS hitman style game has been released https://store.steampowered.com/app/881690/The_Slater/ Comments in general are positive, but AI and length of the game are returning negative points. Graphics aren't awesome, but enjoyable and IMO shouldn't be a decider to play a game or not. First mission playthrough, but probably best to avoid if you're thinking about buying the game. Haven't played it myself, because I don't have a computer that's compatible with the system specs, but just wanted to share in case someone might be interested.
  21. Answer to Q1: You have to take the things that are said in the media with a huge amount of salt (not just believing everything you read). It's important to remember that an enormous amount of money is associated with the whole global warming thing and in our current world the one who screams the loudest and has the most followers, is the one who is heard. Global warming is obviously a thing, but IMO is not something you and I are going to notice or even the next few generations. In a town close to my home town they have been measuring the low and high tides consistently for the last +100 years and except for small differences that were a few centimeters higher and lower in some years, the water level hasn't changed at all. The below article is a bit 'old' (2004), but it explains the average temperatures and the other factors than us very good IMO (season of the earth [not our seasons], activity of the sun, etc). Nature usually has ways of stabilizing things and before each ice age we had peak temperatures as well. IMO the history of the earth shows that future generations will have to worry more about the temperature declining again instead of the current increase. https://jancovici.com/en/climate-change/predicting-the-future/how-do-the-present-temperatures-compare-to-the-past-ones/ To conclude my opinion on Q1: try to help the earth where you can by keeping your personal pollution within a reasonable minimum (driving a 'clean' car, not dumping your rubbish, etc.), but other than that, just live a normal life and don't worry too much about these things and let the media just do their thing. In the end they are all here to make money. Answer to Q2: IMO survival skills are always good (regardless of climate change) and I think everyone should know how to survive in the wild with limited resources (building shelters that protect against the elements with the things you have around you, hunting, etc). You never know what will happen in your life and those skills might be the difference between surviving and not. Answer to Q3: Make sure you know how to survive with limited resources, tools to make fire, cut wood, hunt (rifle, but know how to hunt with bow and arrow and spear and how to make your own), fish (again, know how to make your own fishing pole), food with lots of preservatives, This is of course an answer to a worst case scenario, which I don't think our generation has to worry about, but again these things are always good to know and have, because you never know what might happen in your life. Edit: Bit late to the party after reading most of the comments, but wanted to give my two cents about the subject.
  22. What an amazing FM SeriousToni! Almost can't believe you're a beginner. I hope you've got the taste of mapping now, cause I'm looking forward to more!
  23. Besides working on my own FM now and then I do have the time to beta test on short notice Xarg, so I'd be happy to do so.
  24. Title: An unexpected arrival Story: Steal an artifact which is located in a 3 story mansion. The house is populated by nobels and they don't know the artifact is in their home (secret room). A powerful necromancer is after the artifact as well and during the mission he sends in a hord of zombies. Maybe add a few side effects like excessive weather (flooding f.i.) because of the presence of the necromancer
  25. I don't know how many missions need to be tested for the beginners contest, but I've got the time to do so. If you need a beta tester just drop me a pm
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