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  1. Nice to play. Still missing some easter eggs, so I should hunt around.
  2. Nice mission. TDM can do huge forests! With buildings! And large castle! And you can save a magical fantasy kingdom
  3. The komag mirror seems to have a partial file: Picking mirror KeepOfMetalAndGold Downloading to temporary file D:/Games/Doom 3/darkmod/__tdm_update_1.02_to_1.03.zip Initiating Download from http://www.keepofmetalandgold.com/files/tdm/tdm_update_1.02_to_1.03.zip Download failed: Transferred a partial file Connection Error. Removed file D:\Games\Doom 3\darkmod\__tdm_update_1.02_to_1.03.zip It was quite far along its 214.7 Mb download, but then failed and now uses another mirror.
  4. It means the word is wrong, but you put it there intentionally. Sorry for the offtopic to spelling The illusionists tower is very nice. I was not able to sneak attack a spider with the sword, but had to use the bow.
  5. Works, quicksave and load fine, rope arrows fine. TDM 1.02. Berny, more direct
  6. It was my experience some time ago with particles, especially if large (10% of screen) and a lot (hundreds). It depended on the hardware - with newer but also different manufacturers working better. Basically it needs more 'pixel math', and thus has a bigger influence on the FPS. So go ahead and use it, because it is what you want, but I wanted to caution against too-much, too-large. Also, I think with AlphaTest 0.4 or 0.8 or so, you can change an alpha-ed texture from blurry edges to one with sharply defined edges, like for a fence, when you look up close. Yes, but the doubling causes colour-changes. Its not HDR
  7. Nice link to other thread, from the screenshot of the particle editor, I would suggest: Distribution set to whatever (pretty close together, like in the output tube of the faucet). Direction/Orientation: set to cone, use the angle with a reasonably small value for a 'tighter' fountain, in direction Y (upwards, like a fountain). Check the World Gravity button to enabled, with -10 could be good. Set the speed relatively high, 20 or so (no randomness needed, your cone provides the fountain shape), and 0 rotation, 1 aspect, and some fixed size other than 0. Thus particles start in the small faucet area, with an initial direction to move in a cone upwards and in a circle outwards, then go down with gravity. Well that is the idea, not sure if that works .
  8. With blend modulate, the colour bright white on your texture turns see-through. Black is shadow. It is good at creating shadows. With blend add, the colour black on your texture turns see-through and everything is glow-in-the-dark. It is good at magical effects. But I think what you want is blend blend It causes your texture to be copied to the screen, and the alpha channel of your texture is used normally to fade into the existing background. This is more expensive, so do not make hundreds of very large particles as this may cause slowdown (on lower spec machines). Since I am going over the options, the setting blend gl_dst_color, gl_src_color is also useful, like modulate but you can also create areas where 'there is more light', with a texture where white adds light, black adds shadow and gray is transparent. This sort of setting, or blend modulate (which is the same as blend filter) is good with a 'baked' lightmap that was output from a 3d editor program (where the 3d editor creates a black and white texture with the shadows on it for the object you made, since the 3d editor program can sometimes output much nicer shadows than doom3 would be able to render realtime). Of course, you want to create a droplet of wine, not light or darkness, and thus the blend blend mode which copies your texture represents what happens; you see the droplet you draw on the texture.
  9. Very nice, also, one of the plants in the early gardens has its polygons facing inwards, black on the outside and lighted on the inside. Mission is excellent in the dark mod, since
  10. That was a lot of fun for a test of the editor
  11. Gorgeous missions, large sprawling areas. I mean, large areas, not tiny cramped and full of loading zones. One of the zombies from the pit managed to 'walk' up into the little room on the far right, when they were alerted and I had just jumped into that room. Waited a little bit, and it fell back down again... Zombies are scary, so this was fine mood enhancing. But perhaps not intentional? I noticed that blackjacking seems to get harder if the CPU is busier. Or framerate is low. Anyway that was about 1.01. This campaign has beautiful environments, each nicely done.
  12. A cheap trick, depending on how the human eye (and its mental processing) really works, could be to simply take an edge-detect (like the gimp-plugin), and use that to provide details. The direction of the change is wrong half the time, but just like all those GUI controls with fake-3d outlines where inset or outset does not really matter, it may look nice to people. More realistically, having written software 3d-renderer bumpmapping, I would look for circular spots on the image (scan through), where you can detect a 'highlight' effect. Highlights come in two flavors: metallic and non-metallic, and you can see based on the colour of the light and colour of the highlight (ignoring iridescence). based on a 5x5 region around a pixel, say, you then calculate the angle of the highlight based on the position of the white 'spot' or 'stripe', I would do this by making a weighted average of the angular vector based on every 'highlight' pixel's intensity, position relative to the center pixel. Similar but inverse for 'shadows' (black). You end up with angular vectors for every pixel, which are smoothed because of the 5x5. Perhaps 5x5 is small and produces not much variation in bump vectors. If you want to get fancy, you would want to integrate with edge detection, detect surfaces or regions in the image with a similar texture, i.e. similar highlight and shadows, and use that information as well, and so on. Sorry if this is rambling off on an idea
  13. Very nice, long, mansion mission. Good, moody, backgrounds. And intricate storyline.
  14. In another (opensource) 3d engine alpha-stuff was solved by having different draw phases. One phase draws all solid materials to set up the Zbuffer, and the next phase draws all alphatest (and alpha without testing as well) in back-to-front (in reference to the screenspace) order. This draws the transparent objects fine (with some exceptions that do not happen a lot unless you make everything transparent; to make even better you'd want the 'stencil type' alpha to fill Zbuffer (a railing) and for 'blend style' alpha to not fill Zbuffer (for glass or fog, its fine to underlap; perhaps with pixel shaders you can make it test and if alpha=99% solid for a pixel then fill Zbuffer)). If the engine uses blend_add and blend_mult apart from simple 'png-style' alpha you can make passes for that as well, so that add and mult and alphablend give the desired color formula; like: alphablend(railings, windows), mult(shadows) then add(fireworks). Anyway, all this complication is not really needed, for an editor, sort back-to-front with the octree and render another pass for the alphastuff with ztest. Sorry if this is too much detail on it
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