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  1. I downloaded ver 2.00 of TDM and want to do the training mission but it doesn't open to the "training rooms". Instead it starts something with an Archbishop and water treatment plant. I'm not learning the system and getting killed a lot. Where do I get the training mission.pk4 file (with the rooms)?

    1. Springheel


      Sounds like you're installing Tears of St. Lucia instead of the Training Mission.

    2. ezze


      It is slightly counter-intuitive, but you have to click on the "training mission" on the right, click on "install mission", the game will restart, now you can select start mission. "start mission" do not case about what you selected on the right, only what you installed.

    3. rascal56k


      St Lucia was being loaded. I removed all pk4 files but the training mission.pk4 file as my final test and still got the St. Lucia mission. The only diff between the two files is the introductory screens and thte file size. I need to have the correct training mission.pk4 file. anyone know where I can snag it?


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