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  1. And you've given 6 people in the Artistic Contributor award rather than 5. You can't sneak that past me, you know. I'm really wide awake today. Can you remove someone, please?
  2. In case anyone hasn't read the link since it was first posted, there are 2 newer Awards for Technical and Artistic Contributors which are being posted in the TTLG Editors' Guild here.
  3. nickie

    is TTLG down?

    Just a quick update - the support staff for the provider are having a little trouble in getting to work because apparently they have a small snow problem. Hopefully they'll be in tomorrow. What 'tomorrow' that is, I'm not sure.
  4. nickie

    is TTLG down?

    Still no news I'm afraid and I won't be online much longer tonight (UK time) so won't know if it comes back overnight. Fingers crossed. llanita, if you want to know if it is just you or not, you can always use this site: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/
  5. nickie

    is TTLG down?

    I'm afraid we still don't know why the server is down. The provider is aware and is investigating the situation. I hope it won't be too much longer and I'll post if I get any more news.
  6. I think I forgot about videos - there's now a separate video thread but I think all available LPs have been added. We are upgrading the Mission by Type Thread. Church and Cathedral have been separated and so have Pagan and Outdoor. I have left these as cathedral but perhaps someone could let me know if they should be in a church instead. Alberic's Curse Caduceus of St Alban, The: St Alban #1 Requiem St Albans Cathedral: St. Alban #2 Tears of St. Lucia Pagan or Outdoor No Honor Among Thieves - is now in outdoor? Winter Harvest no longer appears to be available - is that correct? There will be a few more weeks' work before the thread goes live but there are quite a few new categories so when that happens, if any author would like their mission added to any new category, just pm or email me. We did take note of the fact that the current categories weren't always a good fit for TDM.
  7. Looks like they've moved the results announcement back (forward?) to next week now. Finalists get a Kindle, an e-book and a Steam code according to the contest page.
  8. Seems as thought the 'popular' voting has now closed so just wanted to wish you the very best of luck, Moonbo. I think you've got a great chance of winning this and it would be very well deserved.
  9. In answer to your query over at Eidos about when the winners will be announced, apparently it will be no later than May 12th.
  10. We've started a support thread for Hipbreaker's entry over at TTLG. I'm afraid we didn't realise Moonbo had an entry. Just wanted to say that anyone is very welcome to start a Moonbo support thread at TTLG as well though I think his (?) username is gfleisher so we know him by that name. Edit. This has now been done.
  11. nickie

    Tricky words

    You succeed. For English, I think they've missed out the 'stitch-you-up-at-every-opportunity' level.
  12. I'll have a think. I don't want to get involved in listing all foreign language reviews (though I think I listed the Polish review site itself in the Links thread). But until an English version comes along . . .
  13. nickie

    Tricky words

    'Fag' is a cigarette in UK. We do have pissed off, though, for upset. We have coaches and buses and what is FTM here?
  14. I can put yours in the thread, dema, as someone did review the mission. There isn't a review for Requiem but I'll check out the German playlist, thanks Moonbo. But there are a load of videos available which don't have a handy review to stick them next to, e.g. Requiem, so I am sort of toying with the idea of creating a video thread as well, or a video post in the Review thread or some unclunky way to list all fm videos.
  15. The next thing on my list is adding Let's Plays to the TTLG General Fan Mission Review Megathread. These are the reviewed missions which don't have an LP so if anyone knows of any and would like them added, please let me know. Alberic's Curse Beleaguered Fence, The Business as Usual In Remembrance of Him Knighton Manor Living Expenses Mad's Mountain No Honor Among Thieves Outpost, The Parcel, The Rightful Property (Screenshots only) St Albans Cathedral Somewhere Above the City Sons of Baltona Part 1,The Tears of Saint Lucia Thieves, The Trapped Missions which have already had LPs added: Chalice of Kings Crown of Penitence Flakebridge Monastery Heart of Lone Salvation In the North Patently Dangerous Return to the City Thief's Den Too Late
  16. Apologies for necromancy (do you have that here?) I've just added Cleighmoor to Wm Steele in the Series category but I think that's about it since adding Glenham Tower to the Horror and Undead categories in June last year. I know that TTLG categories aren't the greatest fit for TDM but this is just a reminder that if you'd like to have your mission listed then just let me know where it should go. Now I have a pc that plays TDM and am very slowly working my way through the missions, I do check in here quite often so will get any pms. Otherwise, you're welcome to pm me at TTLG or post in the thread itself.
  17. Well the 70 odd was really a reference to all the other TDM missions I've yet to play but, yes, I'm fully hoping for that many from you in my lifetime.
  18. Melan, thank you. This was my first ever TDM mission and it was a delight. Fantastic thiefy feel, and although I'm still finding my way around the controls and what I can do with weapons and jumping, climbing, interaction etc. and I'm still rather clumsy at the moment, I really enjoyed it very much indeed and am greatly looking forward to the next 70 odd is it? The only problem I had, needing a reload (apart from a lot of falling!) was getting stuck on the stones in the back garden.
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