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  1. The game keeps crashing during/shortly after the video sequenze where it shows the city watch has located your hiding place. I tried to proceed from different save games. I reinstalled the mission and also updated "the dark mod". Nothing seems to help. Could someone help out ? EDIT: I was able to fix this problem now by deleting and reinstalling the entire game.(I saved a backup of the fms folder of course) Possibly it was just corrupted game data caused by my ailing hard disk, but has had nothing to do with this mission at all. By the way, I enjoyed this mission
  2. Today I updated TDM. There was no new version, but it seems like something updated anyway. Also I noticed that I had used the 32bit version all the time. So I tried the "TheDarkModx64.exe" now and the changing of FOV worked faultless then. Then I tried the 32bit exe again and the FOV settings failed again. But when I changed back to the 64bit version again the failure persisted anyway. I needed to update the game once more with the "tdm_update.exe" to make it work again. The updater gave the feedback that one file needed to be updated, so possibly one file was somehow broken by the "procedure"
  3. I also tested to edit the "seta g_fov" value in the "Darkmod.cfg" now, but it behaves the same way then. If I choose any different value then "70" it only just takes effect if I grab any object and it jumps back to default FOV if I drop the object again. So 70 seems to be the default value for FOV because it doesn't happen at this value. Is this (still) happening to other players too ? I could possibly try to clean uninstall all game data and then reinstall it again. But I have no idea what else to try
  4. Currently I'm playing the "Perilous Refuge" fan mission. My TDM version is 2.07/32. I tried to change the FOV by the advanced video settings dialog to an higher/wider value. First it seems to work fine ( also I'm not sure after all). Then I tried to change it even more but nothing happened. The wider FOV only happens if I grap any object in game e.g. a candle holder, but switches back to the default FOV if I drop the object again. Can someone tell why this doesn't work ? In an older forum post I read of how to change the FOV by editing some INI file but I didn't tried this yet, also
  5. If I took the Heart of Saint Mattis from the coffin, the game keeps crashing. The light turns red, a heartbeat sound and some moaning noises are starting and then, after about 20 seconds, the game crashes. Is it just me or is this a bug in the game ? If it's just me it may be due to my worn out HDD. Then I'll try reinstall the mission.
  6. I got an empty list for downloading missions from thedarkmod currently, telling me I may download nevertheless. Possible I could download from the game itself but couldn't sort the missions list by date, e.g. Some days ago I was still able to download from the wiki list, but somehow this also doesn't work any longer - just gets me to the mentioned above empty missions list now. Am I blind or dumb ? Why has it to be that difficult and uncomfortable ? Does Darkmod has a deathwish somehow ?
  7. Thanks that worked. Took some time to figure out how to bring up the console on a german keyboard. It's Strg + Alt + Zirkumflex Key (button below the Escape Key).
  8. I do somehow "physically" stuck in the "briarwood mansion" fan mission. Did jump on a chair and stuck between the chair and a table. I saved the game at this situation but I can't proceed - I still stuck no matter what I try. Is there anything I can try or do ? Some rescue button or key combination ? Thanks in advance, Martin
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