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  1. I have a problem on running this mission: when loading the mission (after the brefing) I have a seg fault. Here is the what it says from the shell: [...] I opened a thread on the right forum (Tech Support): http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/14948-problem-launching-mission-solar-escape-1/
  2. It looks very very promising, good one!
  3. It was a great idea, really well done Spring! :-D
  4. I strongly suggest this young band from Canada (Toronto) that I discovered 2 days ago: http://www.bolusmusic.com They are named "Bolus", and it's out now their new album, named "Triangulate". In their site you can see a backstage on recording this album (in house: they produce, record, mastering and all). This a song of the album with Lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em9C1jTLfa8 They are very young, with a fresh and creative way to make prog and original music. They do also cover and rap/pop music in a creative/prog comic way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E1ssqiOp7g (it's a Michael Jackson cover :-)) The best song of the album (IMHO): Hope you enjoy this indie music sharing :-D
  5. Absolutely AWESOME! You Sotha are incredible! I really liked the map, the story and the "unusual" mechanisms that you tried to explore. I think also that you now master a lot better your graphic skill on mapping, this map it's beautiful, the atmosphere it's tense and mistery. Really BRAVO! :-D
  6. First Prog album from the son of Phil Collins... He has the same voice of the father! (and the same talent) The band it's named "Sound of Contact": The concept album it's si-fi based on a multidimensional creature. Really interesting, it reminds me Genesis (of course!), but also something of the Camel, but more modern and fresh. Suggested :-D
  7. If you like classic 70' ProgRock (especially Gentle Giant, Yes, King Crimson, etc etc), this is the new album from Spock's Beard, with new singer (Ted Leonard´╗┐) and drummer (Jimmy Keegan), I think one of the best album for this band: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6xraCTFGbs Nice Lyrics - video too from InsideOut :-D Natural rehearsing for live tour of the same song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI4OlQjtoLc ProgEnjoy :-)
  8. Duckduck it's a meta search, so there you have also google results, but not only google, and of course in a neutral way, without the bubble http://dontbubble.us/ , because Google cannot make any traking on you browser, geoip, cookies, keywords association, etc etc... It's cool also that duck duck eliminate from the results all the trash content created only for seo marketing. When you remember the !bang code, it's super quick, and addictive, I really cannot back to google search now! IE if you search on duck duck: fidcal !i (i it's for "images") You have your photos, directly, displayed by google. You go back and change !i to !w And you search directly on wikipedia the same keyword. Or you can search !yt for youtube, or tousands of other !bang code. I personally submitted a lot of other personal bang shortcut to the site, and after 48 hrs they activated it! (!passmark !cpumark !trovaprezzi , etc) It's a new way to use a search engine, I assure you. Trivial: the guy who created duck duck, it's this one: http://www.gabrielweinberg.com/ He created all the site from scratch completely alone, and also until 6month ago, after 3 yrs of work on the project, he was completely alone on managing all the site!
  9. I suggest: http://www.duckduckgo.com IMHO it's the best idea after wikipedia, and everyone can preserve privacy. How and why here: http://donttrack.us/ https://duckduckgo.com/about
  10. I really like Gordian Knot: http://youtu.be/d2UkQudlLiI http://youtu.be/m5oAEL6TEjE If you search patterns, symmetry and deep musical ideas mixed with math and sequences, Sean Malone it's for you, guys. I suggest all his discography. It's not a normal progressive trip, it's more; it's a... musical research. :-D
  11. Bad marketing? I don't know. The Linux (supported) games are with the Linux logo (as for windows logo and mac logo).
  12. TF2 it's not supported for the linux version, so i think it's normal.
  13. I don't think that if you have a program or a game that doesn't work in your Windows machine, you would say "Fuck Windows, Fuck MS". I think you are searching the wrong target, or this is only an excuse to say something bad about Linux. Anyway: I installed Steam in my notebook with latest Ubuntu, without *any* problem, just one click. It's was far easier to install it on my Ubuntu machine, than on my Windows machine (tried both). And I'm not the only one: http://youtu.be/NTktWh-jb-c (and here they play Amnesia with the Beta):
  14. That's totally not true. Maybe you want to say that GUIs are created to do that, but today that's not true too (on a GUI today we have gestures, virtual input devices, and other things that simply uses some kind of code to input, that you must known *before* using it). A GUI it's a possible layer of an OS, but that's not the OS itself. And an OS it's not created to avoid code for users, but to create an *interface* layer beetween users, programs and the hardware. And yes, you can have an interface paradigma that uses today too a lot of code for certain users, it depends on tons of factors and what kind of user you are, what king of task you have and want to do. For some task and skilled people it's simply ridiculus to use a GUI, IE. So you have to define what's an "everyday users", that's simply it's not you, and it's not me, it depends on the POV. But for me, it's sure, an "everyday users" it's not what decided for me a company to maximize his profit, so with this logic I prefer a Linux based OS because I can customize and use this OS at a level of user that I want (and I can) to be. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve https://github.com/V...sues?state=open http://steamcommunit.../discussions/0/ I'm not smart.
  15. Not everyone can read, in this world. But the majority dont' avoid to write because of this. A Computer it's *not* like a fruit blender or a microwave with one big button on it, it's a (lot) more complex thing. Like for driving a car you need a license, to use a computer at certain level you need to skill yourself or to know how to learn. My 0,02
  16. I agree. HB and other indie game house, are a good demonstration for this. As example we can see Frictional Games gamehouse. They are indie, they do 3D FPS (survival horror genre) game, and from day one they port all their games also for Linux. I don't think that a couple of guys can create a complex 3D game from scratch (and also the engine and the editor!), managing to port all their works without problem to Linux, and a multi-megabillion dollar software house cannot afford the (very little, compared to all the size of the company) investiment to make a Linux version of a game that, it's sure, will sell (if the game it's good, of course). So the problem, as said by Carmack, it's economic. Of course Carmack is an expert in the game industry so he knows what he say, but IMHO he always talk about the mega scale game industry and not the average medium or indie companies that raises every day in the worlds, so his vision it's completely distorted.
  17. http://mygaming.co.za/news/news/50241-carmack-would-be-stunned-by-mainstream-linux-gaming-support.html Normally I really like what Carmack says, but he says something here that I don't subscribe, not at all. It's ok for me to have ALSO the choice of the emulation to sell, but not the only way to play/sell games on Linux. He say that the market it's not big enough, but also the budget needed for a porting on Linux it's not so expansive. In some cases, we have seen one man making good porting, look to Ryan Gordon, IE. (he ported a lot of games on Linux, IE, Aquaria, Prey, Postal1-2, Unreal tournament, etc etc) And now also Steam is paying to have a LinuxLab http://steamcommunity.com/linux and http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/ to make porting, not emulation, so it's a demonstration that the market it's not so tiny as he says. And look also on every Humble Bundle: they have an incredible success on selling game, and the major contributor payed for single game (average), is always by Linux people. See https://www.humblebundle.com/ What do you think about?
  18. Ladro

    Forum layout

    The actual layout, IMHO, it's perfect. Thanks for changing (and managing).
  19. Ladro

    Prey 2 woes

    Your investigation on Prey2 Timeline/(non)release, it's really interesting. I liked a lot Prey1, a smart and superior FPS, and IMHO an understimated game (always IMHO, far far far better then any HalLife episode). It was too the first big game that i played on my Linux box, with the famous port by Ryan Gordon. Prey2 has also one of the best cinematic trailer (in "found footage" style) for a game that i remember: I really hope that this game will see the light one day. Thank you for your update, and let us know for any news!
  20. What a beautiful shots! I can't wait for your next masterpiece, Grayman!
  21. I've seen on the wiki that the next William Steele adventure from Grayman will be out on spring 2013 :-D It's there any screenshot or anticipation?
  22. 1) Not, it's not true. It's not a "long" game, in the sense of the story. It's not Skyrim, to understand. IMHO it's balanced, but you can really replay a lot of time the levels 2) If you like Thief, you'll love it 3) Yes! But if you wait a little bit more, I think you'll save a lot of money especially if you buy the game in bundle with the new expansion ("City Trials" is out now, I think) Another supercool thing of the game: the graphics it's really powerful and artistic, but you can play the game also with a really old computer!
  23. Finished yesterday: AWESOME. IMHO every bit of this game it's based on Thief world and gameplay. It's a brillant evolution of some features (especially the action fight possibilities) of our lovely game. For a taffer, this game it's like to back home in a new way. I liked a lot the level design, really awesome, you have to play/explore the majority of the level, but it's natural to do so, not forced. However the story, it's not at the level of the rest of the game, and it's a pity: and the end you have to and that's not so interesting or original. It has be better to focus on the vengeance theme in the game, and also the supernatural/magic side of the game, that's really bad developed, IMHO. The teleport it's a a cool idea in the gameplay, but at the end you really abuse of and it turn to be some kind of cheat, IMHO. Anyway, really a great game. If you love Thief, this game from the guys of Arkane Studios (that really appear as a modern LG to me, if you see the stories of the two founder Colantonio and Smith...) it's like a special mod :-D
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