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  1. A spidey! I love spideys 🕷️

  2. Happy Birthday to me!
    I've already got a birthday gift, although indirectly, from @Airship Ballet, thanks lil' lady, you're great!

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    2. The Black Arrow

      The Black Arrow

      All you did was come back to TDM level-making and make a great even if short mission, I decided to consider it an early birthday gift for me just because ;)

    3. Epifire


      Happy Birthday!

    4. AluminumHaste
  3. So, how do any of you feel about "Map Ideas"? I have no time, motivation or big enough desire, sorry 'bout that, to make maps myself, but I do have a lot of ideas, maybe a good mapper would pick up and make it, or even make it up his own? Always loved giving some "artistic freedom".

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    2. Obsttorte


      Btw: How 'bout spending a weekend or an afternoon getting into the basics of Dark Radiant. Not with the purpose in mind of creating a mission, but just for getting into the basics. The best outcome is that you taste blood and continue realizing your ideas, the worst is that you wasted some time.

    3. The Black Arrow

      The Black Arrow

      I am unsure about that...

    4. The Black Arrow

      The Black Arrow

      Ladies & Gentlemen, I have made the library!

      I hope some of you will be interested, right now it's a "Mission Series" with just two missions, hopefully enough for one or two, or many, to give it a thought and maybe make it an actual mission or so.

  4. Hello there. I have read from the TDM Moddb page detailing that you are the author of the "Faster loading times".

    For that, I want to give you my utmost respect and my thanks. Loading times are something I absolutely hate, I can't even bear to wait 10 seconds for a game to load, but I just have to deal with it.
    Thankfully, you have made it absolutely bearable now!

    Again, thank you very much for such a great feature, I dare say that 2.10 is absolutely worth it just for the fast loading times than the rest, but I don't want to belittle the others, the volumetric light and lighting improvements are also fantastic!

    Since I know curiosity will kill me, I might as well ask you something...
    Is it possible to give this enhancement to other games? If not, at least Doom 3 itself?

    1. stgatilov


      Maybe I did the majority of tweaks if you start counting them, but in reality some of the hardest improvements were done by @cabalistic. In fact, he started the whole motion of loading times optimization by his own initiative, and I merely joined it.

      And these changes were heavily discussed with the whole team, of course. So if you want to thank for these changes, you need to thank the whole team 😁

  5. Congratulations on the 2.10 release, friends!

    All of you who worked on it deserve a reward--What am I saying? Many rewards! And many well-deserved vacations too.

    I especially love the faster loading times, this is something that has been bugging me since Thief 1, but back then I had an HDD, now I have an SSD and no matter if I save or load, the mission is huge or not, TDM is just incredibly fast, never had I have to spend more than 50 seconds anymore!

    1. nbohr1more


      Glad you are enjoying it! Make sure to try at least one of the Connections Contest entries :)

  6. Best community I've ever been, didn't expect less from Thief fans <3

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    2. SeriousToni


      I've been around here for many years and never experienced so much politeness in an online forum. :)

    3. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Thank you. Hopefully we can keep that high standard going.

    4. The Black Arrow

      The Black Arrow

      "Hopefully we can keep that high standard going." well the thing is, if it falls, we will too then.

  7. I'm just wondering where did STiFU get that nickname from

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    2. STiFU


      Too bay I don't live in Steinfurt (Germany) because then I could get a license plate saying "STFU" for my car! :-D

    3. jaxa


      It's an unspeakable corruption of STFU: STIFF-U.

    4. The Black Arrow

      The Black Arrow

      Yep, I agree with jaxa :)

  8. Can't wait to steal stuff while being distracted by some beautiful PCSS shadows.

  9. I hate "changes" when they're not needed, like a website visual change. But surprisingly enough, www.thedarkmod.com's new visuals are incredibly good! Well done, very well done.

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    2. Bikerdude


      The media section on the main website is woefully out of date.

    3. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      We'll have to update and expand the Media section, I suppose.

    4. Springheel


      There are already several new pictures there, and I removed some of the oldest and least evocative ones. I still plan on adding some video links.


  10. When there's trash, you take it out and not TALK every day about it.

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    2. Sotha


      ..aand sometimes talking trash is very recreational!

    3. jtr7


      Gotta send a message. Can't stop the signal! It ain't over! Gotta fill search engines with the right kind of hits!

    4. Lux


      Consider the message sent. Dead horse kicked, beaten, and mutilated. Then the remains sliced in to squares and emailed to the 4 corners of the intratubes.

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