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  1. Hey @nbohr1morehow come the zombies in The Dark Mod don't have a "resurrection" mechanic to it, similar to how Thief has it?

    They're quite a weak creature as of right now, it's merely a walking corpse that slashes you, making attacking them to kill them an actual strategy.

    Would be better if they had some cool mechanism to it that truly makes them a danger, such as the resurrection idea itself.

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    2. grodenglaive


      great discussion. Wow, the whole time I have been playing TDM I just assumed they were immune to sword attacks - I never even tried🧟‍♂️

    3. chakkman


      @The Black Arrow Same with Penny Dreadful 1. 

      Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed those missions, but, you're right that they just don't give you enough means to deal with the enemies. I simply ended up "ghosting" these missions, which obviously is the intended way to play them - strictly one way, no other way.

      That said, both are really cool missions.

    4. The Black Arrow

      The Black Arrow

      @grodenglaiveHaha! Really? Well, now you know it and your mileage will change, for better or worse 😀

      I've realized it so myself because I wanted to "kill" a zombie and see how it goes, basically they're just health sponges, of course, but they have nothing else special, so whenever I play a fan mission with zombies I make plans to kill some or even most.

      @chakkmanThe Holy Builder's Balls of Brass, good ol' Penny Dreadful, made by Melan, one of the best missions by one of the best authors, I should replay that series some day.

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