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  1. What do you mean by that? It used to be an available and enabled-by-default option back then? And thanks a lot, this is what I was looking for. I just hope TDM get an animator so they can do the player first-person and third-person models much better, make it similar to Thief 3.
  2. Hey, I don't remember well and this could be a removed feature but, didn't TDM have a "Player Shadow" that you could enable through the console? Can't seem to find it, I can't even remember which first letter(s) it started with either. If this feature still exists, please do tell me what it is. Would be great if the Doom 3 Engine had a "Find" function.
  3. Nope, those didn't impress me either, but I can't deny it's an advancement compared to what Unreal Engine 4 had, so it's still good. Honestly, I'm more concerned in how good in performance Unreal Engine 5 will be, because a LOT of Unreal Engine 4 games I played had terrible performance, despite the fact I have an RTX 2070. My CPU does suck, rather old, it's an i7 2600k, but it can run Id Tech 7 (Doom Eternal) at 122 FPS with no drops. If you're going to tell me that it's most surely the developers' fault, they don't know how to optimize; I can't argue with that, it's true. But goddam
  4. They mention "Quixel" and I believe another was "Substance Painter". Good tools, sure, but I feel it's rather lazy how they had to use these just to make an Unreal Engine 5 tech demo.
  5. I'm not a coder so my opinion is arguably biased, but I think 32-bit is terrible. Old, faulty, limiting. It's simply not worth it anymore, it was great back in the days because, heh, 16-bit, anybody remember that? Everybody should use 64-bit and be forced to use it...Although I'm a bit of a hypocrite saying that because I hate Windows 10, yet I use it, yet I want Windows 7 back but I'm paranoid of hackers especially since I got trembled by them 9 times, 3 were successful.
  6. I wasn't impressed by Unreal Engine 5 at all. I don't see what's new to this, just more polys for the environment while keeping good performance? What about the GAME SIZE and LOADING TIMES? Then they mention something old; physics on clothing and water. Yeah, this sure is new. And I know this is a common practice...These days, sadly, but mentioning third-party tools doesn't make your engine look any good, if not worse. Why use a third-party to make something look good? Why not use the tools in the engine itself? I guess it doesn't have it, so let's not use them. I find it silly
  7. This is the best engine I've seen in 2020, the game is good too but...Not replayable at all, sadly. Guess it's part of the "new games" these days; All fun, not replayability. I'm just glad I still enjoy the old Doom and Thief.
  8. I'd love to see Kurshok-alikes in The Dark Mod myself.
  9. SSAO is ugly, but it's an option that anybody can toggle so I have no problem with people who want or don't want it. Still, what really bothers me is that SSAO is not a "cure all" for...Light where there shouldn't be, it's a very ugly and always badly calibrated/inaccurate method. The best thing would be to just make everything have shadow-emitting lighting, a game called "Exanima" has this kind of function, no SSAO is present yet you don't see "overly lit areas". I just hope that with SSAO implemented there can also be MXAO, HDAO and even HBAO.
  10. Ray Tracing is just a failed SSAO trying its best to hide from its actual absolute ugliness. I know I'm being an absolute strawman, this is just a satire. My problem with Ray Tracing is that, as some people mentioned here, it is not even new at all (It was known as far as in 2012) and it only is so because Nvidia supposedly found ways to make it run fast on their VGAs...I don't get it, people nowadays enjoy more than 120 FPS, some are zealots when it comes to 144hz, maybe they're right, maybe they're senile, but honestly; all zealotry is bullshit. (To elaborate, the RTX 2070 can't even run
  11. ...I don't believe. it I'm very curious, can you perhaps PM me links to those? Good, that's what EVERY person in the world should expect, nothing but a random response. Sadly most people just want to live in some weird fantasy where everyone is...Equal. And by that, I mean way too equal, they're clones. I hate that, I want extreme diversity instead. I surely did miscomprehend "shutting down emotionally" and I'll even miscomprehend my own, but I'll just say it as is. Emotions, whatever they are, I find them pointless. We can talk about personal problems without emotions, all wil
  12. Isn't there a way to see the non-deleted posts back, anyway? Like the Wayback Machine or so, although it's not like it always works 24/7. Still, her deleting her comments for no reason at all is just...Pathetic. I'm sorry to say, but I feel deeply empathetically ashamed of this person. I really do hope she calms the fuck down and stops being too emotional as well as hypocritical with her "nuking posts".
  13. This is fucked up. First of all, a rather vague explanation about the "alt-right", might as well be an unsolvable riddle. Not everybody here knows what that is. Second, did you just went on a rampage to pseudo-delete your comments? You just performed censorship on yourself. To me, you're more an unaware hypocrite than somebody with an actual cause, which I'm very sure that's what you wanted to be looked as. Just like New Horizon said, you're merely jumping to conclusions instead of trying to understand people, let alone doing anything with them other than pin-point accusations of, what,
  14. You know, a SCP from the way past, with added low fantasy to it, is actually a very damn good idea. And by SCP I mean the whole company itself, not just one SCP or a number and the like.
  15. There is some ugly "padding" visible on some paragraphs, most obvious on "chance give dim". I was to make a suggestion until this though: "When the chance sees dim" would be better then, although I admit I'm not exactly too sure if you can consider "chance" a name(noun) itself. "seen" would be better, as it implies that it is seen to be impossible, or it was seen to be impossible, both confirming it's not. Maybe "The stone is which carves" and "The roads are what paved" will do better? Again, I'm considering inanimate-but-visible objects as nouns here. It's not that the other suggestion
  16. Thanks, I only needed to change the 1st paragraph though, but it does give more charm to it. The Almighty Lord Builder bless thee
  17. Since The Dark Mod takes a lot of lore from Thief (don't forget they're similar, not identical) I decided to take a tiny bit of liberty and add "extra lore". Luckily, most of it is vague so it shouldn't break the TDM lore & spirit at all, unless you're a crazy conspiracy theorist I suppose. I'll stamp them with a number, then put them in quotes in how it would be most optimal format, liberty can be taken of course as it's just a suggestion. I will also add a small description as to what it is meant to be, so if there are various pamphlets on various locations it would have a better, more
  18. I'm not somebody who gets surprised easily, but that there is amazing. I have already seen quite the work made on old DirectX games where PBR was not possible, but this one is the top of the year. The colours match everything so well, be it saturation or contrast. The brown wood goes well with the gray that goes well with the white off the lamp. The artistic floor is to die for....Positively speaking, although that sounds too far nihilistic. If only The Dark Mod engine was able to do POMs then the walls would look even better. But that is artistically speaking, realistically the walls bein
  19. Thanks, I was about to request though, the crosshair itself indeed. Is it possible to have the "frob helper" dot appear permanently, no matter what (except maybe when aiming the bow, we got the immersive "aim helper" option for that)?
  20. I was about to say that this is cool, but Springheel is right, not the "immersive" part but the others he mentioned which are NOT comfortable; rotating your head will stop the camera, looking up and down is not a perfect 360 anymore and so on. I do like "body awareness", any game that has it is good, but I want it to be "subtle", not "strict" like in Thief 3. Take Dying Light as an example, in that game, you can turn around as fast as you want, just fine, it gives a "Classic games" feeling that I love. If TDM gets Thief 3 style Body Awareness, I'll be fine, despite the developers not likin
  21. That's actually amazing, gives me more chances to easily work around with, still sad there's no PBR for it though, but I might be able to code a material shader based on Phong (Beckman for example) for once. For the lights, I'd rather do both, in another game I found an issue in a map because of the new shader, I only needed a tiny change in it that didn't change anything except for that one specific part. With OpenGL3.0+ it would be possible, by use of "Tessellation" I'm sure, no need to remake a model so it's higher poly. NOTE: The video provided is an example, a bad one though, becau
  22. I know pretty much nothing about OpenGL but you mentioned "speculars" and 2k textures, do the speculars have at least Phong Shading support? And with 2k, is that the actual limit or just the "convenient limit"? I might get bored of the world and interested in a specific game to play with the textures.
  23. Would it actually be possible to improve textures, models and shaders? It seems OpenGL2.0 is rather too old for this, OpenGL3.0+ is almost a DirectX10 equivalent, I'm expecting a "maybe" here.
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