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  1. Pretty decent small/medium sized mission. I liked that a lot of the things are well hinted at such as the safe combination, all except for one: I couldn't finish the mission legitimately because... [spoiler]I couldn't find the key to the locked gate in the sewers to find the body of the dead captain. The readable journal in the bar hints that the beggar took the key, but the only place where I'd think the beggar would hang out (in the weird straw bed type thing with the candles on the barrels) turned up nothing. I noclipped around and also found the area with the beggar that has the badge talked about in another readable and a "spider fetish," but also couldn't find a way into that area either.[/spoiler] [quote name='lost_soul' timestamp='1395038477' post='340666'] Correct me if I'm wrong but... [spoiler]This is the first mission for TDM where we have breakable glass! I know Doom 3 had breakable glass, but up until now all display cases and the like were shatter-proof in TDM.[/spoiler] [/quote] I remember being able to do this in another mission, I'm certain. The Alchemist, maybe?
  2. It should work. It doesn't seem to activate until you learn about it via readables. The
  3. Nice short ~20-30min mission. Visuals were great. Storytelling was there and adequate. I liked the Garrett reference by the fence. Where it falls short is I guess the mansion was really small and more of just a larger than average house, and there was only one point of entry. I didn't have any problems opening that way and getting in without being spotted but that being the only way was a bit disappointing. Guard patrols were the strength of the mission, well done and I liked that you set them up to notice certain doors were open and investigate. Every objective or key or well-hidden loot or whatnot was hinted at with the exception of the non-loot value objective itself which stumped me for a couple minutes because I didn't keep it simple and am used to authors (usually for T2) hiding switches for that kind of thing in overly hard to spot places. I laughed when I found it because I had been looking in all sorts of more elaborate hiding places for it.
  4. Finished it but no hidden objectives found as far as I know. It's a pretty interesting mission with the reuse of the map and some substantial changes between nights/"difficulties." My favorite mission of this type I think is "A Weekend Getaway" for T2 by Jason Otto. I wasn't able to find any hidden objectives but I think I may "know" one but wasn't able to find all of the things to trigger it. Also on day 3, the "mysterious item" objective...
  5. Probably the most interesting prison themed FM I've ever played. I liked these things a lot: I couldn't figure out where to do this optional objective...
  6. Having played pretty much every FM available right now, this is my top 5 I'd say: 1: WS1: In the North. 2: Requiem 3: The Lich Queen's Demise (really the entire Porter series is good but some of them are far better than others) 4: Lords & Legacy 5: WS2: Home Again There are so many other great FMs, though. Just to name a few... Swing, Glenham Tower, A Night to Remember, Penny Dreadful: Grail of Regrets, Flakebridge Monastery, Crystal Grave, Alberic's Curse were all were good times. If I really went through the list of FMs I'd probably find more to name there, but I think that top 5 of mine isn't gonna budge for now. It's pretty amazing that I've caught up to finishing all of the available Dark Mod missions up til now (except the few that haven't been updated to 2.0+, since I just got into it with 2.0). It's probably owed to many being small/medium sized. I'm nowhere near finished playing all T1/G/2 missions after playing them for nearly a decade, there's just too many.
  7. Really good looking mission but like Sotha I have to say most of the explorable areas seem rather empty. A lot of exploration to be had but not a whole lot inside those areas to find. I liked looking around but again it seemed very empty of things and AIs. The objectives although different were very well placed in terms of difficulty to figure them out. Assassin was the easiest and could be done in just minutes. Thief required far more exploration, middle of the road. And Saboteur required doing far more and thinking far more than on Thief as well as doing some of the things you had to do on Thief. I had minor performance issues outside but only in certain areas, like the beginning spot for Assassin difficulty. I had the cash box bug as well, but the link in the original post to v1.01 is broken (expired, it says-- should use a free mediafire account or some other non-expiring hosting for these things) and the in-game downloader only seems to grab the original version.
  8. This was very good! Performance took a slight hit in some areas but nothing really bad. I liked that many areas had multiple entrances if you explored and found them. This is what good stealth gameplay is all about. Great design there. Couple issues though-- Getting all loot became impossible because... The killer... Edit: The loot objective doesn't work, either. Found all loot as confirmed by post-mission stats screen and it didn't tick off during the mission.
  9. No I meant the original was bigger than the new + translations. But I think the issue there is actually not an issue and just the compression used. Was probably less compression on the initial release. I played through the latest downloadable via in-game version again and it worked fine. No missing textures or anything. Haven't tried to break it by getting outside the map at spots I could previously, but...
  10. Another issue I noticed is that the directory of the original archive I downloaded before it was added to the in-game downloader is 46.1mb and the one from the in-game downloader is 25.3mb. I haven't played the one downloaded from the in-game downloader yet but someone on the TTLG thread was posting about possible missing texture files.
  11. Small issue: FM is on the in-game downloader now, found an update (translation), but when finished downloading there are now 2 entries in the FM list for WS2: Home Again. This is because it downloaded and installed the update into \fms\ws2_homegain instead of \fms\ws2_homeagain.
  12. Had no performance issues! For such a big mission that's really surprising. Really solid rooftops exploration to be had. I found a few areas outside of where you intended to get to, like skacky did. Looks like they're probably the same one--the tower with the archer was at least. I had no issues with the other things he mentioned. This is probably the most amazing rooftops/"thieves highway" type mission since, well, Life of the Party. I wouldn't say it's better than the last WS mission, but it's still really good.
  13. It's probably just that those who maintain TTLG.com as well as many other thief-related sites aren't exactly that active these days. Thiefmissions.com for example rarely gets updated, and gnartsch even runs a site that has a list of stuff missing. I don't think TTLG forums users are really as averse to Dark Mod as many here think. It's likely mostly just that they'd need to adjust to the game and many (most?) probably need a new computer for it as well being the most important sticking point. You probably need a ~3ghz CPU, ~8gb ram and a ~$150-250 GPU to run Dark Mod well without it choking in parts of many missions, whereas T1/G/2 and even TDS run quite well on much lesser specs, even with many of the higher res texture/higher poly object enhancements that are available for them. Wikipedia on the other hand really is a wasteland where people who are part of special interest groups and have inside connections or clout go deface and edit in bias especially on more serious topics and can do it with impunity, not even following the stated rules in doing so. Anything political is the absolute worst when it comes to this.
  14. The only issue I guess is that some maps have AIs sitting around a table with loot on it that you can only get without a high alert level by dousing a candle or overhead light fixture with a water arrow. Knighton Manor and The Builder Roads come to mind, with the latter having an actual objective to not raise your alert level to a certain level or fail the mission when at the highest difficulty.
  15. Excellent, excellent mission. Easily the best I've played for Dark Mod out of the maybe ~30 I've played so far. I went in with no expectations as I'm new to Dark Mod and don't really have a feel for the authors but knew once I got just a few rooms into the basement and went through my inventory, the maps etc. that I was in for something special. If I had to compare it favorably to any kind of mission made for T1/TG/T2/TDS, I'd probably compare it to Transitions in Chaos: Conspiracies in the Dark for T2 which was just a legendary mansion mission. You've got a story with multiple layers going on here, from the one woman everyone seems to trust with their money and other info to that staircase where the accident happened and how it all ties in with the guy who you're there to steal from, among other things to not spoil things much. Great visuals in the area design, with multiple ways to traverse some parts of the mansion. It's really a full-sized mission of better quality than you'd expect in a retail game, honestly. Beats many of the missions in the original Thief trilogy in quality, easily. I finished it in ~2h40m and was short about 700 loot it seems. No idea where it could be or if I missed any section of the mansion (the burned section is all inaccessible?) but definitely one I'll revisit sometime. That you're almost done a 2nd and 3rd map in the series is great. Looking forward to those for sure.
  16. No. They saw it in complete darkness from a distance and went alert and approached it. This also applied to zombies and spiders in similar conditions. I think I first noticed it while playing Knighton Manor, but Solar Escape was the mission I was playing around in when I was reminded of it and thought something was off. RJFerret confirmed it.
  17. More "would like it to" but a lot of less conspicuous behaviors such as light sounds from banging around while manipulating objects tend to alert AIs to higher levels than shooting them in the face with a water arrow currently does.
  18. There's a few tricks that make blackjacking easier but will affect your stealth score by causing the AI to at least stop and look. Walking behind them until they hear a sound and stop then switching your move speed over to sneak and popping them works very well. You can also mostly walk towards an AI and then break into a run and pop them before you make a footstep sound which sometimes may even stop them from raising your score if you're good at it. Depending on surfaces present, if you're on the quiet surfaces like carpet you can actually run. Another old tactic from the original Thief games is the jump-jack (which actually had an entry in the stats screen in the first two Dark engine Thief games) where you cover some ground without making any sound and land the blackjack mid-flight, just don't use it when multiple AIs are around unless you're landing on quiet surfaces. I don't blackjack as much in the Dark Mod as I used to in Thief because the guard patrol routes in most FMs are not awful and they tend to take some time to get to and back to wherever they were going, and then they usually have stops in their patrol routes as well. Ghosting is easier in TDM in my opinion. Once you get used to the mechanics, anyway.
  19. Odd scenario I've never run into, but yes. Actually being pelted with a water arrow should alert a lot of AIs into at least level 3 or 4. It tends to cause a level 1 or maybe 2 right now I believe unless you repeatedly shoot them.
  20. I noticed this before but it slipped my mind until I was playing an FM a couple hours ago, but there seems to be no check as to whether an AI can actually see a rope arrow's rope. It seems that even in complete darkness when there's no way they can see a player in the same light level, they'll still see a rope arrow and be alerted. Also, even non-intelligent AIs like zombies and spiders will also see and react to rope arrows like this, even in darkness.
  21. I posted about this on the TTLG thread right after release but the major issues I had were: For the first major puzzle, the The second issue was the 3 statuettes puzzle. The last part wasn't too bad, I guess most people are not that good at judging jump heights/lengths. I only died once because for some reason I didn't get to mantle. Mantling in Dark Mod is still a lot more forgiving than under the original Dark engine, though.
  22. Mirroring the loot requirements being kind of hard to fulfill. I only had... When I was done, and no idea really where the rest could be. I had to but couldn't find any more after that or even any ledges outside that looked like they could be roped up to, climbed up to, that contained any loot. Had issues finding the .
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