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  1. This is the error I got in a game window: idRestoreGame::InitializeCache: bad cache offset (20938752) EDIT: Disabled save compression (tdm_savegame_compress 0) started from new save, the issue never represented and I'm saving really often.
  2. Here! Oh yes, I'm new and I'm so sorry to be so active in this section of the forum... I'm playing with 2.01 and I'm experiencing this bug. The more i'm closer to the second part of the map (commons) the more frequent. The game chrashes saving with a windows error window. Then I restart and I have an error message similar to plozzz one. My specs are similar to NIMEAI: XP SP3, Athlon 64 X2 3100Mhz, 4x1gb banks of ddr2 ram (3 recognized), geforce GT640 EDIT: Added a rar containing savefiles from lords and legacy savegames.rar.txt
  3. Thanks again everybody, thank you RJferret and nbohr1more for the bug tracker. I consider the distorsion thing a proper bug so it should be fixed, sooner or later. Here some suggestions for the whole water aspect: -Using nice animated textures could be the way trough lightness (just that: no rippling and other stuff) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOn3Xw_gJD0 -Using also under water caustics as in jsHexen or in Cube2 engine -Using a really low res reflection, may be scalable from config file, as Arcturus said OR (dont know if is possible) reflect just main light sources. I'm not
  4. Ok, thank you so much every one. It was just to understand. I'm spending a lot of time to configure the game at his best for my (crappy) machine and I was'nt able to understand if I was missing something or not. I played just few missions becouse I think my conf are not at best, becouse I recognize this is an amazing work, really close (and some times better) to the gameplay of a pair of games we loved much. 35 fps is average, often is 60 sometimes 12. I have an Athlon dual core 6000 3ghz, geforce gt640 and 3gb ram DDR2. Do you think I can get more fps?
  5. Hello, just began my experience with this amazing piece of software and i cant understand if this is the way the water is supposed to be: ok, the white linear stains i suppose to come from the mapper, they should look like waves or sea foam and they give sort of life to the water, nice, but I refer to the whole aspect of water. Is the same in all the maps I saw and I cant understand if there should be at least some sort of ambient reflection in the water and may be also sky... I cant find high-res screenshot to understand. Also: there is a strange wobbly contour on the blackjack and als
  6. Torrent from The Pirate Bay, blacklisted from italian ISP, but I used a proxy.
  7. Hello everybody, I'm new to the forum but it worked the same for me. I changed the permissions to all the darkmod contains and I've been able to update to 2.01. I was waiting for my forum account validation and following this discussion and hoping that someone found a warkaround. So thanks to SteeveL and taaaki.
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