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  1. Moonbo, just wanted to drop a quick note saying how much I love this mission. I really like how detailed the areas are, and how everything seems to have a purpose. All the buildings in the city area seem to be explorable (even if just a balcony), and nothing seems to be there just as an area boundary/border. The recent TDM update invalidated all my save games (I'd just grabbed the second seal), so I need to start over again, but I'm not upset about experiencing it again!
  2. My mistake. I read condensed (and apparently erroneous) release notes in an article on a gaming site. I should have looked for the official notes before posting. Sorry for wasting everyone's time!
  3. That's... unfortunate. Was there a post about this that I missed? The update notes I read only said the issue with crashes at saving were resolved (which, btw, they don't appear to have been).
  4. Due to the frequent crashes at game save, I racked up near 20 saves during my current playthrough of Requiem (an excellent mission, btw). After installing the recent Dark Mod update, every one of those saves frustratingly resets me back to the start of the mission. This is not occurring with any newly created (post update) saves in other missions. I've posted a copy of my most recent save (well, most recent save not corrupted by the old / still-existing save crash bug). Perhaps the dev team or other users can try to load it and see if it resets them as well? The save files are zipped into a file located at whorrak.com/dark/
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