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Status Updates posted by XendroX

  1. Made an animated Gramophone from in-game model, I don't know was it or not, but couldn't find in DR, so decide to challenge with scripts and win but after 4 hours of experiments, when planned to spend only 1,5 hour %)

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    2. SteveL
    3. Springheel


      I wish the record looked a little less modern, but other than that it's pretty cool.


    4. Lux


      Its a great model however I agree completely with Springheel. I posted a pic of one of these in your thread XendroX. Ex-gf of mine actually owned one of these and it was eerie to listen to.

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    2. Vae


      Excellent, XendroX.

      Thank you for your work :)

    3. Lux


      What a contribution! Great work you've done here, XendroX.

    4. XendroX


      Thanks , guys,on weekend i'll think to do something else

  2. Check my test room with models

  3. Look for my Xendrox's model topic - make wallpaper texture, and even I like result very much.. Looks great like for me :) Want to make carpet and composition become full accomplished

    1. grayman


      link to thread?

    2. Xarg




      Looks like that's where the material starts, and very nice work XendroX, keep it up!

  4. I have finished with alpha, all questions about it off %))

  5. I hate alpha channels %(((((

  6. Please leave your thoughts about builder's bedroom to define goals for me

  7. Tonight I have posted set of noble bedroom furniture, this is beta version. But I'm asking people to try it and write about it in my topic. Thanks

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    2. Sir Taffsalot

      Sir Taffsalot

      @ Goldwell: Look in the Editors Guild for Xendrox's Models.

      @ Xendrox: That is some mighty fine work!

    3. XendroX


      Thanks, but it is undone, while you guys doesn't test it ))

    4. Goldwell


      oh derp, sorry! having a look now :)

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