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  1. Can anyone help with the following? When running make, I get this when it gets to OpenGLRenderSystem: Never mind. I built it again without errors.
  2. Thank you, Anderson! One of these days I will check on those spiders. They may have broken.
  3. When I download the installer manually, there is no .ini file packed with it. If the .ini file is not already present in the darkmod folder, the installer complains that there is not .ini file and does not work. So: a. The installer was not downloading a new .ini file during the self update before presenting the TDM updates? b. It was downloading a new .ini, but not updating the current one, despite having permissions to do so? Also, what happens when someone downloads the installer for the first time and has no 'tdm_installer.ini' packed with it and gets the error of a missing .ini file when trying to get the updates listed?
  4. The only information in the log file is from after I succeeded in updating the .ini file after manual edit. There is nothing in the log from previous to that. I might have deleted the old log file in my attempts to fix the installer earlier today. As far as user permissions goes... I did check that and had write permissions for both user and group on the .ini. I also set write permissions for 'Others' as well, but that didn't help.
  5. So, the installer did not automatically update it's .ini file, so I didn't see the newer updates as available.
  6. I see nothing in the installer newer than beta209-04, and nothing named "Release Candidate". Is beta 06 not available yet? I'll try editing the ini file for the installer to add the beta 6 link... Looks pretty straight forward. That did the trick. I added the necessary lines for beta 05 and beta 06. All updated.
  7. Redacted post. I had replied to an older post and was not caught up with reality.
  8. Pre5 built properly in Mageia Cauldron. With nothing yet added to Favorites, I saw this crash when trying the mouse wheel on the empty list.
  9. Thank you. The first issue you mentioned. Yeah I saw that too late. I previously had a floating table and mug... lowered those two, but forgot the patch of liquid. It's fixed in DR but I don't know when it will be updated for everyone. As far as the second issue. I made no attempt to get that object synced to the AI's head. Just use your imagination.
  10. This reminds me of a similar glitch in siegeshop for a long time. In that case it was a decal to blame. The drawing of the catapult on the nearby desk was sitting on top of a dirt decal which was on the desk surface. At the time I believe I had stacked the patches 0.125 units above the desk and each other. From a certain distance and angle, in light, the dirt decal was rendering over the paper.
  11. Nothing bad to report yet, though I have only used 2.09 briefly last night. My WIP large outdoor map saw significant performance gains, allowing me to re-think some light sources I wanted to use but had removed.
  12. TDM a une application native pour Linux. Utilisez le binaire 'thedarkmod.x64' au lieu de wine. - Google Translate TDM has a native application for Linux. Use the 'thedarkmod.x64' binary instead of wine.
  13. Success in Mageia after using -DENABLE_RELOCATION=OFF when using wxgtk 3.0. Gonna see what happens with wxgtk 3.1... which gives the same error as before when launching DR. So back to 3.0
  14. I successfully built DR (so fast now with cmake!), after a minor issue which I may have not fixed properly. But now I get a symbol lookup error when trying to launch DR. DR had finished building 100%, but stated having two errors. When first building DR, I got an error at about 89% finished with /home/john/Desktop/DarkRadiant/FileOverwriteConfirmationHandler.h on line #34, complaining of an undeclared '_' The second error was with another file which was referring to the file in the first error. The original line #34 was as follows: msg.hasTitle() ? msg.getTitle() : _("Confirm overwrite"), Not knowing WTF I am doing, but feeling adventurous, I deleted the underscore. DR then built with no errors. I have no idea if this is related to my edit, but I get the following error when launching DR when it was built with wxgtk 3.0: darkradiant: symbol lookup error: darkradiant: undefined symbol: _ZN6wxutil27EV_FSVIEW_SELECTION_CHANGEDE And when having been built with wxgtk 3.1: darkradiant: symbol lookup error: darkradiant: undefined symbol: _ZN12wxWindowBase19SetVirtualSizeHintsEiiii, version WXU_3.1
  15. Did you look in the mission .pk4 file for any unique audio files? If none exist then it would be in the TDM sound files. The mission could be opened in DR and the audio file found that way.
  16. Thank you. Clicking on one external window is no problem. I usually have a web browser or file browser open, so it's an easy click.
  17. With the latest git, Mageia 8 reverted to both the Texture browser and Media browser being non-refreshing. This was with wxgtk 3.0.5.
  18. Thank you for the release! When built with wxgtk 3.1.4, I get this: $ darkradiant darkradiant: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/darkradiant/libwxutil-2.9.0.so: undefined symbol: _ZN12wxWindowBase19SetVirtualSizeHintsEiiii, version WXU_3.1 Will try with 3.0.5. As with the previous release, DR runs when built against wxgtk 3.0.5 and the Textures browser refreshes properly with mouse scrolling. But the 'Media' browser does not show a texture preview until its frame is re-sized.
  19. With the new master and 3.1.4, I can browse the textures in both the media list and in the texture browser as well. However, DR segfaults when loading any existing map. I can however create a new map and assign textures to brushes without issue. When built against wxgtk, maps can be loaded and the texture browser scrolls properly and textures can be re-assigned to brushes. However, the 'media' list still does not show selected textures until re-sizing the frame around it. Otherwise DR seems fine at first glance. Will look further after lunch.
  20. I had no better luck with 3.1.4 from github than with 3.1.4 installed by Mageia. I then tried 3.0.5 from github after having uninstalled all wxgtk devel packages provided by Mageia. This resulted in DR not finding 'libwx_gtk2u_gl-3.0.so.0'. This was weird because the 'libwx_gtk2u' libraries in my system are from version 2.8, not 3.0, so even if they are installed they are named wrong in this case. Re-installing the Mageia devel packages for wxgtk 3.0 allowed DR to build and run again, but the problem with the textures refreshing still persists.
  21. I have tried two builds of 2.9.0. The current build and the previous build. Both showed the same behavior, but the previous build had the issue with the segfault. I could have sworn that I had previously built 2.8.0 using wxgtk 3.1.x and all worked well, while I also had these issues with 2.8.0 when built with wxgtk 3.0.x ... at least I believe that was the case. My latest attempt to build 2.8.0 with wxgtk 3.1.x failed. DR 2.9.0 has so far failed to build with wxgtk 3.1.4
  22. Textures can now be selected in the texture browser and changed on brushes and patches without causing a segfault. However, now I can see that the texture browser does not refresh it's view unless I re-size the frame around it. Scrolling the texture window only shows the scrollbar moving and the texture list stays put until I re-size the frame. I also cannot preview textures in the Media browser. I can select them, but the texture preview does not show until the frame around the media browser is re-sized.
  23. OMG no wonder changes to the .ini didn't do a damn thing. LOL. Maybe now I can get the sound working when the s_device is "default" instead of the named card.
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