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    Translation. Modding the hell out of Morrowind.
  1. I had assumed as much. Good to know it'll be updated soon, still.
  2. Yep! cp thedarkmod.x86 to /opt/doom3 did the trick. The problem with the "objectives" and "prev" button remains, but that's so minor it's barely worth mentioning, and a quick check on Training Mission shows it's specific to Thief's Den. I think we can say it's solved. Thanks a lot, tels and Baal.
  3. Nope. Didn't install from AUR: [hyeron@Daemon darkmod]$ yaourt -Ss darkmod aur/doom3-darkmod 1.07-3 (Out of Date) (11) DOOM III mod based on the Thief series by Looking Glass Studios And as stated in the OP, I reinstalled from scratch once I saw the problems in game: [hyeron@Daemon darkmod]$ ls AUTHORS.txt tdm_player01.pk4 Darkmod.cfg tdm_prefabs01.pk4 Darkmod.log tdm_sound_ambient01.pk4 LICENSE.txt tdm_sound_ambient02.pk4 TDM_icon.ico tdm_sound_ambient03.pk4 TheDarkMod.exe tdm_sound_ambient_decls01.pk4 config.spec tdm_sound_sfx01.pk4 crc_info.txt
  4. Hopefully the screenshot (very bottom of the post) will be clear enough, I had to pass it through Gimp. It's not limited to the mission pictured here, I've seen it happen on Training Mission and The Outpost. So presumably global problem. It just so happens that Thief's Den is probably the fastest loading mission by far. SOME GUI items appear black (here, on Thief's Den, the "Objectives" button in the briefing as well as the loading bar). In game... Shaders are completely weird in places. I've also seen corruption happen on some textures (namely on The Outpost, I can provide screenshots if n
  5. http://www.doomwadstation.com/mega/index.html Doom Wad Station megawads (min. 8 maps / wad). Combined with the reviews on the main page (http://www.doomwadstation.com/ - on the left, sorted by year between 2000 and 2007)). There should be enough fun in there to last you for a while.
  6. As far as graphical effect are concerned, I don't think it gets better than Doomsday. Been a while since I've played wads though. The only ones I can recall are Final Fantasy Doom, which is absolutely hilarious, and Doom 3, a neat wad that you'll have a hell of a problem finding for obvious reasons (and no, not the one that has doom 3-like assets). Oh, and Eternal Doom (another wad you'll probably have trouble finding for the same obvious reasons)
  7. Moraff's World. Pity you don't see many old-fashioned dungeon crawlers anymore these days.
  8. Ah, 's true that Sorcery! was very special too. I think the only downsides to it were the heavy bias towards Wizard rather than Warrior, and how The Seven Serpents was the most unforgiving gamebook written. EVER. F*CK THAT TIME SERPENT.
  9. One man's questioning is another's daily job. That kind of things is usually only found in readables, and in all the missions I've seen so far, it's always been obvious that they're written by a dumb guard, or stupid servant, or whatever it can be. No one in his right mind would translate it in proper language. Anything else - i.e. slight mistakes - is clearly an oversight or a mistake, and needs to be corrected. "Key Elizabeth" in the posts above, for example, is clearly an inv_name, and should be corrected. So far, I've never seen any occurence of a line being both too bad for prope
  10. You running as root / sudo'ing or something? The problem's there: the launcher is looking for the TDM pk4s in /root. Hardly normal (and will have a hard time finding them, obviously). Oo (and also obviously tries to run in in /root
  11. iD ain't iD anymore. It's Zenimax now. Y'know, Horse Armor DLC and stuff...
  12. Well, even then there's still Chromium and SRWare Iron... Though I don't know how compatible the Chrome extensions are with the latter (last time I tried it was a looooong while back, and there were problems, maybe they're all soved for all I know). Still, according to SRWare, that's far from the only privacy issues with Chrome - and I don't know how many of them are still present in Chromium either. Could be worth investigating. http://www.srware.ne...ome_vs_iron.php
  13. I'm usually using Opera. I don't feel at ease using Chrome, Chromium with extensions doesn't get me the behaviour I like (which is pretty much vanilla Opera), and Firefox with extensions sometimes. I'll usually end up switching back to good ol' Opera though, because tab management in Firefox is a mess, Tab Mix Plus has a tendency to end up with erratic behaviour, and my average number of open tabs is anywhere between 40 and 80, plus memory management is just THAT bad in Firefox, Flash will end up eating 100% CPU (which never happens in Opera for some reason), I've had problems logging in to so
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